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Memories of Sandie
Sandie, we were so glad you came into our lives when you were five years old and you were a bundle of joy to Mommy and Daddy. They were going to give you away and the day I met you, in the upstairs bedroom of your previous home,you came right up to me and laid by my feet when I sat on your oil filled heater as if to say, please take me and give me a good home and save me. You came out of hiding. We brought you to a good caring home and you loved us so deeply.

You showed us where you wanted your bed and went into the entry foyer closet and pulled down all the jackets and laid on them so Mommy and Daddy, got you a real big plush comfortable bed with your favorite pink blanket. You had the best sleeping spot in the house. Then you showed us where you wanted your litter box in the foyer behind the tropical plants, and you wanted two of them too. When we were at the top of the turned stair case, you always looked up and meowed with happiness. You always sat up in your bed as to say you loved us both. You would always come up the steps 5am in the morning and wake us up for food and Mommy always went down to feed you without hesitation every day and sometimes Daddy would go to when he got up real early to do his radio work in the "dungeon." as you knew it. We used to love to see you at the top of the turned stairs looking down through the banister catching the sun....and boy you loved the sun. When Daddy was always working in the upstairs office, you always came in and snuggled down at my feet, next to my black computer bag. You always made me smile when you jumped on your stoop up there to catch more sun and watch the birds. You loved the birds. You used to lay down and roll on your back up there and explore the rooms, just looking for the sun.....And the memories of you going into Mommy's computer room downstairs and laying on your favorite bag near Mommy's feet while she sat and played her games. How can we forget you jumped on the stoop in her computer room looking at the birds and listening to them sing. You used to talk to the birds and made cute noises. You used to roll on your back in there waiting for a belly rub. You loved the birds and the other animals when you looked out the window in that room.

Mommy and Daddy built you tower city next to the slider glass in the TV room with a stoop to get up to your perch. Mommy and Daddy used to love to see you look out the glass and talk to the birds and Elmo, the squirrel. You were protective though, you always chased away the black cat lurking around so he wouldn't chase the animals on the deck that were eating the bird seed. You used to tear up all the scratching posts as to say, "hey, I am happy to be here and look at me!" You always wanted us around and made those scratching noises to get our attention. When I heard you scratch the posts and make noise, Daddy used to come over and give you belly rubs and you tuned upside down. You used to love laying around on all the condo pieces, even the flat one that had your toys on, especially your orange squeaky toy. In that room you used to love to lay by the oiled filled heater next to the couch while Mommy and Daddy sat on the couch watching tv. We loved when you jumped up on the couch and cuddled next to us to keep us warm and also we loved when you sat on your side of the couch on your favorite pink pillow. Sandie, you spent precious time with Mommy laying on the couch, on your pillow sleeping and sometimes you slept on your back in a cute position. You always jumped up on the couch when Mommy sat down there and when Daddy gave you treats, you would jump up there too, eat your treats and then go sleep on your special pink pillow. You never lost energy, Sandie.....you even jumped up on the top of the couch to show off. You even kept Mommy company when Daddy was gone and stayed close to her. You were excited to visit Daddy when he was away and knew a mile before that I was close to you or when I came home, you knew a few miles away that I was coming home. The memories of you coming looking at Daddy through the car window and jumping into Daddy's arms were real precious. Daddy had to come home to you and Mommy for good so I could spend every minute of everyday with you and Mommy. You were excited to see Daddy back and played with Daddy so much while Mommy was at work.

Sandie, you loved to be around Mommy too especially while she was at her makeup table, you would be there by her side. You showed us you were a Christian Cat. You loved the Christian song Indescribable by Chris Tomlin which is playing on this memorial. You would never sing to any other song except this song....and you really tried. I heard you too at times when you were alone with me. You showed Mommy and Daddy you loved those words. I was so surprised when I asked you if you knew Jesus and whenever I asked that, you always gave me a sweet meow as if you said, I know God. You always kept Mommy and Daddy Happy and brought us tears of joy and love to our lives. We always stayed close to the house for you and never wanted to leave you alone for long periods. We know you did not like staying in a strange boarding place when we went on vacation one time and we listened to you, we always stayed close after that. Sandie, you used to follow Mommy around trying to get more food even when you were full, just to do something different and be close to Mommy. You even followed her around the kitchen while she was cooking. When you Mommy and Daddy ate, you wanted to eat too.

