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Memories of SAMSON
Monday will be 8 weeks since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge my sweet boy..and I still cry everyday I miss your sweet presence so much the house is now so empty without you. We thank the Lord everyday that you did not suffer and you were not afraid it happened so fast one minute you and I playing and you eating your treats few minutes later you were crossing the Rainbow Bridge..I tell people I know Jesus let(my) daddy call you from the gates of Heaven and off you ran. You go my sweet boy run the fields, play with all your new friends and I know I will see you running to me when it is my time to come home. We will always treasure your memory and so thankful for all the pictures and videos. Always know we love you and will miss you everyday and will see you again..be a good boy for your Granddaddy!!!

Love you,

Mom and Dad

9-10-12-It has been 8 weeks today my sweet boy..I miss seeing your sweet face and beautiful blue eyes...my heart is broken..but I know I will see you again...Thank you Lord for blessing us with Samson and the joy and love he showed us...take care of him and give him a hug from his mom and dad!!!! We love you boy!!!!

9-23-12---Thinking about you today..just like everyday..I sure miss your sweet face and your cute walk when you would see me come home. I still talk to you everyday..Be a good boy and play with your new friend on the Rainbow Bridge...and I know I will see you at the beautiful gates...love you my sweet boy!!

10-19-12-My sweet boy ...I still miss you so much..when I left for work this morning the air was so cool and I thought this is the weather Samson's loved...but I know the weather is perfect because all things are perfect in Heaven. I have started
donating to Blue Husky Rescue in your memory. Be a good boy and I will see you again my sweet boy!!

10-31-12-Sweet boy it is Halloween and I know how much you liked it..getting to see all the trick or treaters sticking your nose out the door..first one without you in so many years and I miss you so much..it is just not the same without your sweet face..run and play in Heaven my boy!!!

11-20-12.My sweet boy...first Thanksgiving without you ...I smile when I think about how you always loved your mac and cheese you stayed in the door to the dining room waiting I always gave you the first bite..I think of you and miss you everyday..but Thanksgiving I will take the first spoonful out for you..we love you our sweet boy!!

01-16-13-My sweet boy it is so hard to believe it has been 6 months today since you crossed over the Rainbow bridge..and I miss you so much my heart still hurts as it did 6 months ago..but when I think about you I smile I know you are in Heaven running and playing and sitting next to my dad ..and I know you will be with Jesus, and dad waiting at the gates when I come home...the house is still so empty without you..and I tressure the memories and your pictures and thank you for the love and joy you gave every day..and thank the Lord for blessing you in my life..I love you sweet boy!!!!

07-15-2013---my sweet boy tomorrow will mark the 1 year of Jesus calling you home ...my heart is still broken and I miss you so much, I have tried to adopt another furbaby but just haven't been able to yet. I thank Jesus everyday for you the joy and comfort you gave me ...you had a very special personality that always made me smile and I see it in your pictures and videos and there will always be a special place in my heart that is only yours my sweet boy. We talk about you often and share your funny stories. I know you are running the fields in Heaven and drinking from the cool creek and yes we here you playing with the thunder machine..and I know that daddy and Jesus are taking good care of you in Heaven as he did on earth. Jesus brings me joy and comfort knowing that I will see you run to me again and the we will have forever to play..be good sweet Samson (daddy' boy) and we love and miss you so much!!

12-31-2013...Tomorrow starts a new year 2014...time goes by so fast...Halloween a little boy came to the door and ask about you he had seen you for so many years I told him you had crossed the rainbow bridge and now you were playing with Jesus in Heaven that made him feel better and also made me smile. I miss you my sweet Samson and thank Jesus for blessing us with you for so many years and knowing that sweet love from you. I have a picture of you laying beside the gate and it reminds me that one day you run a cross the rainbow bridge and meet me at the gates of Heaven. Be a good boy and run the fields in Heaven!!!

04-17-2014...Happy Birthday my sweet boy...I still miss you so much....home is just not the same without you but I know when I get Home all is perfect and you will be there waiting so until then you run the beautiful green fields in Heaven play with you friends ..and always know you are in my heart!!!

