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Memories of Sampson
I still remember the day you came into our lives. A tiny little baby weighing 1.3 lbs and you fit into one hand. You were the cutest little thing. You joined our family of Thor, Little One, Peaches, and Lancelot. You and Thor would play and usually you played the roughest with him. Stinking little boy. And when I would go to work and leave you with Candace you would hold her hostage on the couch until she called me and I had to say stop it. So cute..

You started sleeping in bed with me at 1 yr old and slept with me every day since then. You were the most kindest, caring and thoughtful little guy. When we moved to Delaware you loved your new home and neighborhood and wanted to kick butt with all the doggies here. But years went by and you mellowed and you enjoyed your walks and sniffing and greeting people. You were always concerned about me and Daddy.

Made sure we were always okay if you didn't see us for too long in the house. Coraled us together to sit on the couch in the living room. Followed us to the bathroom to wait for us. Laid down on the bath mat outside the shower and always so protective of us. We love you Sampson, we miss you, we ache for you and wait until we will meet again my little man.

Love you Mommy and Daddy.

Monday, Dec 2, 2019 Hello my sweet boy, another day has gone by without you by my side. Miss you keeping me company while I work, watching you sleep on the blankets right next to me. Sharing my meals with you. I don't what to do at 4pm anymore. Your not there hurrying me to finish so you can go out to pee pee and have your delicious dinner. Tomorrow is 2 weeks your gone little man, and the pain is still indescribable. At time I get a very comforting feeling over me and I know that it is you there with me, telling me to stop crying for a bit. I hope you like the gifts I have left you for you. I hope your having fun there with your new friends and being the sweetest little angel ever. I know your an angel because the day after you left, I heard a jingling , like the sound your collar made with the tag, and I told Daddy and he said he had heard it too. Terry, who misses you so much too, said that meant you got your angel wings. So happy for you my sweetie. I know your probably busy with all your new buddies, but don't every forget how much Mommy and Daddy love you sweetheart. Sending you bunches of hugs and kisses to surround you. Love you, Mommy

Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019 Hello again cutie, today was amazing , missing you again, like every day since you've been gone I was talking to you and asked if you could send a sign you hear me, and no more than a few minutes go by, and the doorbell rings and a delivery man hands me a beautiful flowering Christmas cactus and says for the family. I opened the card and it was from Savannah Animal Hospital and Dr Richter . She wrote a beautiful note and sent that plant in your memory to me and daddy. Such a beautiful sign you sent little man. Thank you, it meant the world to me..i know no one really understands what we had together, but we do...be happy Sampson, have fun, run and play and stay close by please...my heart aches everyday for you but I know your here with me, I feel your presence sweetie. Love you baby

Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019 Hi my sweet boy, today is 3 weeks since you left us and although my tears are a little less, how much we miss you is not. My heart aches for you everyday little man. I look around while I am working and the door bell rings, and I look to see if you heard it. Everyday after work is very hard, remember how I tried to have all your food cooked so I could feed you as soon as I was done, but sometimes, I was rushing to cook your chicken, and your rice, and your meatballs , but you always waited so patiently. Such a good little boy. I think about all your little things you would do, and that makes me smile. Your little wiggle butt..the cutest ever. I sent you a Christmas tree and a blanket and a new toy sweetie. You loved Christmas so much and getting all your presents and opening them. I will miss that so very much. Things are not the same and they will never be without you here with us. I feel you with me Sampson everyday. I miss you at night sleeping in between me and daddy and hogging the bed..lol ...Daddy misses you bunches baby, and he loves you. Be happy Sampson, have fun, and play with your new friends and look down on us when you can and know you are in our hearts, and our soul and our very beings baby. Love you, ((( hugs)))) and kisses, Mommy and Daddy.

Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2019 Hi my sweet Sampson, I can't believe you left us 1 month ago today. The sadness hasn't changed and we miss you so very much. I hope your okay baby, me and Daddy think about you all the time. I can picture you running around and playing with all the other furangels. I hope you can feel how much we miss you and love and think about you Sam. The days are lonely here and life is just off...hard to get used to. Joe's Brody crossed over last week, maybe you will see him or you might have already. He's a good boy too. I left you a Christmas stocking sweetie and a ottoman. Remember your little spot on the love seat, how you would scratch and scratch at the cushions and knock the pillows off til you got comfortable? We used to watch you go round and round until you settled in and went to sleep. We still have all your possessions here Sampson. Your ramp and your bed are in the same place they were and your dish too. The comforter that was next to me while I worked and you slept all cuddled up while I did. It's all still there..I can't take it away. So know my cutie pie that you are loved and missed and thought about all the time. Keep playing and having fun, look in on us please..PS I know you do already ... Love you so much, Mommy and Daddy (((hugs))) and kisses

December 25, 2019 Merry Christmas in Heaven Sampson! We miss you so much. Christmas is not the same without here all excited to see the gifts under the tree. I remember how you would look for your presents ( because you knew which ones were yours) and how you loved just tearing thru the paper and playing with all your new toys. It made you so happy. It made me and Daddy happy too. I left you some special filet mignon and a Christmas present . I hope you are looking down and know that we miss you and love you, but I also hope you are good there. I think you are. Things will never be the same without you in our lives, but you are and will always be in our hearts and our memories of you will never ever go away.. Merry Christmas, ((( Hugs and Kisses))) and so much love, Mommy and Daddy.

January 2, 2020 Morning my sweet boy, so it's a new year, but for us, a very sad year because you are not here with us to share it. The holidays have come and gone without you and honestly they were very sad. I am sure you know how much we miss you, but I will say it now and every time I write to you, that you are MISSED beyond what any words can express. The pain I feel in my heart is the same pain we felt the day you left us. The garden stone I ordered in your memory came and I put it out in the front garden area by the rose bush. You loved going out there and sniffing around and doing your business and protecting your house. Such a tough little man : ). Sampson, I want you to be happy, play, and know that one day we will be together with you again, and we will hug and kiss you and love you just like we always did and do from here. ((( Hugs and Kisses))) sweet boy, always in our hearts, and our soul and our memory. Love you Mommy and Daddy.

January 10, 2020 Hello sweet boy, it's Friday again , no work , and all I can do is remember our mornings. Just me and you. Following me all around while I straightened up the house, then we would sit on the couch and cuddle. I would have breakfast, and of course either share my food with you or have something you could eat. One bite for me, one bite for you. I'd shower and you would wait for me til I was done and then if the weather was okay we would go outside. Usually for not too long, but long enough to check out the surroundings and make sure everyone knew you were there. Sampson, I miss you horribly and have you in my thoughts all the time. You will never leave my heart and soul. I feel you are here with me often. I know you must play and have fun, but I know you are here too. Be happy my boy, run and play with your friends. Stay with us please, and one day we will be together again. ((( Hugs to you my boy))) and kisses ( lots of them) . Love you Mommy

Sunday, January 19, 2020 Hello sweet baby Sampson. Today is 2 months since you left us. Those feelings of that day have not left me sweetie. The tears have calmed down, but on days when I visit you here, it makes me so sad but I am glad I have somewhere to come a be with you. I still have not gotten used to going out and not having to rush home to you. I always felt bad when we had to run out and do something and leave you. You so hated being left alone.It used to make my heart ache. I hope you know we always tried not to be gone for too long so we would come home and be with out you. Remember I would run in the house and let you out of your crate and run to the garage and go pee-pee? Then run in and you would be so happy we were back. Now there is no reason to come back home anymore baby. I miss you cuddling in bed every night with us. But I am so grateful that for the last 3 1/2 years I was able to be working from home and be with you every day. There where were side by side , you kept me company, I kept you company and did all the things you needed for you. Truly special it what is was. You read me like a book sweetie and I knew everything you felt and wanted. That was our special bond. I will be back next week Sam, to spend a little time with you baby. Until then, be happy, have fun and please watch over us as I am always waiting to feel a little bit of Sampson in my life each day. ((Hugs and Kisses))) , Love you Mommy and Daddy.

