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Memories of SAMMY SAVAGE
SAMMY, you were one of five dogs we have loved thru the years,but without a doubt you were the SPECIAL ONE. You were so very smart nothing got past you,we even had to spell word sometimes so you would'nt know what we were saying. When you heard a beer can pop you came running from wherever you were you knew Daddy would give you some of the FOAM,and boy did you like that, you were a true little Scot, it was the same when you heard the refridgerator open, you were right there waiting to see what you could mooch. In the evening you would lay on my chest and stare into my eyes as if saying "well when are you going to start scratching my head and back, and don't for get my belly" I think I miss that the most. You also loved to go for rides in the golf cart and the car, I think what you loved best was to go in the golf cart with your Dad and get the mail or go for an occasional ice cream. You were a great little travler too in the car or on the plane. You loved to go for walks when it wasn't so hot,you always wanted to go to Mona's house to see what she had for you and you knew she and John loved you too. Sammy you have left both mom and dad with broken empty hearts, we couldn't feel any sadder if we had just lost a child, YOU WERE OUR CHILD,you were so beautiful and soft with your pink ears that felt like velvet, your beautiful dark brown Westie eyes. Another thing that was so tippical of you,was you always had to be between Daddy and I,you were loyal to both of us always. We feel your presence even now in each and every room, we also feel your touch, you are so missed it is devastating. We know in our broken hearts we will all be together again. So,until then be a good boy and play with Mona's and John's McDuff, our Kelly,Heidi, Brandy and Boston and wait for us at the BRIDGE and we will all cross over together. Good Night Little " licky licky " Mommy and Daddy love you so. Well Sam it has been 5 years today and we couldn't miss you any more than when you first left us on 08/11/2009, I think we (I) miss you even more today than I did 5 years ago, you were not just a pet, You were our Child how do you get over loosing a CHILD? We can't nor do we want to, we will love you until the day we meet you at the bridge and cross over with Kelly, Brandy, Heidi and of course Boston. For now we have Danny your cousin, he's a WESTIE TOO, to play with and love, but make no mistake " YOU ARE NUMBER 1", AL MY LOVE BABY, MOMMY

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