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Memories of Sandesh & Emily
SANDESH July 12, 1996 to July 26, 2015 Purebred Bengal
EMILY III November 1996 to September 13, 2015 (exactly 6 weeks after Sandesh's passing). Tuxedo tabby.

Two life long friends and companions
Briefly separated but now reunited for eternity
We cherish the memories of our time together
With love, Francine & Bruce

Sandesh and Emily came into Francine's life in February 1997, Sandesh first and Emily a week later. He was 7 months old, she was about 4 to 4.5 months old (as a rescued kitty, we did not have her date of birth)

Sandesh's existence became known through an ad in the Sunday paper. The couple had 2 Bengals available for adoption. They brought both to my home, one was 7 months, the other 4.5 months old to see which, if either, interested me. . When I expressed interest in adopting the older one, they said I could keep him overnight to see if we were a match. This ball of fluff spent the night with me, kneading my chest in the most affectionate way. How could I resist? Only years later did I realize how he had manipulated me. The little rascal never ever did the kneading thing again- just the night when it mattered most. Not complaining..... just saying he was clever. It took me weeks until I finalized his name. Sandesh is a bengalese word that means a gift you bring to someone's house; it is also a sweet dessert. That fit his disposition.

Because of my extensive travel schedule, I decided to adopt a companion. My vet suggested it would be best to adopt a female and do it sooner rather than later. A local group that fostered animals in homes was having the kittens brought to a nearby shopping center for possible adoption. That's where I met Emily III. (She came pre-named. The 'third'-was added because I have two very close friends named Emily- and the one I've known since elementary school stated she was Emily the first).

After keeping them separated for several days, they were given the chance to "meet". Both were on the bed. Sandesh was wagging his tail (he was always wagging it- mistaking himself for a dog). Emily took a playful swipe at that moving appendage and- that was it. Lifelong companions until death separated them- temporarily.

Emily loved to cuddle, snuggling into an armpit or elbow when possible- once she got over being afraid. Perhaps it was an aftermath of her having been locked in a closet at an elementary school that she didn't trust people at first. She never scratched or bit- just hid. But once she knew someone, she was a love kitty.

Sandesh was always mister personality. He greeted everyone at the door, tail wagging and quick to roll over on his back for a tummy rub. Workmen who came to fix things at the house were always distracted by this strange dog-like cat. Someone squatting down to check a broken part of my refrigerator was startled when Sandesh's head popped up between his legs. Curious and a total extrovert.

Bruce entered our lives in 2004 and joined our family officially in July 2007. He was a loving parent to the two kitties. They became so bonded that Bruce often joked that his ambition in life was to be a kitty couch- something which Emily enjoyed, jumping into his lap as soon as he sat down to watch TV.

He was Emily's couch; I was her pillow at night. She'd cuddle up next to me, resting her head on my side and stayed there most nights. If I had to get up for any reason, she'd go to the foot of the bed and wait for me until I returned whereupon she'd settle right back in the same position. Sandesh was Bruce's alarm cat. He'd jump on Bruce's chest, and push his face into Bruce's. Kind of hard to miss.

The two spent a lot of time snuggling together- on the bed, jammed into cat beds really big enough for just one. Emily would often groom Sandesh and he occassionally reciprocated. We loved watching the two of them together.

Labor Day weekend of 2011, we almost lost Emily to pancreatitis. She spent a week at the vet and was sent home with a feeding tube sticking out of her neck. For about a month, I fed her through that tiny tube until one day, she started eating on her own. Eventually, she recovered completely.

Both of them went downhill relatively quickly. Although he started on subcutaneous fluids (common for older cats who often develop kidney problems)in the spring, it wasn't until mid- June he showed marked deterioration. The last few days were terrible; he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He died at home.

The next day, Emily stood at the front door, waiting for him to come home. Shortly thereafter, she became sluggish and by late August, needed subcutaneous fluids. Given her miraculous recovery a few years earlier, I was convinced she would pull through again. But I was wrong. After a few trips to the vet where she was given intense fluid treatment, she died at the hospital 6 weeks to the day after Sandesh passed. I truly believe she was suffering the loss of her lifelong companion. The two are now buried together.

We miss them both very much.

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