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Memories of Sarah
Sarah used to belong to our neighbors up the hill.(We live on five wooded acres.) She was tied to a tree for two years. I would bring her food, untangle her rope and did this daily for two years.
In 2008 after a fierce snowstorm I suggested my neighbor let her loose so she could find a warm place (she wasn't allowed in their house) and wasn't loved much. She came to our house and never went back. No one came to retrieve her either.
So that is how Sarah became our dog. She had one bad habit which was bothering Porcupines. The first two times we had to take her to the Vet to have the quills removed. The third time was especially bad but she survived. Three days after that ordeal she did it again. This time it was a full grown Porcupine that she would not let go of ! It was so bad and of course it was a weekend. She went into shock - we finally found a Vet open and at 11:30 P.M. the Vet suggested we put her down as she was really bad.
We took her home and her gravesite is near our house. I planted a pretty blue spruce plus put her soccer ball next to the tree.
Sarah was loved and was such a loyal girl. She loved to play in the creek and enjoyed tug of war with her sturdy rope toy. She will never be forgotten.
We wish we could have had more time with you.

Missy was our first pet. A pretty black and white Tuxedo Cat. She was rescued from a shelter in Las Vegas in 2001 where we lived at the time . They said she was about three years old but was actually about eight years old. She was so loving and always acted as if she wanted to be an "only child." She loved to hunt and enjoyed presenting us with her "gifts !" Missy gently passed away in 2011 and is next to Sarah's grave near our house. Another little tree was planted just for her. It hurt so much to say goodby !

Monkey was just a six week old pure white kitten when I brought her home. A lady at our small general store / Post Office asked if I could take her and I just could not say no. What a beautiful and precious thing.She had the softest fur ever. Our new dog Sally accepted her as her adopted baby and they had such a bond ! She loved to hunt and one evening when she was about 10 months old she ran after something in the grass. My husband heard one loud cry and that was it. We are sure it was an Owl as they make no sound. I searched days for any sign of her but that was it. This was the hardest loss of all as it is hard to find closure with not knowing where she is. I just pray she didn't suffer and is happy at Rainbow Bridge. Goodby sweet Monkey - we will see you again some day.

Our dog Sally (a Walker Hound ) had 7 puppies on September 7th, 2012. Five boys and two girls. The last girl pup was stillborn. We called her little baby Sally and she is next to Sarah and Missy's graves. She was black, white and a little tan. Her daddy is a Beagle called Copper and lives with us too. Another neighbor asked if we would take copper as they had no time for his care.So Baby Sally is such a special angel and is now being taken care of at Rainbow Bridge. Wish we could have known you sweet baby !

Another Thanksgiving has passed and so many memories of each and every one of you were in our thoughts and always in our hearts. Baby Sally, your mama Sally is so busy with your brother and sister ! They are growing and I can see you in them just as I can see how mama Sally must have looked as a puppy. You will meet your Mama one day so until then be happy and have fun in your new home. Mom and Dad

Christmas is almost here sweet babies ! Enjoy your pretty Christmas tree and new song. We can't have a tree with Sally's two pups as they are kind of into everything and we would have more ornaments on the floor instead of the tree ! The pups are growing so big and are enjoying chewing on anything they can find ! Sarah, Missy, Monkey and baby Sally - Hope you are enjoying your new home and making alot of friends ! Be kind and we love you all, Mom and Dad.
It's hard to imagine the Holidays without you all. Sally, Copper, Monkey, Mugsy, Molly, Tiger, Mama Cat and Skittles are here with us. Some of them knew you and played with you.
We don't have a Christmas tree because the pups would have too much fun chewing on it ! Monkey, you would have too if you were here. Little Baby Sally, your sister and brother are growing and look alot like your mom Sally except they have your daddy Coppers ears for sure ! Remember your mama Sally loves you.
Take care and we love you, Mom and Dad.
It's New Years Eve sweet Sarah, the time for another year is here. We think about you so much - even though we now have Sally, Copper and their pups Mugsy and Molly. Nothing fills the special spot you have in our heart and nothing ever will.
Take care of Missy, Monkey and Baby Sally for us Sarah.
We love you, Mom and Dad.
Time keeps rushing by little ones! Sally had her 4th birthday at the very end of January ! She turned 4 years old. Mom and dad will be taking her in for spaying surgury this month some time. Baby Sally, your brother and sister are growing too fast ! Sarah, Missy, Monkey and Baby Sally, not a day goes by that we don't think of you all.Before you know it, Spring will be on it's way with lots of flowers popping up all over. Hope you are being kind to each other - I say that alot because it's so important so please listen to your mom and dad. Be good and we love you so much ! Mom , Dad and Don.
Happy Spring to you all my sweet babies ! We love and miss you each and every day.
Mom, Dad, Don and all the furry ones.