We used to love to see you jump up on your tower and look at the birds outside the slider. Of course you always wanted a treat when you went up there but that was ok......You always loved taking the treats out of our hands in a gentle way....ok, sometimes you were bit down a little but it was ok. You knew when to stop when we let out a "ouch." You loved those treats, though. We remember you going through the hole of your tower and looking at the birds. You used to love when Daddy put a little catnip on your toys and you would go crazy. Oh ya, you loved Christmas time when you got more toys. You had your little storage tower with toys in there and you brought them out to play all the time or hide some of them under your bed in your closet. You loved that closet. You also loved the bed at the bottom of the stairs and the two beds in the family room near the slider. You couldn't make up your mind but you loved them all. Remember when Mommy put "Brownie", (the bear) on top of you on the bed next to the oil filled heater in the family room? You tried to tear up the bear and pushed him off. You like to hide some of the toys too, under your special bed in your favorite closet and under the pillows of the couch. Yes, we found the tiny yellow duck and straw there after you went to Rainbows Bridge. For the longest time we thought you ate it. You liked to hide some toys as if they were special friends to you.

You used to hate going to the VET and cried on the way but when you got there, you saw all the other cats and dogs around and you got happy again. You also got happy when you saw the doctor, you just perked up like nothing was wrong. Maybe you wanted to get out of there but we made sure you were checked out a few times a year because we cared for you deeply. I remember you were a real sport when you had a small tumor that never came back again. Your fur grew back in no time at all.

You loved to come down to the "dungeon" where Daddy had his radio room. You used to explore and stay down there for a long time showing off, as if you were looking a mouse in between Daddy's junk shelves. You used to roll on your belly down there or loved it when Daddy picked you up and held you in his arms. Then you jumped on the red chair and stayed there for a while before jumping down to explore the basement again. You always knew it as the Dungeon.

You used to love your second name, Sugar Pie Honey Bunch that Mommy gave you and you would come over when you heard it especially when we dragged it out. Daddy always used to sometimes call you, "My Little One." You love that name too. Daddy used to love picking you up in the kitchen and sitting in the chair. You gave Daddy many kisses on the forehead and cheek. When Daddy always picked you up, you showered me with many kisses as to say, I miss you or I love you. You used to love your food and when Daddy fed you, after you ate, you always came over and brushed against my leg as to say, "thank you." You used to make all kind of noise with the bowls when they were empty and we would come over and give you a snack.

It was so special to watch you go to the laundry room door when you heard Mommy's car pull into the garage and wait behind the door with your tail shaking real fast. When we would come home together, you would be there ready to greet us and lead us to your food bowl. When Daddy came home with his car, he would always sing in the garage and wait for you to give me a few Meows of love. Mommy and Daddy always used to love to see you greet us at the garage entry room door. You are greatly missed and it's lonely when we both come into the house and you are not there to greet us anymore. Sandie, we really miss that and you. You were the sparkle in our lives and you will always live in our heart forever.

Sandie, Daddy misses you giving you treats to jump up on the bed too. You used to jump up on the stoop and lay at the bottom of the bed. You would leave after we fell asleep. Sandie, I remember when I was real sick, you came up on the bed and laid your precious head in Daddy's hand and fell asleep, to comfort me to say, you will be ok. You were so cute laying like that next to me. You cared about Mommy and Daddy when we were sick. When Daddy fell asleep on the couch and stopped breathing because of a sleep problem, you jumped started scratching the couch and my arm to wake me up. I woke up startled but you knew something happened. When Mommy was sick on the couch, you were by her side. You spent many days sitting on Mommy's lap and laying next to her. When Mommy used to eat food on the couch, you would right up on Mommy looking at her with those innocent eyes wanting some especially when Mommy ate ice cream. Mommy would always say know but if she laid the bowl down after it was gone, you would find a way to catch us off guard and lick it. Mommy did get you cat milk that you loved, though.