Monday, January 27, 2020 Hello in heaven baby..another week passes by and you are still loved and missed more than you know sweetheart. I always keep you close by, while I am working, and while we are in the living room watching TV. You are right next to me when I go to sleep Sam on my night table. I hope you know how much better it makes me feel having you here in our house, your house. I am going to do our own candle vigil when I am done here. I pray the eternal flame will help you come visit us. Life just goes on Sampson, not the same without you here with us. It will never be. Still so sad that your not here physically but I do feel your presence here with me. I love you Sampson so very much baby. I hope you are getting along and are happy and have new friends and playing so cutely like you used to do with us. It just makes me smile to think of how cute you are...(((Hugs and Kisses my boy)) Love you so much, Mommy

Friday, February 7, 2020 Good Morning Sweet Dear Sampson, it's Friday ...and I am sure you know what I am doing right now as I am sitting right to you on the love seat. I miss you baby and wish that you were still here is the physical world with us. I know you are here in spirit. I feel you all the time. In the bedroom while I am working at while we are sleeping, and with us when we are watching TV in the living room. I love Rainbows Bridge because its so helpful to be able to come here and visit with you and put my feelings down. You will always be in heart and my soul and my memories little boy. Think about you all the time. I hope you are okay there baby, and not alone sweet boy. I hope you are with all your friends, because I know you have friends. Come visit us Sampson , I know you will send a sign when you come. I really feel that lid on the paint can in our room is you. So odd, that never happened until you crossed to the Rainbows Bridge.Sam, I have a special memory box that I ordered for your sweet possessions. I am finally able to start putting the things you loved so in it. Not everything sweetie yet, but I am getting there. The box in right next to where I sleep so it helps to feel close to you. Sampson, run, play and have fun little man. Love, love, love you and miss you so much sweet boy. ((( Hugs and Kisses))) Love you bunches little man, Mommy

Sunday, February 9,2020 Sammy my sweet little boy, thank you so much for visiting me last night. It was so good to see you and hug you and pet you baby. You looked so good and so happy, with your little tail wagging away. When I woke up this morning, it made me so happy to have spent time with you. Right now, I am sitting on the couch and you are on the love seat, which is where you used to love to be all cuddled up. Now I know you hear me and know what I write here. Come back as much as you can and want to and know that I will be so happy to welcome you with hugs and kisses sweet boy. Love, Love, Love you so much and miss you so very much. Love you, Mommy.

Friday, February 14, 2020 Happy Valentine's Day Sampson! Just came by to wish you all the love in the world. You are missed so very much and I only wish that you were here with me. Friday's are so lonely, in fact life is lonely every day without you. To be able to come here and visit with you and write to you does help me but please know little man that in the end we wish things weren't this way. Have a fun Valentine's Day, maybe you have found a sweet little girl there in heaven to have pal around with. Come visit us little boy like you did last weekend, it was so nice and made me so happy ... Run, play and think of us ...one day we will all be together again...(((Hugs and Kisses))) Love you lots, Mommy.

Monday, March 2, 2020 Dear sweet Sampson, I am so sorry its been 2 weeks since I have visited you but I'm pretty sure you know why. The little girls were visiting and it was a bit crazy here. Sydney doesn't remember you, but Zoe does and she misses you baby. I explained to her that your at the Rainbow Bridge and you have friends and are feeling well. I told her how much I miss you and she said I know Nana, me too. I didn't even have time to eat when they were here. But it was fun and I miss them now also. Zoe would fix your toys by you and straighten out the blanket. She is such a sweet girl. So 3 months have come and gone, and your missed as much as the day you left us little man. That will never change. I so wish you were still here with us so we could cuddle and snuggle especially at night in bed. I will never forget how you would let us know when you were ready for bed and head to the bedroom and me and daddy would get up and turn off the TV and follow you. Get the bed all ready and pick you up and put you on it and how comfy you would get. Such sweet memories of you baby. Love you Sampson forever and ever and till we meet again one day. COme visit if you can honey,it would be so wonderful to see you again. Love you bunches (( Hugs and Kisses )), Mommy.