Hi to all of my sweet babies ! Baby Sally, your sister and brother are still growing and are bigger than Papa Copper now. We had a beautiful Rainbow a couple of days ago and I am putting the picture I took on Sarah's site for all to enjoy. Sarah, I hope you're being kind to all around you . Monkey, are you chasing butterflys ? We love you sweet little girl.
Missy, are you taking care of Monkey ? Please do my "only child." We will never stop missing you all !
All our love, Mom, Dad, Don and our furry ones.

It's getting close to summertime little ones, but here it is still on the cool and rainy side. Everyone here is keeping busy. Don has his job at the mill and Mom is still painting most every day. Dad has been chopping wood and getting it ready for next year. Sally, Copper, Mugsy, Molly , Mama Cat, Tiger and Skittles keep us all busy ! We love you all.
Love, Mom, Dad and Don

Life keeps swooping by with one happening after another ! Sarah, Mugsy has taken your soccer ball and is playing with it. I think he will become a ball player just like you ! Missy, Tiger and Mama Cat miss you . Skittles (Don's cat) is becoming more tolerant of the other animals. Monkey, you are SO missed and know you would be out hunting each and every day ! Baby Sally, Mugsy and Molly would be so happy to play with you. Molly is such a free spirit and goes off into the woods for long periods of time and makes us all worry ! When she returns Sally gives her a good barking to show she is in charge.Copper just stays the quiet Papa most of the time.
It's almost summer but still cool here in the woods.
Take care babies and we love you so !
Mom, Dad, Don, Sally,Copper, Mugsy, Molly, Mama Cat, Tiger and Skittles

So Baby Sally had her 1st Birthday on September 7th and shared her cake with Sarah, Missy and Monkey. Wish you could meet your brother Mugsy and your sister Molly. Molly is so smart and Mugsy is getting bigger than her now.They went down to the creek yesterday and brought up two baby Opossoms. They didn't kill them. I let them go but hope their mother finds them !
Fall is on the way - hope all of you are keeping comfy and cozy.
Take care babies, Mom, Dad and Don love you.

A sad day today - Don's cat Skittles passed away. Don was at work and Skittles was staying close to me in the room where my computer is and where I paint daily. She stayed near the heater and got up on a chair for the whole day. At 4:55 P.M.She jumped down from the chair and put one paw out and meowed once or twice and just gently went to sleep for the last time. When Don got home we wrapped her in a pretty sheet and he laid her to rest just below his bedroom window. He had talked and said his goodbyes to her the night before as we knew she was slowly failing. I'm adding her picture which I took the same day she passed on.
So another baby is making her way to Rainbow's Bridge. So please welcome her. Missy and Monkey knew her.
We will send a gift just for her.
We love you all ! Mom, Dad and Don.

A special for our dog Sally (Baby Sally's mama.) Today is her 5th Birthday ! She is getting chubby in her middle age and such a good girl. She still takes care of her two pups that we kept. Mugsy and Molly who will be two in September. With Sally, pups and Copper the Beagle who is the papa things can get pretty crazy around here !
We are sending you a cake to celebrate Sally's birthday today.
Take care and be safe,
All of our love, Mom, Dad and Don.

