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Memories of Samson
My dear baby, I can't believe you are no longer with me. How could 14 years have passed so quickly? I still remember the day you found me. I was looking for a cat to join my home and you were looking for a new family. Someone had dumped you in the back of my apartment building and you started following me to my car and living under the bush by my door. Of course I had to take you in. You were the sweetest, most gentle cat I'd ever met. You cuddled next to me and purred like a motor boat. That began our 14 year friendship which I had hoped would last so much longer. When you almost died last July as the diabetes began weakening you, the vet told me you only had a few more months. I tried to prepare myself but even though you lived another 7 1/2 months, I had hoped you would stay with me longer. Your buddy Titian misses you terribly. He has not stopped crying since you left. He's never been without you. He was only 8 weeks old when he joined our little family just after I took you in. I will always remember fondly those years when it was just the three of us. You were my family and you made my little apartment a warm home. With your passing, an era has ended. I hope my bringing home a baby boy last year wasn't too stressful for you and you came to accept him. I think when I first brought him home, you looked at me as if to say "what have you brought home now?". But you couldn't have been more gentle with him, even as he learned to "do nice to kitty". I'm sad he won't remember you. I will always love you, my Pudge. You will always be Top Cat in my thoughts. I see you now at the Rainbow Bridge with your long hair silky and shiny again, your legs strong and full of energy. Please look around for a beautiful golden Collie named Taffy, who went to the Bridge 25 years ago this summer. Don't boss her around too much. Until we meet again, play in the sunshine and watch the birds and squirrels. I will see you again. I love you and miss you. You will never be forgotten and I will always cherish my memories of the years we had together. Please be happy until we are together again. Love, Mommy.
3/27/08 Hi Pudge, it's been almost 10 days since I held you. I miss you terribly. There are so many reminders of you everywhere at home, your favorite sleeping spots still have traces of your fur, I haven't had the heart to vacuum it all up. Titian still cries looking for you. You've left such a hole in our lives. I love you. Please be happy until we are all together again. Love Mommy.
3/30/08 Hi my sweet Samson. I got your ashes yesterday. They were given to me in a pretty little flowered tin. I bought an urn for them with your picture on it. When my time comes, my last request is that the urns (or at least the ashes)of my precious furbabies are interned with me. Until then, you will have a treasured spot in my home. After I picked up your ashes from the vet, I just had to drive by the apartment were we first met. The bush you lived under until I took you in is still there. Then I drove over to the apartment we moved to a few months later where you, Titian and I lived together for 10 years. I guess it was your final ride before coming home with me forever. I love and miss you and hope you are happy wherever you are. Love, Mommy
4/08/08 My sweet Samson, I think of you a hundred times a day. Just as I thought I was beginning to accept you were gone, it again hit me you're gone forever. I remember going through this when my dad passed away three years ago. The initial grief begins to fade, then it would strike at me at different times that he wasn't gone just for awhile, but that I would never see or speak to him again. I know it will pass but part of me wants to cling to it almost as if I am afraid if I let go of my grief, I will let go of you. But as with my dad, I know it is the memories that will remain and the hope that we will be together again in the next life when it's time. Titian still cries for you, but he's getting a little better. Have fun at the Rainbow. I love you and miss you. Mommy.
12/12/08 Hello my sweet Samson. I hope you are happy and know how much you are loved and missed. Two new kittens have joined our family. They can never replace you but they are special in their own way. I think you would have liked them. I'm sure Titian still misses you as well. I wish you were still here but you will forever be in my heart. Love Mommy.
3/16/09 A year ago you were so sick and I knew the end was coming. It seems like just yesterday since I last held you and stroked your soft fur and yet, at the same time, it feels like forever. You're still missed every day. I love you and miss you and long to see you again when it's time. I'm updating your memorial for spring. I know how you loved to sit in the open windows and watch the birds and squirrels through the screen. Never forget how much you mean to me. Love, Mommy.
3/18/09 One year. I've been thinking about you a lot and dreading this anniversary, as it represents just the first of so many. I love and miss you always and your presence will always be felt in my home and heart. Be happy and at peace until we meet again. Love Mommy.
10/22/09 Hi my Pudge. I updated your site for fall. Sorry I was late. I think about you often. You are dearly missed. We will be together again some day. Love Mommy.
12/29/09 I love you and miss you. Mommy.
6/17/10 I love you. I updated your site for summer baby.
2/09/12 Your old friend Titian will be joining you tomorrow. I know you'll be there to greet him. I love you both. At least you'll be together again.
3/8/14 I love you and still think of you often. You were special.
3/18/16. Eight years have passed. You are not forgotten. I love you. My sweet Pudge.

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