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Memories of Samantha
There are so many wonderful stories about my Samantha that there is not enough room to share all. She's my most precious little baby and the most loved. One story I will share is this time of season, Christmas. How Samantha always looked forward to the arrival of her Christmas Tree, she would get so excited when it arrived in the house, she would sniff it and check it out. Once it was all decorated she would always make sure to pay it a visit. How ironic that last year she would have passed away 7 days before Christmas, but she did get to have one more Christmas Tree, and with as sick as she was she still found strenth to go and visit her Christmas Tree and tap on a lower branch, which I made sure to keep. She was quite alittle boss also, don't know how she knew what time of day it was, but she sure knew when to tell Mommy it was bed time, she would tap my leg to get my attention and if that didn't work she would walk back and forth to the bedroom, I always called her my bossy little lady. When we relocated to a new home, I bought her a new collar and ID heart with her name and phone number on it, when I brought it home and took it out of the bag and handed it to my husband to adjust it, Samantha jumped up on the sofa and was so excited to receive her new as we called it jewelry. She also liked running and playing hide and seek with her Mommy, we would run up and down the hall into the bedroom and around the whole house. She was never an outside cat, she was a pampered indoor kitty Mommy made sure she had the best of everything and then some. Let me share Samantha's first Thanksgiving, she got so excited about the turkey, I just started to prepare it to get it in the oven and she thought it was ready to serve as is, she couldn't wait for it to get done, everytime I would go to check the turkey in the oven she was right there and raising all kind of heck about wanting to eat the turkey. She didn't really prefer to be around kids or strangers, she would pick who she wanted to go to, but kids were defiantly out all togeather. We have a back deck on the back of our home and that is the only time Samantha would go outside and only if Mommy went with her, sometimes she would go out with her Dad but not that much, we keep the barbecuer there all year, whenever I would go to the laundry room to wash clothes Samantha would come in and sit by the door till I opened it and she would go out and the first thing she would do is visit her barbecuer, sniff at it a few times and then come in. We also have a screen porch on the back of our home and that is another place Manny would like to go out onto, she would go by the bedroom door and sit there also just like the laundry room door until I opened it up, she would also tap the curtain on the door to let me know she wanted it opened and go out and look around and she had a special place to sit and look out to see what was going on in her yard. Manny also liked to have dresser drawers taken out so she could sit for awhile in the dresser, one day she had almost every drawer in the bedroom taken out, and don't even think of putting them back in there place, Manny would be right there to tell you No. As I said there are so many stories that I can go on and on about my baby girlfriend but there isn't that much space to tell. I sure do miss her and love her very much and her Mommy isn't dealing with her passing at all very well, even with Manny's first year coming up, it just as hard now as it was last year and every day is the same. Christmas and Thanksgiving will never be the same again or any holiday for all that matters, a big part of my life is missing

4/1/15 11:57 PM Hi My Little Girl, Mommy, I just decorated your Rainbow Bridge Area for Easter, I hope you like what I put there for you. Mom had to take and make room so that I can write you my notes, but don't worry, I made sure to print up all the others before removing the old ones. Gosh how I miss you Baby bear!!!!. As Mom was removing the old notes I came across one that said "What A Heck Of A Life We Had Together", we still have our lives together and that can never be taken from me and you, you are always and forever in Mommy's heart and soul and thoughts. In a couple of weeks it will be our Birthdays, Mom will leave a Birthday Cake for you on your day. This will be a short note for now, Mom will visit again Sunday for Easter. Until then my Love sleep tight and know that Mommy is Always With You Forever And Ever And Always!!!!. Night Night BabyGirl Mommy Loves You Very Very Much and Misses You Just As Much. Hugs Kisses In Huge Amounts To You, Love Forever, Mommy OOOOOOOO XXXXXX

