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Memories of Samantha
Samantha (Sammy) Gereski crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a long full life on August 27, 2013. She was born somewhere around September 1994 when my husband's co-workers found her as a stray 8-week kitten. She was wandering the grounds of the Army Guard Aviation Hangar in Groton, CT on a frigid November day. My husband (then boyfriend), at the time called me at work and told me about this kitten, and asked if he should take her home and without hesitation, I said "Yes, you have to adopt her!" When I first met her, I could not believe what a beautiful Tortoiseshell kitty she was, with her orange-striped markings and white fur belly. She was a feisty, independent kitten and became a feisty, independent woman! She was present for numerous milestones in our life both happy and sad; our wedding, the birth of our children,the deaths of our parents, and seven moves around the country. She kept my children and me company many times when my husband had to travel for work, especially when he deployed for a year to the Middle East in 2009.

During this deployment, I decided to adopt another kitten to add some cheer to our household, since we missed my husband. He turned out to be a lively Maine Coone who we named Stan. Stan was a born extrovert; the opposite of Sammy. Sammy was not very happy at first to have to share the household, but within a short period of time, they learned to work out their differences. Stan would sometimes be playful with Sammy; sometimes she would just hiss at him and walk away, but other times, she would let him lick her fur and say "Hello". Often, they would eat their meals together and keep each other company. We really worried about Sammy's well-being when we moved from California to Alabama in 2011, but she endured the cross-country ride beautifully and absolutely loved the house we built. She had 3 floors to explore and often would snuggle in our bed with us on cold winter nights and loved sitting next to the gas fireplace on the cold winter mornings. She even was willing to let Stan sleep near her on our bed! She continued to wander around the house from her basement corner to greet us up until the last few days of her life.

Unfortunately, on August 26th, 2013, I came home and found her in her corner of the basement unable to walk. She had tried so hard to make it to her litter box, and was dragging across the floor. I was deeply saddened to see this, since Sammy always took pride in getting to her litter box and keeping herself clean. I put her in her cat bed, and tried to soothe her and clean her up. I brought her dinner to her, and she gobbled it up literally like it was her last meal. The next morning, I took her to the vet hoping that, like always, she could be fixed and made better again. Unfortunately, the vet determined she was suffering from neuropathy in her legs due to complications from diabetes as well as degenerative discs in her spine. It broke our hearts to see her unable to move, and she was in obvious discomfort. Because the only solution was most likely back surgery, we made the painful decision to end her suffering. She passed away so peacefully and purred up until her last breath. Sammy was very stoic and introverted, but she showed her love to my husband, children, and our friends in a very special way. When we would least expect it, she would come to one of us and want to be petted or doted upon. She certainly lived her life on her own terms and was very determined to live life to it's fullest. Our other kitty Stan still looks for her in the basement. :( Although we deeply mourn her passing, we celebrate the fact that she made it to almost 19 years. She most definitely left a legacy of how strong the feline spirit can be!

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