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Memories of Sambuka
From the time he was a kitten, he was special. Just one look at that face and those blue eyes, he just captured my heart. As a kitten he climbed the Christmas tree, which was pretty funny. One minute I was looking for him & the next he was staring at me from a limb. I had a yellow lab at one time, Maggie. If Maggie was standing, "Buka" could just leap right over her if he was just standing next to her. Maggie tolerated Buka. She didn't cuddle up with him like she did w/Oreo. "Boo" would always love to have his booty patted. Never a half hour would go by when one of us was patting his booty. He seemed to like it a little more when my husband did it. Boo also had this talent of jumping into your arms. He'd look at you & suddenly leap straight up into your face & expect you to catch him. Sometimes you did & sometimes you didn't because you had your hands full. Buka loved to chomp on plastic. Didn't matter if it was a grocery bag, Ziploc, whatever. As long as it was plastic, his teeth were in it. He did have a great life & I think he did more than some people have ever done. He lived in 5 different houses, 3 different states & even flew on an airplane for 12 hours! I don't think he was thrilled about flying. The poor little guy was hoarse when we picked him & his sister up at the airport, probably from crying the whole flight. Sambuka love to curl up behind my laptop computer on my desk. The laptop was warm & I always had the desk lamp on. Sometimes he would lay under the desk lamp & I always said he was suntanning. He loved to be warm. We had a few pillows in front of my desk right by the window. Buka would love to sleep on them during the day. He just loved to be in the sun. He also liked it when the heating pad was on. If either of us had it on, he was right on top of it. When it was shut off & on the floor, he would lay on it hoping it would come on. We had a purple pillow that he loved to lay on. Why? Because it would hold his body heat. When living in the house in NJ, he loved to lay in the bay window and catch some rays. Buka loved to curl up w/his sister Oreo. They would snuggle together and clean each other. Granted, they did their share of fighting too. We have many cute photos of them curled up together. Oddly enough, he was one cat who really could care less about birds. Sambuka had this way of tugging at the blankets if he wanted to get under them & curl up & go to sleep w/you. He'd curl up right by your tummy. It was either there or he'd curl up by your butt. He also loved flannel sheets.

4/13/09 Well, Boo, it's been a week since you've passed. Daddy and I are still shedding tears. Oreo is confused and looking for you. Your ashes are in a nice wooden urn on the bookcase in a prominent place. The vet gave us a nice sympathy card and another card w/some of your fur and your paw prints. Daddy and I cried hard when we saw that. We miss you Boo. It's just not the same without you.

5/7/09 Wow. I can't believe it's been a month since you left us so unexpectedly. Daddy and I were talking about you tonight more than usual because it's close to a full moon. We remember how on full moons and new moons you always wanted extra loving. We've yet to figure out why, but all we know is that whenever we see a full moon or a new moon, we'll think of you. We miss you Boo. Mommy's been shedding tears tonight just thinking about you. I still do that from time to time.

6/6/09 Little man, we miss you as much now as when you first passed two months ago. Daddy and I talk about you all the time. I was just getting out some toys out to give to the 2 cats that we're watching and I saw the catnip that you so loved. I just started to cry. How you loved your catnip! You'd get a "kitty high" and tear around the house like there was no tomorrow, even more than your usual zestful self. Daddy & I think that Oreo has taken on some of your traits. She meets us at the door, but now with a squeaky meow. She also has been laying under my desk lamp to the left of the computer to get warm. We love you Boo and miss you bunches.

7/4/09 Happy Birthday Boo. Today would've been your 8th birthday on earth. Daddy and I still miss you very much. In 2 days it will be 3 months since you've left us. Can't believe it's been that long. We still "see you" doing your "Buka" things. Oreo doesn't even sleep in the recliner that much since you've gone. We love and miss you Boo. Boo, mommy finally had the courage today, on your birthday, to look up and to try to understand why we had to put you to sleep. It turns out, out had an arterial thromboembolism. After reading it, it reassured me that as much as it pained us to put you to sleep, it was the right thing to do. It's an awful, unpredictable, devastating disease that frustrates vets and owners alike. We love you Boo & miss you every day.

