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Memories of Sammy

I will never forget the day you came to me. My sister in law found you at the commercial airport. Sammy was one of the hanger cats. He was a sweet little baby and she instantly thought of me when she was looking for a home for Sam. Sammy was a young kitten at that time. When Sammy came home with me he had met his brother Willy. They both got along so well together. They did everything together. (Willy is still alive, 23yrs old) Sammy was the most awesome cat anyone could ever ask for. He was so sweet and gentle and very loving. Sammy would walk me to bed every night. All I would have to say is "night, night time" and he would come into my bed and stay until I fell asleep. Sammy was always in the kitchen when I prepared food hoping to get a piece of whatever I was making. At dinner time Sammy was always at my feet waiting for a piece of my dinner. Every time I came home from the grocery store, Sam would lay in the grocery bags and watch me put his cat food on the shelves. It was so cute. Sam never left my side. When I would go and take a shower, all I would have to say is "shower time" and he would come into the bathroom with me. He would lay on the counter and sleep there until I was done. He would lay on the counter top in the bathroom while I blow dried my hair and just watch me. We always talked. Family members were amazed at how I would talk to Sam
and he would talk back. It was really special. When there were lizards (I live in Florida) in the house all I would have to do is scream (I'm afraid of lizards) and say "Sam there he is go get it" And he would come running to try to catch the lizard. I had 2 twin boys in May of 2006 and Sammy was so loving with them. They love him soooo much. Sammy started loosing weight in 2013-2014. It was slow. He was diagnosed with overactive thyroid. He started loosing weight slowly. He was still friendly and he still was always around everyone. At Christmas time and for birthday's, Sammy would always have to lay right in the middle of all the action and have to lay on all the wrapping paper and play with it. It wasn't until about March of 2015 that he was more to himself and slept all the time. He had endless thirst and I would have to set up bowls of water all around the house for him and his brother Willy. In the months of May, June, and July , Sammy lost a tremendous amount of weight. Then on July 25th I noticed he just didn't want to eat. That was not like my Sam. He always was a food monger. I let that go for a week. Sammy would only drink water and sleep in the corner under the curtains. He urinated on himself and just couldn't make it to the litter box anymore. I knew that Sammy time was coming to an end and I tried to prepare myself and my boys who are 9yrs old now. Your NEVER ready when it comes time to put your loving pet to rest but I knew in my heart that I could not have him suffer any longer. The day of July 31st 2015 I took Sammy to the vet, I told myself that I just wanted to see if there was something they could do for him but I knew in my heart that Sammy was not coming home. The vet examined him. The vet had seen Sammy for an exam in the beginning of July and knew that he was so thin at that time. He was still eating then. So at Sammy's last appointment he only weighed 5 pounds and his temperature was so low. I knew it was the end. I kissed Sammy from head to toe and I just sat with him in the exam room, my eyes were all swollen and red and I had an endless supply of tissues with me. I had to hand over my baby to the nurse and say goodbye my husband was with me in the exam room saying his goodbyes as well. I walked out at the end and paid my bill and ordered an urn with his ashes and I paw print. I'm not the same today as I was when he was alive. I just can't believe he is gone. I cry everyday and my boys say "I've never seen mommy cry so much" I'm just starting to look at pictures of him now. It's so hard. I remember him as a healthy cat and all his loving ways. It hurts so bad to know that I will never carry him around the house anymore. He would put one paw on one of my shoulder's and his other paw on my other shoulder like he was hugging me. His meow will be missed and all his purring. I wish I could see him one last time . I know he is with me in spirit and he always will be. Until we meet again. I love you so much it hurts!!!!! I love you my Sammy always and forever, Mommy. The boys and Daddy miss you!!!!

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