Sunday, April 5, 2020 (Palm Sunday), Hello my sweet boy, I am soooo very sorry it has been so long since I have visited you and written to you. Things here in the real world have been very crazy and scary and frightening. I miss you so much but am relieved that I don't have to worry about your well being and being able to take the best care of you during this horrible time. There's a very bad virus running thru the world and everyone has to stay away from everyone in their houses. Me and Daddy are following all the guidelines but I would just wish Daddy would not have to go to food store so much. I feel so scared when he goes to these places and that he is going to bring this horrible disease home to me. Even though I have not been here to visit, I know you know that you are always in my heart and my thoughts and miss you like crazy little man. Every morning when I work, I put you on our bed after its made, and then when I am done, I carry you and your blanket and your toys to the love seat. At bedtime you are on my nightstand right next to me. Always close by, just like you always were sweetie. We will always be close, be in each other's thoughts and be in each others hearts, always and forever little guy. I love you with all my heart everyday and miss you so very much. I wish you were still here to cuddle with, and snuggle and love. Look down on us Sampson, visit us please, and hope your having fun and playing being the cute little boy that you are. ((( Hugs to you sweetie, and kisses and kisses))) Love you always and forever, Mommy

Thursday, April 23, 2020 Hi Sammy, miss you so much baby. It's been 5 months since you left us sweetie and my heart aches for you. Everything we do , I still picture you there with us. I was thinking that even though I was home with you while I worked, now Daddy is home and how happy you would have been for that. We can't do much except take a ride around sometimes, and think how you would have been sitting in the car with us on these rides we take all the time, even though always did anyway. I remember how happy it would make you when we go out somewhere and you were coming. Always so excited and so sweet. I wish you were still here with us Sampson and I was still cooking chicken and rice for you, but not having to give you medicine. I know your here with us because they say whenever a lost one comes into your head, it means they are there with you, and you are always in my head. How are your friends? Do you see Nana, and Thor and Lancelot and Peaches and Little One and Joe's Brody and Princess? Come visit when you can sweet boy. As always, know that I love you and miss you more than words can explain. (( Hugs and Kisses )) , Love you bunches and bunches , Mommy

Tuesday June 2, 2020 Morning my little boy, I am so sorry its been so long since I have visited you here on your special spot. It's just been hard having the alone time I need when I do since coming here is so special to me. It's still a crazy world Sammy, so many bad things are going on but all our loved ones are safe and sound. It's been a little over 6 months and my heart aches and misses you just like it did the day you left me. I miss you at night snuggling with us and hogging the bed, but I would rather have you hogging the bed. You were always so snuggly. I am still working from home and you are always in the room with me on the bed, and at night on my nightstand. Pretty soon you will be celebrating your 16th birthday in heaven at the Rainbows Bridge. We had such a good life together didn't we? You were with me through happy and sad times, but never did your love waive. The other day pictures popped up on facebook from Janry Pet Resort in New Jersey. They always took such good care of you when I had to be away. But it was Memorial Day weekend in 2012 and they were the cutest pics ever. They made me cry Sampson. It was their Bark B Que and you and all the puppies had a fun time there. I always hated leaving you but I knew they took good care of you and loved you. Everyday you are in my thoughts, remembering you in everything we do. I will be back to visit to you and I am pretty sure you know that even if I am not here, you my little boy are never not in my thoughts sweetie. You are always in my thoughts and my heart. Your are never forgotten. I will love you until one day when we will be together again sweet boy. Have fun playing with your friends baby and hope you can visit soon. I still remember that dream I had when you came to visit and I held you and hugged you ... (( Hugs and Kisses )) Sammy, love you with all my heart forever and always , Mommy