8/7/09 Hey Little Man. Yesterday was 4 months since you've passed. Mommy had a migraine otherwise she would've typed something sooner. We still talk about you and remark about how Oreo has picked up some of your traits. Sometimes we think you've taken over her brain! :p Oreo started sleeping on your pillow in front of mommy's desk not too long ago. We were quite surprised to see her there, saddened it wasn't you, but yet glad that she was there. It's August Boo and Daddy and I were talking about Christmas the other day. Looks like Santa Mouse will have an extra special helper this year. I know you'll make sure that Oreo gets a little something extra special this year. We love you Sambuka boy and we miss you much. Love, Mommy

9/6/09 Hey Buka Boy. It's been 5 months now and we still miss you. Oreo is laying on "your" pillow in the window right now soaking up the sun just as you would've been doing. Daddy put a blanket on top of the armoire and the way it's sitting there, I swear it's you sometimes. I wish it was you. Oreo is now excited about "the big crunch" just as you had been. She was never really into it when you were here. I really think you've gotten into her brain! :p We miss you Little man. You're forever in our hearts and on our minds. Love, Mommy.

10/6/09 Hi Little Man. It's been half a year since you passed. I can't believe it. Seems like you were just here. Daddy and I still see you jumping all over and laying in the recliner. We seriously think you've taken over Oreo's brain. The only thing that she doesn't do that you did, was jump into our arms. We know she can't do that. The other night Oreo threw up on the floor in the middle of the night and Daddy thought it was you. See, your still in our minds and our hearts. We love you and miss you Boo. Love, Mommy.

11/6/09 Hi Boo. Can't believe it's been 7 months now. I miss hearing your little bell and seeing you tear around the house or chasing after Oreo. I miss seeing and hearing you chomp into plastic. Daddy and I have gotten lazy and leave plastic out all over. I can tell Oreo misses you too. She still leaves room for you on the recliner when she sleeps. We've put some of the toys you used to play with up by your ashes. Oreo doesn't play with them and we don't want to throw them out because they remind us of you. We love you Sambuka boy and we'll never forget you. Love, Mommy.

12/7/09 Hi Sambuka boy. Wow. 8 months already since you've passed. Seems like you were just here yesterday. The Christmas tree is up and decorated and I miss seeing your little face peeking out from under it or from in between the branches. Oreo seems to be batting at the ornaments a lot more this year than usual. I think without you here, she's bored, so she's doing that to occupy her time and to freak daddy & I out! We still have your stocking and it's going to seem strange not to hang it up. It's really going to seem odd when we open up presents Christmas day & not to see you charging around through the wrapping paper. Today I was thinking of the night, 8 months ago, when we had to put you to sleep. I'll never forget that night. I wish you didn't have to go so soon Boo. Love, Mommy

1/7/10 Hi Boo. It's been 9 months already and it seems like you just left us. Christmas felt really strange without you. I'm so used to seeing you run, hide and jump in the wrapping paper and play with the ribbons and bows, but you weren't there. Oreo did take up residence in the garbage bag with the wrapping paper. I didn't get any new cat toys because Oreo doesn't chew them or beat them up nearly as much as you used to do. New Year's Eve was quite noisy. Oreo went and hid in "the quiet spot" and I can imagine if you were here, you'd be there too. You also would have been doing your low long meow. The one you always made when you were scared or sick. I've got my desk lamp on now and I sometimes still expect to see you curl up under there for warmth. Oreo has started to do that now, just like she lays on your pillow that's in the window. I can tell she still misses you too. I can imagine you're having fun up there running and romping, chasing birds and mice and curling up in the sunshine for a nap. I love you Boo and miss you too. Love, Mommy

2/6/10 Hi my little man. 10 months have gone by now, hard to believe. I think to myself "If Buka were here, what would he be doing now?" I can still see you jumping on top of the armoire surveying "your" territory, laying on your pillow getting some sun, laying on the recliner, stretched out behind the computer, sunning yourself under the desk lamp, jumping in the closet every time we open the door, laying in "the quiet spot", curled up underneath the blankets sleeping, "helping" us with the Legos and of course, "helping" us with the laundry. You were always such a good boy Boo, well, except for the times I had to give you a "time out", which wasn't that often. I love and miss you Sambuka and I always will. Love, Mommy