Summer is almost here. Molly, Baby Sally's sister, vanished on Jan.31, 2014. She went on one of her joyful hunts and didn't return. We hunted for her, put up pictures, called the neighbors but nothing. I have not yet added her to Rainbow's bridge and have not accepted her death because I really don't know.She would be going on two years in September. Just a bit more time..... she is missed.
Mom and Dad.

It's been 4 years since Sarah left us. Her spirit is still with us and a lovely blue spruce tree is thriving next to her grave near our bedroom window.
She will always be thought of and missed.
It's so hard to lose our furry loved ones. Sarah, Missy, Monkey, Baby Sally and Skittles. I know Molly has probably passed but I'm just not ready to say for sure. Will have to go into the woods and search for some sign of her (recovery) at this point.
Mom, Dad and Don

Molly, one of Sally's pups born 9/7/2012 went hunting and never returned home. This was January 31st, 2014. I hunted for her for so long. I now have to accept the fact that she is gone. I'm sure she was so intent on hunting that she didn't notice she herself was being hunted ! We still have her brother Mugsy. So Molly will be joining Sarah, Missy, Baby Sally, Monkey and Skittles.I am adding Molly to the Photo Album.
Mom, Dad and Don.

Mugsy is still growing but still a puppy in so many ways. November 11th was our first frost here in Washington state but still no snow. We have Sally, Copper and Mugsy and the two cats Mama and Tiger. That will be it I think. We are not young and we I commited to these pets and think it's wise to not take on any more.
Mom, Dad and Don.

Sally is fat and loving, Mugsy is getting sturdy and Copper is still a handsome "little man!" The weather has been so hot for the last 15 days which is a record here in Washington State. The Babies just keep so quite to stay cool and no fun car rides until the weather gets cooler. Tomorrow is Sarah's 5th anniversary away from us ! A long time. Mama cat and Tiger are still with us but getting older. well, thats it for now, Mom,Dad and Don.
Hello sweet babies ! Molly I miss you so much and I see you in your brother Mugsy who is 4 years old now but still such a baby ! Copper and Sally your mom and dad are well. We are starting summer and life goes on. Stay safe all of my babies.
Love Mom, Dad and Don.

Sally is still fat, Mugsy is 5 years old and Copper is getting up in years. Mama Cat is sleeping most of the time. Tiger passed away on Good Friday this year. He was old and just his time. We had a little funeral for him and he is buried near Sarah and the other babies. He is missed.I will have to find a photo for the album. We are having summer weather and our babies have no energy with the heat. I know they miss the car ride to the Post Office but have to wait for cooler weather. Sarah, you have been gone a long time but all of you will always have a place in our heart and memory. Will say goodbye for now. We love you so much, Mom, Dad and Don


Mama Cat passed away on July 29th, 2018. She went quietly thank goodness. She was about the same age as Tiger cat, over 12 years. Mama Cat and Tiger sort of came with the property. They used to live up the road at neighbors. So no more kitties. Just Sally, Copper and their son Mugsy who will be six in September. We love all of you , Mom, Dad and Don.

so sorry for not writing sooner. Your human dad Fred passed away on October 21st, 2019. Copper and Mugsy are well but Sally, Mugsy and Molly's mom , passed away on March 23rd, 2019. It has been a sad time. She loved to ride in the car and go to the Post Office with me. So many sweet memories o

f Sally. Now it's just Copper and Mugsy who go for the car ride. Love to all the babies, Vivian and step son Don.Mgusy will have a birthday coming up in September - he will be 8 years old and born on Don's birthday, September 7th. Today is Tuesday, July 21st, 2020. Copper is starting to look kind of gray, her is about 12 or 13 years old.
JULY 2022

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