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Memories of Samantha
On Monday, April 14, 2014, we said goodbye to our dear, sweet Calico girl, Samantha...better known as Sammie. It is still difficult to accept that our little girl is gone. As much as our hearts are breaking, we knew it was time to release her from her suffering. Now, she waits for us at the Bridge, keeping company with our other deeply missed furkids who have gone before her.

Sammie was approximately 20 years old. She lived a long and good life. At least the last 18 years we tried to give her the best life we could. But,in the past year, she suffered with renal disease. And, in spite of everything her vets and we tried to do for her, including John acting as her at home "vet tech" faithfully giving her daily sub-q fluids, in the end, we believe not only kidney failure, but cancer began to ravage her tiny body which would take her from us.

Life with Sammie began 18 years ago, after I moved from Michigan to Kansas, It had only been a week when I told John, I have to adopt a cat, I couldn't be here without a furkid in the house. So, off we went to our local shelter. That morning, someone had dumped a cat and her four kittens in a box at the front door of the shelter. By the time we got there, Samantha and one tiny black kitten were still available. We adopted them both right then and there! Sammie was about 1-2 years old, and her kitten, Sebastian (who we lost last August) was about 7 weeks old. We were so happy to take them home.

For 18 years, Sammie brought much happiness and joy into our lives. At barely 10 pounds, she was the queen of her castle! She ruled! And, as we added rescued dogs to our little family, Samantha never let the dogs forget who ran the show! She made sure each one knew who she was by initiating them into the family. She would jump from her perch onto their backs and dig her claws in...paralyzing with fear, a poor 80 pound golden retriever right where he stood!! I'm sure Alex didn't think it was funny at the time, but it was! After that, all of our dogs had the highest respect for this tiny, little powerhouse of a cat! When she moved, they waited and let her cross their path.

Yet, Sammie was one of the sweetest kitties we've ever known and I know we both feel so lucky and so blessed to have had her in our lives. Even as her health began to fail, losing weight until was just a mere 6 pounds, she never complained. She always had a soft purr and the sweetest of meows for you. Although our home is still filled with rescued furkids, Sammie's presence is truly missed.

We love you dear, sweet little girl. Run free, chase butterflies, but never forget you were truly loved and cherished here on Earth. You will forever remain in our thoughts and in our broken hearts. We miss you Sammie Sue! Till we meet again...

All our love,

Mom & Dad

Our beloved Sammie, our faithful friend
your love you shared till the very end.
For 18 years our family was blessed
now it's time for you to rest.
You still live on in the hearts and minds
of the loving family you left behind.

Please also visit Alex, Kelsey, Sebastian and Tate.

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