You used to love getting into Mommy's plants and she would chase you away from them. You didn't do it all the time but you always crept up to them and hope Mommy didn't notice. You spent many days in Mommy's computer room when she was in there and when Daddy went in there to go on the computer, you always laid in the same spot, on that black bag Mommy had down next to the chair. When Mommy was at her makeup table, you used to go in there to explore while she was playing music. You used to go into the bedroom closet and look for Daddy too.

You used to love to explore, go into the upstairs closet in the bedroom or check out the other rooms when I opened up the doors to let you in the sun. We closed those rooms off because of the vents but still let you in there for the sun. You loved the sun and cleaned yourself all the time. I used to love calling you along with Mommy, "sugar pie honey bunch". You would come up and sit on top of the stairs and the sun would come in between the banisters. Sandie, you are greatly missed and it was sad to see you go while you were in great health. You never indicated ahead of time that you would be crossing over to Rainbows Bridge to meet God. But you left some signs before you crossed over......even after you crossed over.

You loved to play in the cardboard box in the family room. It was amazing you drew the letter "L" with a lot of the toys you rounded up a month before you crossed over to Rainbow Bridge to meet God. You used to have toys all over the place but you got real tidy and organized before you crossed over. You made the letter "L" right in front of the box as if you trying to say "L" for love. You had the green ball at the top of the "L". I thought you were just playing or trying to make another "safe spot." Then a week before you crossed over you rearranged all the toys again. You found a packaging strap and make a line with it. You placed all the toys on the right side of it as if you were saying they were your friends. Then you had two little toys at the bottom crossing over the line. On the other side of the line, you had a orange ball which could be the sun and then a fish which represents God. The fish was facing all the other toys on the other side of the line as if you were trying to warn us. I did decode it but really didn't make much sense at the time but I know you were trying to tell us something. Either the two toys at the bottom crossing over was you or you are telling us another one of your friends are going to cross over too. You put your favorite mouse in the cardboard box alone on the other side of the line as to say I am going into the box before crossing over to Rainbows Bridge. You saw the box before crossing over and tried to warn us. It remains a mystery but we know you were trying to communicate an image to us. We love you dearly Sandie and you will be in our hearts forever.

Sandie, you caught us off guard a day or so before you went to heaven to meet God. Mommy called Daddy, upstairs when you started to meow in pain. You were by the slider panting. I picked you up and held you like a baby and rubbed your belly and chest and you seemed to get better. The small fan helped give you air and you calmed down. You went back to your one of the beds as if everything was ok and let you sleep while Mommy was near by keeping an eye on you. When Mommy went to bed, I came up and stayed near you while you lay next to your heater while I watched tv. You seemed to be normal again, so I brought you over water to you and you got up and drank it. You were very dehydrated. I stayed up with you until five in the morning before I went to bed and you seemed to be ok. I even put a little food down for you. I went to sleep and felt comfortable you were back to normal. Daddy woke up at 7:00 to check on you and you gave me the best memory.....you were sitting up in one of the beds at the bottom of the steps just looking so content and healthy. I even checked on your food and you surprised me! It was gone! I came back and you were sitting up in the bed as to say, "Daddy, I am fine now, go back to bed." You had that look. You fooled me but I that special moment stuck in my mind forever. Sandie, Mommy woke me up around nine and you were not doing well. We took you over to the VET right away and they put you on oxygen...I asked to see you and they let me in. You looked so helpless but breathing. The VET said to come back in a little and get a cup of coffee and maybe the oxygen will turn you around but they called shortly after that and said to come back before you were gone. We got there and they placed you on the table with our pink towel. It was sad and you just passed right before we got there. I could see you may have been aware of us there but you were not breathing because as twenty minutes went by, your precious face changed color. It hit us off guard. Your precious heart was enlarged pushing against your lung and we never expected it. You were just at the doctor a month in advance and you were in perfect health. I may have bought you an extra day of life the day before by holding you upright but it was your time. It was either going to the doctor or holding you upright again to make you better but if we would have gone out and come back thinking you were better, you would not have made it so we thought there was a chance taking you to the doctor. Your time was up and you tried to hang in there for us but I know you know we did everything we could. The doctor made preparations and we wanted to keep you with us in your beautiful urn.

