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Memories of Sam (Samantha)
Sam, you arrived on my doorstep as a stray in 1990. You were about 2 years old at the time. You were the sweetest, most gentle kitty I have ever known. You even liked to be "brushed" with a Dustbuster! Instead of hairdo, we called it your "fur do". You liked to watch television with me at night and you let me know when it was time for bed and I would tell you to go get in your bed and you did. But you always sat in your bed until I went to bed, then you would lie down. I got married 6 weeks ago and I told my husband that I wouldn't move in with him until you passed away because you were so fragile. At one time there were 4 other kitties in our household. Eventually, each one passed on and you were my last kitty. You watched over me because I had several health issues-including a lung transplant and breast cancer. you slept on the corner of my pillow at night and purred me to sleep. When you grew older, it was my time to take care of you. I know you must have had more that 9 lives because you had chronic renal disease, a heart condition, dental disease requiring you to have 3 teeth pulled under anesthesia at the ripe age of 19. Then you had a stroke and went blind. After an emergency visit to the vet and a shot, you were back to normal in 48 hours-even your sight! I loved you so much that for several years I dreaded the thought of your passing on. Every illness, I thought "this is it", but you always came through with flying colors. The last time, you weren't so lucky and even though my heart would break if I lost you, I couldn't let you suffer. She died peacefully in my arms. I buried her with your buddies under a dogwood tree in my back yard. My house is so empty now that I hate coming home. My heart is breaking without you but I know I'll survive until we meet again.

February 20, 2008. It is one week of your passing and I still come home home and call your name. When I leave the house, I always say goodbye to you. You are always in my thoughts and I still feel brokenhearted. I miss you so.

April 13. 2008. Sam, today is your 2 month marker and I miss you so. Sam, know that you will be in my heart forever.

April 14, 2009. My dear Sam, it has been over a year since your passing. Even though i now have a new kitty (Dusty), I still miss you so. i remember how you used to follow me around while i did my chores, not "saying" a thing. You just wanted to be near me. It took me seven months until i was ready to get a new kitty because i mourned you so. I feel in my heart of hearts that YOU sent me Dusty because when I went to the Shelter she reached her paw out of the cage with a pitiful meow as if to say "take me". I see so much of you in her. I truly believe that when one kitty passes he/she will come back as another kitty. Your dear uncle and my brother is there with you because he passed away in September, 2008. He always loved you and i know you both are keeping each other company. I love you Sam and always will have you in my heart. Love, Mom

February 13, 2010 - My beloved Sam, it is now 2 years since I last held you as you crossed over the Bridge Even though I have Dusty, i still miss you so much. I know that you sent me Dusty because you knew i was so heartbroken. I still cry when i think of the things you used to do and how much i know you loved me too. You will always be my special kitty. Take care of your uncle Ali as i know he is taking care of you. Love, Mom

February 13, 2011 - Sammie, I will always hold your spirit in my heart. I still cry but I know you are not suffering anymore. I will always miss you so. I know you and Ali are having fun with all the other kitties. I love you dear Sam. Love Mom

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