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Memories of Sammie
5-06-09, My sweet, sweet little Sammie. How mama misses you so very very much.Today is 1 month that I had to let you go. I am so lonely without you.I hope Andy and Pudgy are taking very good care of you.You have nothing to be afaid of anymore. NOTHING. All those terrible panic attacks are all over now. How I wish I could hold you and hug you to reassure you as I always did that all would be okay. But now everything is different. Thank you my baby for showing me how to love again after Andy died. I will always and forever and ever love you. Do not be afraid as my love will watch over you always. Sammie, you are deep into my heart and soul,and will never be gone.Be a good little boy for me and run and play with Andy and Pudgy. Tell them mama loves them oh so so much. I will write again soon. Please God, watch over my babies for me and hold them close to your heart. They are with you now and I miss them so very much. Maybe you could help me as I pray to you,for I am having a very hard time with this. Sleep with all the angels, Pudgy, Andy , and Sammie. I will be with all of you again someday. Love mama 6-29-09 Happy Birthday my sweet litttle angel. I hope you're having a very happy birthday with all your heavenly family.I miss you, Pudgy and Andy oh so much. I cry so much for all three of you. It helps knowing you are all together. Mama loves all of you so much and terribly misses you. Be good for me and never forget me. All of you are forever in my heart and soul. Love, Mama 11-19-09 Hello my sweet little boy. I miss you so much and am having a hard time with some news I need to tell you. Mama and Daddy are getting a new little boy sometime around Christmas. I know you know this. His name is Kasee Samuel,after you. I need him Sammie so I can start to let go of your death. I miss you so much and still cry so much for you. You were so young. Kasee will help mama to love again, just as you did. He will never replace you, Pudgy or Andy. I will love him too, and so will all of you. Please watch over him from heaven and keep him safe . I love you now and for eternity. Merry Christmas to all of my babies. Sleep with all the angels in heaven, and remember how much I love you.all of you. Love, mama 03-28-10 Hello, mama's sweet little boy. How are you doing at rainbowsbridge? I miss you oh so much. Soon it will be 1 yr. that I had to say goodbye to you. Oh what a year this has been. We now have Kasee. A sweet little black dog. But he is not here to take your place, but to bring me and daddy some love and laughter. As I wrote to Andy, I also will tell you and Pudgy mama will have all three of you deep inside my heart. Run , play , be happy, as you wait someday for me. I will love all of you for now and eternity. God, please watch over my little furbabies. I miss them oh so so much. Love, Mama 3-30-11Hello my sweet little guy. How are you? Do you miss mama? I miss all of you and think of you each and every day. I sincerely mean this. Are you playing with Ming and your brothers? Are you afraid anymore? I don't think so, as Jesus has his powerful loving arms around you. You have nothing to fear. Mama also sends her strength to you and has you deep in her heart. Soon it will be 2 yrs. you had to leave me and that was so hard for mama to let go. But I know you are happy and someday Sammie I will see all my babies again. Give Pudgy a warm hug and lots of wet kisses from me, and feel them on your little face too. I love you my little darling and stay brave from my heart to yours. Until next time, your mama.5-6-12My precious Sammie, I love you. It is now 3 yrs. and I have Finally been able to accept that you are not a real baby but my furbaby. I loved you as a real baby as I was so so lonely. Things are so much better for me as God is now helped me with so many many things. Time does heal a broken heart as mine was so terribly broken. I am so much better now. I hope somehow you can hear this. I am sure God will tell you thru your heart that I am going to be alright. If there is a rainbowbridge I am sure you are there because you were such a good dog. I love you now and forever.! 1-10-13, Hello ny little guy. How are you? Are you afraid anymore? You have nothing to fear as Our Heavenly Father has you wrapped in his loving arms.. God is so much a part of my life now as you and Andy already know this. You be a good boy for us and mama will write again soon. Always remember how much I loved you and you will alkways be a huge part of my life... We love you Sammie. Sleep with Andy, Pudgy and all the heanenly angels...4-6-13, Hello my sweet precious Sammie.Today you left us to go with Jesus 4 yrs. ago. Oh how I miss holding you. I talk to kasse about you and I think he hears me. i think he understands when I cry the loss I stii feel. I miss you my little love. You be good and give Andy, and Pudgy, Sage, Holly and Abbey a huge kiss and hug from me. I love you and my sweet Jesus please take care of my babies. Until next time, Love Mama and daddy...

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