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Memories of Samantha
The story of Samantha.

There are so many good memories of the three musketeers, Abbey, Dollie and you, Samantha. What a light you are and so funny. Walking around the house with your favorite little ball in your mouth yowling at the top of your lungs, at 2AM. Talented and annoying, I sure miss it though! Your fetching ability, exceeded any Border Collie. Feet cleaning time, Abbey would be laying on the couch, feet in the air, that how Border Collies like to sleep. You would jump on the couch, smell her feet, and curl up your nose. Then the trouble would start, you trying to clean her ticklish feet. Her pulling away, you would get angry, grab her with your paws and bite her. Her retaliation was to lay on you. You did not care. Or the face cleaning you have given four different Border Collies. And if you move during this process, the eyebrow grab happened until they quite moving. When Dollie came along, you welcomed her. When Dollie was scared during thunderstorms, she would hide in the shower. There you would be, laying against her, purring to comfort her. When we lost Abbey, you were our rock, even though you missed her terribly. Sleeping/cuddling with Dollie on her bed. When she got sick you always tried to comfort her, even bringing her your favorite ball, LOL. Then, we added Grace to our family. A timid, sad, little tricolor Border Collie, she had a rough start to life. Dollie and you welcomed her into the family. I have so many pictures of you being with Grace, looking out the window, sleeping/cuddling etc. Frog came along, she was a tortoiseshell just like you, but with shorter hair. Everyone welcomed her, especially you. Sharing toys, your favorite spots on the couch and kitchen chair, even your food. Which I did not like because you were eating special food for your kidneys. When we lost Dollie last year, we all were devastated, she was our rock. You were struggling with your health, but you still tried to make everyone feel better. Even welcoming Isla, an over-the-top baby Border collie. Who decided when getting her face cleaned was a good idea to move, NOT. The last 15.5 yrs. I have learned so much from you! Love and acceptance, mostly. I always said if I would give the three musketeers human attributes .... Abbey was the studious kid; Dollie was the happy go lucky party girl and you were the princess with a heart of gold. I am sorry you got sick; I could not protect you from that. I know you are in a better place with Abbey and Dollie. I miss you not sleeping on my pillow, getting angry when I had to brush you, playing fetch, chattering at the birds, and yowling in the middle of the night. One memory I always stands out is the time I was teaching the three of you to sit in a row. I would say "sit", Abbey immediately sat perfectly straight. Dollie decided it was a good idea to lay down. And you, well let's say it took three times repeating the command before you sat. Abbey would give her usual side way look and sigh, looking total disgusted. It all seems so long ago. What brings me to tears is when I come home you are not at the door to greet me. Or when I call your name, and you no longer come running. I bought you flower, I hope you like it! It's beautiful just like you!

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