4/21/15 8:53 PM Hello Manny, Mommy here to say Birthday To Birthday To You My Little One, Mommy as always wishes we could be together and I could pick you up and give you a big hug and say Birthday To You, Oh Bear Bear how I Miss You So, if things only could have gone how I always wished for a long long time with you, you would be 26 years old today. Know and feel that Mom has her arms wrapped around you and giving you a Big Mommy Hug. I left a Birthday Cake For You and a bouquet of Carnations wish I could leave more but Mom is only allowed so many things to place at your Rainbow Bridge site. That's ok, after your Birthday Week is over Mommy will visit again and leave you some toys. Yesterday Dad bought a Birthday Cake for both you and me, because Mommy had her Birthday Sunday. I Miss You so much Little Manny Girlfriend How I wish you were still home with me and not so far away, but know you are always in Mommy's heart and soul and in my thoughts always, which I know makes us as close to each other as can be, till we will be together forever at the Rainbow Bridge. Little One Mommy not going to make this note to long, I have a lot to say, but I don't want to run out of space, Mommy will visit again in a few days, until then remember and know how much I love you and miss you my darling daughter. Night Night Manny Sleep Tight and Know That Mommy Has You Held Safely and securely in My Heart Forever And Always. Hugs Kisses And Love, And Birthday To You Again Babygirl. Love Always And Forever Mommy OOOOOOOXXXXXXX

6/7/15 1:27 AM Morning To You My Baby Manny, I just changed things by your Rainbow bridge site, Mom hopes you like what I placed for you. Mommy has two scratch post for you and a mousey. I think it was time to take your Birthday cake away. Mom has been really thinking of you a lot these past few days, not that Mom doesn't always think of you, you are always on my mind, just because Mom has your little sister and brother, Mom still thinks of you always. I watch them play and how I wish they were you I was watching. Mommy Misses You SOOOOOO!!!!! VERY BIGGIE MUCHES Manny Baby, how I always wish we were still together here in the world and not so far away from each other, Mommy knows that we will find and see each other again, but it takes to long for that day to come, but what a wonderful day it will be when e are reunited forever. Little One, Mom's not going to make this note to long, I'll visit again soon, but always remember that your Mommy is always thinking of you and missing you ever so much. Night Night My Precious Little One, you sleep tight and always remember, while we're away though we're apart always know that Mommy holds you very close and deep in my heart. Love You Forever And Always Manny, Hugs & Kisses From Your Loving Mommy OOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXXX

11/30/15 2:29 AM Good Morning My Little Manny, Mommy, I was thinking of you as always each and everyday and I said I will go on Manny Rainbow Bridge Site and write my baby girl a note to let her know that I haven't forgot about her. When Mom looked and seen I haven't visited since June I was not Happy with myself. Things have been hecktic around the house the past few months. Mom got this genius idea to bring another kitty home thinking that Autumn and Jake your baby sister and brother would like a playmate. Well that didn't go very well at all, it turned out that they didn't like the idea at all, they fought with the new kitty, and between themselves. I waited for a month to see if things would change but they didn't and I had to take the kitty back to the rescue center I got her from, that made me feel sad because I thought that I let the kitty down thinking she had a forever home but wound up taking her back to the center, her name is Kendra. Funny thing though Manny, Mom asked you for help to help Mom find a new home for Kendra, if there was a guardian angel up by the Rainbow Bridge that has nothing to do, send her to watch over Kendra and help her get a new home, and a week after taking her back to the center, she found a new home. Mommy told you Thank You So Much For Helping Mommy to find Kendra a new home. But that is what has been happening at home, but it is no excuse for Mom not to visit you, I should always make time for My Manny Baby, and Mommy will make sure to find time to visit you, Please Don't Be Mad At Mommy,I Love You Very Much And I'm Not, Or Ever Will Forget About You Or Ignore You Ever, Your TO Important To Mommy, Your My Life, My Soul, My Whole World, My Heart. Just want to make that clear to you little one. Mom's not going to make this visit much longer, I'll visit again in a few weeks for your Anniversary of Passing and for Christmas and to decorate for Christmas. I Love And Miss You Forever and For Always and can't wait to be together with you again. Night Night My Little One, Sleep Tight and Know That Mommy is Always With You and Thinks Of You Always. Hugs Kisses And Lots And Lots Of Love My Baby, Visit Again In A Few Weeks. Love You Always Mommy XXXXXXXX OOOOOOOO

12/17/15 3:17 AM Good Morning Babybear, Mommy, I just put up your Christmas Tree and Stocking I hope you like them. Now that's kind of silly for me to say, you always looked forward to your tee. Everytime I do this, how I wish you were home and we would be doing this together, gosh how mommy enjoyed seeing your excitement on your little face to see your tree coming in and how you would be in the room helping to decorate you Christmas Tree, and to see you laying under the tree and playing with the lower branches and ornaments. Mommy got very special ornaments just for my Manny eventhough I still don't put a tree up since you went to the Rainbow Bridge. Maybe someday I get brave enough and get another Christmas Tree in your honor, but you have to let mom know that it will be alright to do so. Mommy not going to make this visit to long, because I'll be back again in a couple days for your Anniversary of entering the Rainbow Bridge, so Mommy going to say Night Night Sleep Tight and Know Always How Much Mommy LOVES YOU and Misses You Ever So Much. Love You Much Miss You Much Hugs Kisses OOOOOOOO XXXXXXX Always, Mommy

