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Memories of Sara
My beloved beautiful sweet Sara will always be in my heart forever and ever. She was so affectionated and loveable who always met me at the front door every time I came home from work. When I had my cochlear implant 5 years ago I was thrilled to hear her "meows" for the first time in my life. I truly miss not having her around me anymore but all the good memories will always be with me. I loved her so greatly and her buddy, Maxwell, missed her terribly. I LOVE YOU SARA ALWAYS and will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge. xoxox

10/22/08 Hi Sara, Mommy and Maxwell miss you so much and it is lonely here without you, but we know you are in a happy place and playing with your new friends at the Rainbow Bridge. I hug and kiss your paw print and urn every day. I look at your beautiful pictures on my desk. I am going to worry about Max while I go to Florida in two weeks for a week, but I feel better knowing that your Aunt Nancy (my twin sister)is going to stay at my place taking care of your best buddy.

I LOVE YOU BUNCHES, Mommy xoxox =^..^=

10/25/08 Hi Sweetie, I am sure you are having fun playing at the Rainbow Bridge. I took your best buddy, Max, to the vet today for his annual check up. He gained a pound so I have to feed him only half a cup a day instead of 1/3 cup 2 times a day. You know he loves food, food. lolo.. On Monday I will find out what Max's blood lab result is. Hopefully his BUN and cretatine has not gone up some more. He miss not chasing you around. I gave him a tiny ice cube to play "hockey" with his paw. He likes something new to play for now. I try to keep himself busy. I miss not seeing you sleeping under the quilt on a couch in the living room or you sleep on my chest. I loved your warmth. I am still lonely without you, but I am getting better and still think of you everyday. Enjoy your freedom and be happy. I LOVE YOU MY SWEET SARA. XOXO Mommy and lots of purrs from Max =^..^=

10/30/08 Oh Sara I miss you so much. Max says "meow" (hello). Hard to believe it is 7 weeks since you left us. It will never be the same here without you. Have a Happy Halloween at the Rainbow Bridge with your pals. We love you so much with hugs, kisses and purrs xoxo =^:^=

11/12/08 Hi Sara, today is 2 months since you went home to the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you and wish you are here with me and Max. I got back home from Florida last night. I had a good time. I thought of you while I was away. I showed my 11 girlfriends pictures of you. Everyone thought you were so beautiful! And Max is such a handsome cat! Max was very good for Aunt Nancy while I was gone. He was so happy to see me when I got home. Sara, thanks so much for giving me a sign when I found a cat paw seashell on the beach showing me you are happy and free. I felt the peace wrapped around me when I found the shell knowing you had your arms around me and gave me a great hug. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS, Mommy xox and loud purrs from Max =^..^=

11/28/08 My precious baby girl I still miss and think of you every day. Happy Thanksgiving! Nothing special here. Max is doing well but still lonely without you. I give him lots of hugs and kisses as much as I can. We love you so much. Huggies to you Sara, Mommy and purrs from Max. =^.^=

12/15/08 My sweet Sara, I cried and cried last Friday, the 12th of December, thinking and missing you so much. I can't believe it's been 3 months already since you peacefully went to sleep. Max is doing well. It is hard not seeing you sleeping with me and Max, but knowing you are watching over us. I miss hugging and kissing you! Stay warm! It is very cold here. I love you forever with hugs and purrs Mommy and Max =^..^=

12/22/08 My beautiful Sara, it is very brutal cold out with lots of snow and more on the way. Max and I keep each other warm. I thought of you last night when Max and I went under the flannel quilt to keep warm. You loved to sleep under the small fleece blanket or a quilt. I smiled when I thought of you. What a precious memory of you! I miss your paw touching my face trying to get my attention. I hope you are keeping yourself warm up at the Rainbow Bridge. Max is doing OK. He seems to be bloated lately but I am keeping an eye on him. I am going to give the vet a call next week after Christmas. All for now and be happy. We love and miss you with lots of hugs and kisses xoxo & purrs, Mommy and Max ^..^

01/11/09 Oh I miss you so much, my baby Sara. Tomorrow is the 4th month since you went home to be with the Lord. I still think of you everyday and see your beautiful picture on my screensaver. Your best pal, Max, is doing well and still miss you so much. I got him a new toy which he loved to play with. If you were still here you would have loved it too! We had a snowstorm for the last two days and got 12.5 inches of snow. More on the way this week and it is going to be very brutal cold out. I am keeping myself warm by cuddling with Max and of course I will think of you while snuggling with Max. I wish you are with us at this moment but I know you are happy and healthy. I am trying to stay happy for you. You will ALWAYS be in my thoughts every day and forever and ever. I LOVE YOU BABY with lots of kisses and purrs, Mommy and Max =^..^=