Thursay, June 18, 2020 HAPPY HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY in heaven Sampson!!!! Miss you my boy and wish you were here with us so we can have a fun day with you. Do your friends at Rainbows Bridge know its your birthday? I bet they do. Do fun things today, I am sure you are doing fun stuff all the time baby. I changed your song to SMILE, because you made me smile when you were on earth with us and still make me smile when I think of you, look at a picture of you, talk about you to others....you were the best little boy, friend and cuddle bug ....EVER!!!! I am sending you a birthday cake to celebrate with your friends, and balloons and a stuffed teddy bear for your special day. I will be back soon baby, I love that I can visit you here and put my words down for you. I wish you fun, and happiness and most of all I send you all my love to you sweetie. It's a love that will never die. Have the best day in heaven baby and know that Mommy loves you, and misses you more than you can know. ((( Hugs and Kisses)) to the best and sweetest little man in the world. I love you forever, Mommy.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020 To my dear sweet boy, missing you beyond what someone can imagine. I am sorry I haven't gotten a chance to write since your birthday because I wanted to tell you how happy I was almost 2 weeks ago when you came to me during the night. My dream of Nana in some sort of place..not sure what it was but you were with her. I can't even tell you how happy it made to see you and Nana both at the same time but so happy that you are with her keeping her company and her keeping you company. I always feel so happy right after you visit me, and I Nana has not visisted too much..so it was wonderful...please come again Sampson...bring Nana again....been feeling so mixed up these past few days baby...No little doggie could EVER replace you EVER but it is so lonely here ... I guess you know there will be a puppy coming here in a few weeks...I hope you understand sweetie...I feel guilty but I also think you are letting me know it's okay. I know you will be watching over the little stinker and let him know he better be a good boy...a little mischievous is okay just like you were cutie. Always thinking about you baby, always missing you, always loving you , and always wanting more of you...but you know that..Love you lots Sampson, come visit, look down on us for you are forever in my heart, my mind, my soul...((Hugs and Kisses to you))) Love Mommy

Monday, July 27, 2020 Hey little man, my sweet Sampson. How are you cutie? I hope you are doing good at Rainbow Bridge and having fun baby. Daddy hung up some photos of you on the wall in the living room. You are so cute just peeking around the ottoman at me...I remember taking that photo and thinking you are the cutest stinking little doggie ever!! I miss you Sam, so much ..do you know your dishes are still out and all your toys are still in the bedroom? Well they are...don't think I can ever get rid of them. I guess because I feel like you are here with us all the time..just can't see you but feel you all the time. It's been so hot here we can't even go outside, you would be so miserable right now ..except you would be able to stay in the cool house...Love you Sammy, miss you and wish you were here with me right now...being the cute little schooch you were...have fun baby, come and visit me please...it always makes me so happy when you do...hope your still with Nana keeping her company and making her happy...hey Sampson, there's a little pomerian Teddi you crossed over the bridge the other day, if you see her welcome her with all your love ...Till next time, ((Hugs and Kisses ))) Love you so much, Mommy.

Thursday, November 19, 2020 Hello my sweet boy. Today is 1 year that you left us baby. It's been a sad, strange year for us. Losing you was such a sad thing for us. We missed you so very much. It took a long time to get used to you not physically being there with us in this house. I say physically because I feel your spirit here all the time. I havent dreamt of you lately. I remember that wonderful dream of you and Nana...I woke up sad and happy that morning. How I would love another visit from you. I think of you all the time little boy. I pray that you are doing well there, that you have many friends, and are with our loved ones. I am so sorry it's been so long that I have visited you here. I know you know that we decided to bring a pup into this house. We waited until I felt you would be okay with it. I hope you are. I think you are. I hope you are watching over him and making sure he is a good boy. Its just been so exhausting taking care of him and I am always so tired. He's a nice boy. I will be back more often, this I promise you sweetie. I know that every night I miss picking you up and sleeping in between me and daddy every night. Be good Sammy, have fun and come visit please. I miss you. Love you lots ( hugs and kisses ) Mommy and Daddy.