When we were driving home, it was raining real hard and we were in tears but you were in a beautiful place at Rainbow Bridge. We went down in the basement with your empty crate and the basement was cold as ice while the rest of the house was muggy. The basement normally isn't this cold. You showed us signs that you came back and we realize that. You keep giving us signs that you are around. I know that was you when the double doors in the den creaked and slammed shut as if to tell us your energy was around and that you are ok in spirit. There wasn't a draft in the house. A day later you brushed against Mommy's leg while she was putting on makeup. We smelled your smell as if you just cleaned yourself and it was like pockets all over the house. We left your toys and things the way they were and found some of them moved around. We made a memorial with your urn on your condo and I feel your energy all over the house but even stronger in the family room. Things are moved around in the house that we have not touched as if to say, I am here and I love you both. I had just cleaned the foyer floor spotless and the next day, a small piece of fur was right in front of your bed in the closet. It seems like when I light a candle, I feel your energy almost like electricity in that room. You like making noise at night, with a thump in the room or show other signs. Sometimes when I put my hands together near your urn at condo city, in between my hands it feels like two magnets repelling each other like something is there. I have gotten more spiritual since you crossed over to rainbow bridge or maybe I am more open. There are too many unexplained signs going on in the house besides what is mentioned but you will always be in our hearts. I forgot to mention that I was glad you loved the color pink and your pink blanket. The birds and animals outside come up to the slider to look for you.

Sandie, you were the best that ever happened to us and you will live in our hearts forever. We love everything about you and you kept our hearts happy. You could not have been more perfect and you were there for us. I know it will take a long time to heal but just having you around now in spirit helps especially when you do "strange" things when it is quiet. Your urn, paw print and piece of precious fur will live with us forever as well as all the wonderful memories you have given us. You were part of the family like a child and you knew what we were always thinking before we did something. Sandie, we love you to the bottom of our heart.

Sandie, when Daddy miss you, I feel your energy in pockets around the house like tingling electricity blanketing my shoulders. I know you must be running back and forth from Rainsbow Bridge because you miss Mommy and Daddy. We miss you Sandie. We love when you give us signs when you are around. Please stay around because our love will be with you forever. Love you Sandie, our Sugar Pie Honey Bunch..........................

7-19-15 Mommy and Daddy put up your picture on the wall right in your special spot next to the slider. Mommy also is now wearing your picture on her shirt that says Sugar Pie Honey Bunch. Sandie, Mommy and Daddy miss your love purrs, you laying besides us in the computer room, you looking at the birds, you jumping up on the couch, and most of all, greeting us at the door. We see the signs you are leaving and feel your energy around. We love when you leave small signs. You will always be remembered forever and be in our hearts forever. We love you Sandie.

7-26-15 Mommy felt your thump when you jumped on the couch today and after that, after Daddy lit the candle and played your favorite song, I felt your energy so strong between my hands and you made Daddy's hair stand up on his head and back. You followed me around today with the vibrations and when I went upstairs, I smelled your scent real strong again. Daddy heard you jump off the couch around midnight when he was in the radio room. I try to light a candle every night for you. We feel your love around us always. Please don't be afraid to make more signs. We love you Sandie, our precious one.

10-22-15 Sandie we will always love you and feel you around. Mommy and Daddy hear you scratch in the early morning when you used to come up to wake us up to fill your bowl. Yesterday, Daddy was sad and felt electricity run through me and then you gave us another sign! Thank you! Daddy smelled your wet scent all over where you used to sleep, up the stairs and into the bedroom. The scent you had right after you cleaned yourself and there were pockets of them! Daddy still lights a candle by the slider next to your urn for you late at night before he goes to bed and plays your favorite song. I feel your energy in that room and it follows me. Sandie, keep giving us signs. We love you and you will always be our "Sugar Honey Bunch" forever.