02/12/09 My sweet Sara, today is your 5th month at the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you so much and wish you are still with me and Maxwell. I cried this morning because I missed you and wanted to hug and kiss you. Max is doing well. I still look at a beautiful picture of you every day. I still miss your warmth against my side. Max had been sleeping on your favorite spot on a tree house for a few weeks now. I could not find him around here and was surprised to see him sound asleep on top of the tree house. I am sure he finds it so comfy because he knows you are with him in spirit. MOMMY LOVES YOU SO MUCH WITH HUGS AND KISSES XOXO AND A LOUD PURR FROM MAX =^-^=

03/12/09 Hi Sweetie, I am very sad today because you went home 6 months ago. I wish you are still around so I can give you a big kiss and a hug! It is still not the same here without you! Max is doing very well. He bugs me lately wanting all of my attentions. Bless his heart! Whenever I give him hugs I think of you! Sara, I love you soooo much! Mommy xoxoxo

04/17/08 My baby Sara, I have been thinking of you a lot lately and shed some tears thinking of all the good memories I had with you. You turned 13 this month. Happy Birthday sweetie! Hope you are having some fun with your pals in Heaven. Your best buddy Max is doing well even though he lost some weight. His blood lab result came out normal except for his high normal thyroid. Within two weeks I have to take him back to the vet to weigh him. He is now sleeping on top of your favorite stand. 7 months has flown by already since you left this earth. I love you soooo much and I will always think of you every day. Hugs and kisses, Mommy and purrs from Max -^..^-

05/09/09 Mommy miss you so much and feel sad for the last few days thinking of you a lot. I want to hold you so bad and hug you hard. Everything here is fine. Max is doing real good. Summer is around the corner and it is going to be hard not seeing you looking out the window in the bedroom. You loved that spot!! Max has not taken your spot yet. Be safe and happy at Rainbow Bridge. Love you very much with hugs and kisses xoxoxo Mommy and full of love purrs from Max ^..^ xoxo

07-12-09 Hi my baby Sara, I know it's been awhile since I wrote you a message. Today is the 10th month since you joined the Rainbow Bridge. I still think of you every single day and still miss you so much! Max is doing good and sleeps a lot. I want to hold you so badly and give you lots of kisses!! Nothing is new here. Just same routine. Miss you so much with hugs and kisses xoxox Mommy and lots of purrs from Max -^..^- xoxo

09/12/09 Today is your 1st anniversary in heaven at Rainbow Bridge. I am feeling very sad today and thinking of you a lot lately. I miss you so much and want to hold you one more time. Max is doing OK. He is slowing down a bit. The other night in bed I cried and cried because I missed you not sleeping next to me with your pretty face on my chest and my arm wrap round you. Max knew I was not feeling happy so he came to me and lay down next to my head with his paw holding my fingers. Bless his heart. I know you are free and happy. All my love and kisses, Mommy and lots of purrs from your best buddy, Max ^..^ xoxoxo

10/25/09 My dearest pretty Sara, I put a pumpkin next to your tombstone. Max and I wish you a Happy Halloween! We are doing OK. We still miss you so much and wish you are with us now. Max had his check up a few weeks ago and is in a great shape. His kidneys are working better now. I know you are having a blast time with your pals in heaven. Take care and we love you so much with lots of xoxoxo and hugs and purrs, MOMMY & MAXWELL -^..^-

06/03/10 I am so sorry it's been 8 months since I last visited you. I did not forget you at all. Max is doing very well. Nothing new here.. I think of you every day and wish you are still with us here but knowing you are happy and free. I love you soooo much with lots of great memories of you. Be good and I will come back sooner to drop you a line. Hugs and kisses xoxo Love, Mommy and purrs from Max.-^;^-

04/23/11 My sweet Sara, did you find Maxwell at your Rainbow Bridge on April 20, 2011? I am sad at the age of 15 he went home to meet you. I know you both are happily reunited and be together forever. Please give each other a big hug from Mommy. I will try to keep in touch more often. Love you both always, Carol xoxo P.S. I am going to sign Maxwell in at the Rainbow Bridge.

09/09/12 Hi my sweetie Sara. I am sorry I have not kept up in touch with you but I still think of you every day. How is my big boy Maxwell? Hope you both are enjoying at the Rainbow Bridge. My little ones, Luke and Lily are doing good and playful. I love you always with hugs and kisses xoxo Mom.

10/12/13 My precious Sara. Oh I miss you so dearly!! My little one Lily reminds me of you. She loves to snuggle against me just like you did with me. That brought me wonderful memories of you. I miss cuddling with you and Maxwell. Hope you both are enjoying chasing each other around at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you So much xoxo Mommy

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