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Memories of Sargeant
We loved you from the beginning. You were rescued at 6 months and gave us love and happiness right from the start. Not one day's problem. We were lucky to have you. A faithful companion and loved everyone and they loved you. Always giving kisses and finally accomplished saying I Love My Mama....

There are so many memories of you especially romping in the snow. You loved that and loved when I threw snowballs. Making a circle around the snow on the deck. Loved walking in the mornings with your daddy. That was your quality time until we lost him two years ago. Unfortunately you went downhill after that.

His beds and toys were his. Very possessive but never aggressive.

Sleeping in your beds which were on every floor. Playing with toy wife and babies.

Loved to open Christmas wrapping. You just shook and shook till it came off.

In the past year the bathroom became your home. You felt secure there.

So many memories but since just putting you down less than 24 hours ago, I can't think but I will in time.

Rest in Peace and fly with the Angels and your daddy I'm sure was there to greet you.

I'll always love you. Mommy

4-19-15. Gone but you will never ever be forgotten. I miss you terribly you were a charmer, a handsome man and definitely my protector.
One day we will be together again. RIP my beloved one. I know your with your beloved daddy.
Love forever, Mommy

You are so loved and missed don't ever think I forgot you that will never happen. I will always love you.

12-24-2015 wish you were here my darling how you loved to open your present. Love you, mommy

1-2-2016. I think of you every day wishing you were here and I still think of how you loved to rip those presents open. Wonderful companion and so protective of your mommy. Take care of my precious darling beautiful Zoe I know you're going to love her. Just remember how much I loved you and still do. Miss you terribly. Love Rainbow bridge Sargeant 2-21-16

2-21-16. My precious man even though I don't visit often you can trust and believe I think about you every day. I still cry over you and the wonderful memories I have.. You were so faithful to me. We had a great time playing together with your toys and boy could you run. You would run in the basement and on the deck like there was no tomorrows. Often play the video of you in the snow, in the basement and I look at your pictures. Just remember I love you I adore you and I will never ever forget you. I will be back to visit you soon. Giving you hugs and kisses like I always did . Love, mommy

4-8-16- Today is 3 years since I lost you. Everyday my heart aches for my protective man. I hope you're taking care of my Zoe who joined you at Christmas 2015. You'd make a handsome couple. You're both thought of all the time along with my Buster. I miss him something terrible. Everyone of you were such faithful companions. Trust and believe you will never be forgotten. Just wanted you to know even though I don't write often that doesn't mean I don't think of you. I know you're looking down on me and protecting me. I will love you forever, mommy ⭐️🎾

12-15-16. You were a wonderful companion and are thought about every day. I may not visit often but you know how much you were loved.
We had some great times together and I know that you are enjoying yourself with all your friends and family. Merry Christmas to one that will never be forgotten. You will be missed especially on Christmas Day. Have fun beautiful man. I will see you again soon. Gone but you will never be forgotten. Love, mommy

3-31-2017 I may not visit often but I think of you every day and you are missed terribly. Look after all my other babies. Love you dearly and I always will. Love, mommy

12-7-2017 my beloved man. I know I don't visit often but your thought if everyday. Words cannot say how much I miss my faithful companion.
Look after my other babies and Ms. Zoe. Love and miss you special
one. 💋😘 mommy

4-11-2018 my handsome man. I know I don't write often, but if your watching over me you know I love and miss you everyday that goes by. You were my protector, faithful companion and one I knew would never let me down.
Have fun and protector my other babies. Miss you terribly. Love you forever, mommy

12-19-2019. I know I don't visit often but love you everyday of my life and miss you so much. A wonderful protector. Enjoy your new life. Will love you forever and a day. Mommy

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