Friday, November 19, 2021 Hello my sweet boy..I know it's been a long time since I have visited you here but I am pretty sure you know that I think about you all the time. I tell Siggy about you too. Today is 2 years since you left us and you are missed little man. Wish you were here with Siggy to play with him and teach him things. Hmmmm....wonder what you would teach him....he's not as lucky as you though...no sleeping with us at night and no ice cream..lol ...that spot between me and daddy is reserved for you only...i hope you are good there and have lots of friends..I hope you see nana and papa and all the furbabies we know that have gone to rainbbows bridge. Me and daddy are moving to Florida soon and will this house where you spent most of your life. Your memories and your possessions will come with us to the new house..we will hang your photos on the wall looking over us everyday and I will talk to you everyday baby boy. Sampson rest in peace sweetheart..Hugs and Kisses to you , love you so much Mommy and Daddy.

Saturday, December 25, 2021 ..Merry Christmas sweet boy in heaven. This will be our 3rd Christmas without you here with us. I rememeber how you loved presents under the tree and how much fun you had opening all of yours, and then, you would play and rip them open and pull all your stuffing out of them and pull the squeaker and that was it..you were done with them. lol...but that was okay ... they were yours...you are here with us today and always, maybe not in the physical way, but your spirit is always here . I have called Siggy Sampson several times in past day or two which I don't ever do ..so I know you are here. I hope you are with Nana and Papa and David and maybe Justin and Brody and lots of other fur babies and spending Christmas with them and every day with them. We miss you terribly Sam and always will miss you but we also have the best memories of you and always will. Be good little man, Merry Christmas to you and me and daddy send you lots of hugs and kisses today. Love you bunches, Mommy and Daddy.

Saturday, November 19, 2022 Hi Sampson cutie pie. I know its been such a long time since visiting you here and I am so sorry. But know that even though its been awhile your NEVER forgotten sweet boy. We did finally move from Delaware and the house you loved. I am sure you know this but when we made the drive to Florida you were right in the back seat with Siggy traveling with us. We are in an apartment and will soon be moving into a new home and you will have a special place there just like you had in DE and here in the apartment. We miss you sweetie and talk about you and love you today just as much as we always did. It's almost Thanksgiving and the time is flying by. Today is 3 years since you left us and it is still so very sad. You were the cutest Sam and funny and sweet. I do think sometimes you are here with us and Siggy will just stop doing things and look up or just go in the other room and I think he knows your here. He is a good boy just like you and I know you are watching over him and helping him become the sweet boy he is. I will be back on Christmas Sampson and know I am thinking of you and loving you and missing you. Until then sweet boy hope your with everyone we have in heaven and they are loving you up there. Love you lots, Mommy and Daddy.

Sunday, November 19, 2023 Hi to my angel in heaven. I know it's been a long time since last visiting you Sammy but today is your fourth anniversary since you went to Rainbow's Bridge and became the sweetest fur angel. We miss you every day little boy. We think about you all the time and and talk about all the things you would do at home with us. I had a plaque made for outside after you passed and now it is right outside our front door at our new house. There will never be a time you are forgotten. I sometimes feel like you are here with us and it would be so great if you visited more often. Come and visit Siggy sweetie. He's a piece of work just like you are. I hope you have friends in heaven and get to play every day. Rest easy by little boy, I will be back to visit you soon. I will keep your memorial here as long as I am alive my love. Hugs and kisses to you from Mommy, Daddy and Siggy.

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