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Memories of Santaney
REMEMBERING SANTANEY , the best yellow naped Amazon parrot .
March 1980- August 29, 2021

We were so fortunate to have found you. You charmed us with your beauty, playfulness, delightful personality, contagious laughter and wonderful singing voice. It was so nice to come home to your happy, giggling "Hello." We would all say "Good-by, see you later ." We miss you so much now. You were small but your personality filled the room.
I remember when we first saw you. You were so young. You were practicing standing on one foot and holding something in the other foot. You quickly learned to balance. I was so proud.
We miss your giggle, your beautiful face and bright happy eyes. You were an incredibly beautiful bird.
You loved playing games, siting on a knee or on my shoulder when I vacuumed .
You liked playing "drunk bird" where you would suddenly fall over onto our lap and then giggle. When we first adopted you, we had you in a cage that you clearly thought was too small. You resisted going in the cage and would hang your head when we put you in. We quickly got the message and bought a much larger cage for you. You approved. We were even able to fit a small tree inside. You loved that.
You loved showers, car rides and looking out the window. You let us know when the cat was by the back door and wanted to come in. You enjoyed tearing apart toys. We told everyone you were in training to be a carpenter.
You had your favorite treats, and a little vanilla ice cream or pizza cheese thrilled you.
I regret that there were periods when our lives were busy and we didn't give you more attention. I thought we still had plenty of time together . But I was wrong, I hope you know how much your parents loved you.
I keep thinking about your last days and wondering if I didn't do enough or do the right things to help you . I am so sorry. I hope you know that we would have done anything for you.
We have so many wonderful memories of you, but it is not like having you with us. You have been part of our lives for so long. It is so hard to face the days without you.
We will always love you and miss you. You were everything we could have wanted. You cheered us up when we were sad. But you are not around to cheer us up now . You never complained when we were busy. You were so wonderful and that is why it hurts so much to lose you
We miss you so much
Diana and Rebecca

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