3/6/10 Hi my boy. It's been 11 months already. Where did the time go? I was by the bookcase the other day, and put my hand on your wooden urn, thinking of all the good times we had together and how much I missed you. Then I pulled out the one card that had some of your fur in it and just looked at it. I forgot how beautiful your fur was. Oreo must know that today was the day that we had to put you to sleep 11 months ago. She hopped up on top of the armoire and looked around, exactly like you used to do. She walked around for a bit up there, would stop and look some more, just like you used to do. She also parades back and forth in front of me if I'm on the computer and she wants supper, just like you used to do. Just about every time I open the door, I expect to see you run out past me and down the hallway, stopping every once in awhile, looking over your shoulder to make sure someone is walking along behind you. I remember laughing as your little butt used to wiggle back and forth as you'd trot down the hallway, your tail straight in the air. I love you Boo. Love, Mommy.

4/6/10 It was a year ago today that we had to put you to sleep. Time sure has flown. I miss you today just as much as that night that Daddy and I had to put you to sleep. Oreo still misses you too. We still talk about you, remembering the good times we had as well as your mischievous times. There will never be another cat like you. No one could ever replace you. You'll always be my "Little Man." Love, Mommy

4/6/11 Hi Sambuka, my little man.... It's been two years now since that fateful night. I've been thinking about you all day and how you brought such joy into my life. I still miss you so much. You were such a little character. All the funny things you used to do and how you used to bother your sister, Oreo. I remember putting you into a "time out" a few times because you bothered her a little too much. I still shed tears from time to time thinking about how you were taken from me too soon. You did have a great, eventful, joyous life and you certainly lived it to the fullest. I still love and miss you Boo. Love, Mommy.

7/4/11 You would've been 10 today, Sambuka. Hard to believe you were only 7, almost 8, when you passed on. Today I, along w/grandma, grandpa and Leon, buried your ashes underneath the pine tree at grandma and grandpa's house. I marked your place w/a statue of a cat laying down. It reminds me of you. I cried when I buried you Boo. You'll always hold a special place in my heart.

4/6/12 Hi Sambuka boy, well it's been 3 years now since you've gone over the Rainbow Bridge. By now I'm sure you've made lots of friends up there. From the kitties that I've had before you, kitties that daddy had and animals that have passed recently at the animal shelter that mommy's working at. When I go to grandma and grandpa's on Sunday, I'll visit your gravesite along with Trixie's. I still remember all of the good times we had and the silly times. I try not to think about that night. I still love you little man, always will.

4/6/13 Hi Sambuka, my little man. It's now been 4 years since you've passed away. I still have pictures of you on my phone and think of you often. I'll visit your gravesite tomorrow along with Trixie's. Still miss you Boo and I always will. There will never be another cat like you. Love, Mommy.

4/6/15 Hi Boo, No, I didn't forget to write on your wall last year. Things as the animal shelter were hectic as always. I still think of you often. Sometimes I catch myself wanting to call Drew "Sambuka" or "Boo" and Drew has been with me for 2 years now. He does some of the things you used to do. He loves high places & beats up on poor Oreo & I have to yell at him (he's twice as heavy as her too). He doesn't like his booty patted though. I think that was your trademark. I have never come across another cat that has liked that. Love you little man, always will. Love, Mommy

4/6/16 Hi Sambuka boy. 7 years have gone by since that dreadful day. Seems like it was just yesterday. I'll never forget that day ever. Once in awhile a cat/kitten will come into the shelter & they remind me of you because of their looks. I start thinking about you and remembering all the good times we had. You'll always have a special place in my heart. Love you always little man and I'll never forget you. Love, Mommy.

6/15/16 Hi Sambuka, my handsome boy. By now Oreo has met you at the Rainbow Bridge. I'm sure you were surprised to see her there. She had a rare illness like you did. It was called mega esophagus. I didn't want her to suffer any more, so I let her to to rest in peace. I'm sure she's healthy and full of life again, just like you. I can see you two playing with geckos like you used to do in Hawaii or sunning yourselves in the bay window that was at my grandma's house. I miss you both greatly and you'll both always have a special place in my heart. I'll never forget either one of you. Love, Mommy.

4/6/23 Hi Sambuka boy, even though so much time has passed since you've left me, I still think about you. You were such a unique, funny, handsome boy who brought such joy to my heart and everyone that met you. I'll love you forever. Love, Mommy.

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