I know some time as passed but we are still thinking of you every day when we look at your pictures on the walls. We still feel your presence and signs you are giving us. We took in a new friend that we rescued and her name is Delightful. Sometimes we call her Dee Dee. Daddy remembers talking to you about saving all the little ones. You were all over Daddy giving kisses and meowed as to say it was ok to save the precious ones. Well, it happened and she was rescued. She was found in a box and brought into a shelter which they got her back real healthy. She is real precious like you and is special like you. She is also a beacon to let us know you are around. Sandie, I know you are around when Dee sprints into thin air chasing you. She hides and I know you must be scaring her a little but please be nice to her. I know you are around when she goes crazy, acting like something is there and looking at me and Mommy. We have a birthday bag next to the couch near where you used to be and when Dee starts to run around like she's chasing you, the lights on the bag go off and we hear Happy Birthday. Sandie,the only way Daddy can set that bag off is if I touch the bag and push hard on the button. Now the bag is always stays there and it goes off a lot when Dee sprints around the room as if she sees you. Mommy and Daddy are happy you give us signs. Mommy still sees you out of the corner of her eye too. Sometimes Daddy hears a bang, thumb on the floor thinking it is Dee and she is asleep in her little hide away bed. A few days ago I know that was you that woke up Daddy on the couch when you scratched Daddy's arm and the little pillows on the couch were on the floor. When I looked over, Dee was fast asleep. Sandie, you are always welcome to give us more signs and hang around. I see more signs now since our Dee came into our house. Sandie, you will never be forgotten. I know thinking of you must open doorways for you to let us know you are around. Sometimes Daddy sees you when he is coming up the turned stair case in the dungeon in the corner of my eye like Mommy does too. You are a grey blur that has your form. We love you Sandie and again, thanks for making our lives happy.

When Daddy was on the couch with Dee, I asked her, "Do you know Sandie"? Her head sprang forward and she lifted her right paw and pointed to your picture on the coffee table in front of the couch. She reached towards your picture and pointed twice! Sandie, you must have really loved us to find a way to come back to us. We love you Sandie and you live in our heart forever. Your Urn now sits under one of the little plants that shadows it. You used to love the plants.

Your One Year Anniversary... Sandie (Sugarpie), We have been thinking of you and all the special memories you have given us. I know you live in our hearts and still around the house. Mommy felt you jump up on the bed and our "Delightful" was sleeping downstairs. I feel your energy around still and you are still around. Mommy and Daddy lit a special candle for you to let you know we will always love you and that you are always welcome you spiritually. As I was writing this, I heard a loud meow down here in the dungeon near my feet. I looked down and didn't see you but heard you. Our other precious one is upstairs sleeping. I promised you before you went to Rainbows Bridge, I would rescue another little one. You gave me many kisses on the side of my face when I said that. Your picture is hanging proudly on the wall right near your urn and you are always in our hearts and minds. Keep giving Mommy and Daddy signs. We deeply miss you and love you.

Our Sugarpie Sandie, Your Your Two year anniversary of passing. You are still remembered deeply and we miss you. We see your spirit today, our Dee Dee is running all over the place chasing you. A candle is lit by your picture. There are a many times we feel and see you especially out of the corner of the eye. We think it's Dee Dee but she is sleeping. We feel you around all the time and know the strange things that have been happening is you reaching out to us and letting us know you are are happy. All your memories are like yesterday. Try not to make Dee Dee tired of running after you. Throughout the year, she chases you and when she does, your energy sets off the "birthday bag" that does not have a sensor. I try hitting it and can't get it to make a sound but when you are around, it goes off. We love you deeply Sandie and you are always to welcome to show yourself and make a noise. Your memories live with us forever.

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