07-16-2014-today is 2 years my sweet boy since Jesus let Dad call my sweet boy home..and without fear you ran. I still miss you and think about you everyday and my memories are priceless, I know you are happy running in the green fields in Heaven drinking from the cool river and running and playing in the snow. You are always in my heart and I will see you one day my sweet boy as you run to meet me..Thank you Lord for blessing the sweet boy in my life!!!

12-24-2014 - Merry Christmas my sweet boy..I miss you and love you. I guess you know we adopted Jax he is a German Shepherd he is wild his life before was hard so hopefully with a lot love and patience he will know he has a forever home. I catch myself calling him by your name old habits are hard to break. Always know your dad and I love you very much and there is a special place in our hearts only for you. Have a great Christmas/birthday party with Jesus and dad and many other..until we meet again my sweet boy!!!

07-16-2015---hard to BELIEVE sweet boy today is 3 years since you crossed the rainbow bridge..and I miss you just as much as that first day and I think about all the time and miss you so much...you will always me my sweet boy and a place in my heart only for you...run sweet boy in the cool green fields..I will see you one day my boy...thanks Samson for loving me and thank you Jesus for Samson!!!

04-17-2016...Happy Birthday my sweet boy...you are still missed everyday...but I picture you running in the beauty of Heaven's green fields drinking the cool creek water...and playing with so many friends and running to see daddy and sitting at Jesus feet..until we are together again be a good boy!!!

07-16-2016...It is so hard to believe it has been 4 years my sweet boy since you went to be with Jesus..and I know that is where you are...my heart still misses you my boy.. I also know I will see you again..I miss you so much but I know you are running and playing and no pain..be good for Jesus and granddaddy..love you momma's boy!!

12-20-2016 Merry Christmas sweet boy I miss you still so much sweet boy..have you played with your new friend Harley he is family so take care of him and show him around..I know your Christmas will be perfect because Heaven is perfect ..you and Granddaddy and everyone remember I love and miss you so much have fun playing in the snow..I see you all again!!!

04-17-2017...Happy Birthday my sweet boy..I know your birthday will be perfect because Heaven is perfect I can picture you running and it is beautiful...I miss you still so much my boy..but I know I will see you again Easter was yesterday and Jesus walk out of the tomb and on that day death was conquered..we serve a amazing God..so you run and play ..take care of granddaddy ..I love you sweet boy see you all one day...I believe this because I believe in Jesus!

Morning my sweet boy..I can't believe today marks 5 years since you crossed the rainbow bridge..and I miss you just as much today .. but I find peace knowing you are running and playing and will one day run to greet me..you are such a sweet and beautiful boy..be good for Jesus and granddaddy..you and Harley run and play...love you my boy and miss you so much..Thank You Jesus for the memories and love of Samson!

July13,2018...hard to believe Monday the 16th it has been 6 years..sometimes it seems like yesterday..so much has happened in the last year. I know you have now crossed to Heaven on May 25, 2018 you sweet daddy went home and I know you ran and meet him and crossed with him to the fields in Heaven I know he was so happy to see his boy like me he has missed you and I know you loved seeing him. I still can't believe he gone my head know my heart just breaks.you and daddy take care of each other ..I miss you both more than words can say..love you sweet boy and love your silly daddy..and thank the Lord for you two..I will see you boy one day in our home in heaven

04162019---oh my sweet Samson tomorrow is your birthday big boy..what a day you will have since you have your daddy with you now..so much has happened this last year..I never imagined I wound not have my sweet Steve here..he came home on his birthday last year and I know you ran to meet him you always were a daddy's boy..oh how I miss my boys but I will see you all again..I love you all and miss you bunches..Happy Birthday my sweet boy!!!

7 years my sweet boy since you left..but now you play and have your daddy..my heart is just broken ..I miss you both so much...Jax is so much company and I love him...I am glad the Lord blessed me with him..one day we will all be together..until then keeping you both in my heart..

Merry Christmas my sweet boy..missing you everyday!
Sept 2 2020...July marked 8 years oh how much I miss you..I know you and your daddy are together but I miss you both so much...I love you both..Jax is such a blessing one day we will be all together
.I love and miss my boys

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