12/19/15 11:39 PM Hi My Little One, Mommy just got in from having your memorial service, pretty darn cold but I didn't mind at all because I was doing something very special for you. Mom & Dad launched the Wish Lanterns up to you with messages written on them, have someone read them to you especially Mommy's, Mommy has a lot of heartfelt sayings on hers. How Much I Love You and Miss You and What a Happy Day It Will Be When We See Each Other Again at The Rainbow Bridge. This marks 6 years that you were taken away from Mommy and entered the Rainbow Bridge, they say for the one's left behind like Mommy that time heals the heart, but guess what? as the years go by Mommy feels the same as she did when you first left my arms. I Love SOOOOO!!!! Much and Miss You equally my little one, always remember that and keep Mommy's words close to your heart, and whatever my babybear Please don't ever forget Mommy because I sure will never forget you sweetie, your always in Mommy's thought and in my heart. Your My Would, MY universe, My Whole Being. Mom is not going to make this note much longer littleone, I'll be visiting again next weekend for Christmas. Night Night Babybear my Manny Love. Love Forever and For Always Hugs Kisses OOOOOOOOXXXXXXXX Till Next Weekend, Remember Mommy is With You Always no matter how far apart we maybe. Once Again Night Night Sleep Tight and Know That You Have Your Mommy's Love Forever.

12/25/15 12:21 AM Hi Munchkin, as Mommy told you here I am, it's Christmas Time,your favorite time and how I wish you were here. Merry Christmas Babybear, Mommy left somethings at your Rainbow Bridge site, I left a yarn ball and a package, I thought by know you would like a different toy to play with. Oh Munchkin, how it hurt Mommy's heart so when I gave your baby sister and brother their Christmas presents even getting them ready for today, I said how I wish and I should be doing this for my Manny. How I wish like always we were together, I wish I could see the excitement on your face. It's not fare my littleone we should be together and not so fare apart, but we are in away together, because Mommy always has you in my heart and thoughts. Oh Bear Bear how the tears are falling and my heart breaking not having you here with me, I LOVE YOU SOOOOO!!!! MUCH BABY MY MANNY and don't you ever doubt that ever, Mommy's Love is always there with you and I'm always thinking of you. I'm surprised at myself for even saying Merry Christmas, what can be so Merry about it when the one I hold so near and dear to me isn't with me. I Love You Sweetie Forever and Always. Mommy is going to step out on the back porch to talk with you for a bit, listen for Mommy OK Littleone, it will mean a lot to Mom to know you are listening. Mom is going to close this letter to you for know. Many Hugs & Kisses from Mommy OOOOOOOO XXXXXXXX, wish I could give them to you in person. Once Again Merry Christmas My Little Girl, Sleep Tight and Remember Mommy's Love Is With You Forever And Always, Till We Meet Again as the song plays. Mommy's Love Forever

2/14/16 3:57 AM Good Morning My Manny Baby, today is Valentine Day and mommy left a heart box for you and a bouquet of flowers and all of mommy's Love for her Special Valentine. I hope you will like them, I guess we will have to think that in the heart box that there is kitty treats instead of chocolate. I wish I could pick you up and give you am huge hug and say Happy Valentine Day My Love !!!!, but know in my heart that is what I will be doing. I couldn't let today go by without saying Valentine's Day to you, I wouldn't feel right. Always know Mommy always Loves you, not just on this day but always and forever, don't ever doubt that ever. Well Mommy not going to make this note long, I'll be visiting again so that Mom can place Easter decorations for you, one more thing before I close, Mom wanted to let you know that I bought you Valentine decorations to put by your statue. One is a headband with two hearts on it, and the other is a plush heart with a face on it and it talks, I hope your baby brother Jake and your baby sister Autumn will leave them alone, I'll make sure they will. As always I Love You, I Miss You, I Wish I Could Bring You Back To Me, Nothing would I Love Extremely Much. Well Little One going to say night night for now and I will visit again. Night Night Sleep Tight And Know Even Though We Are Apart Mommy Hold You Forever and Ever Safely and Securely Deep In My Heart and Thoughts. Love You Forever and Ever, Till We Meet Again At The Rainbow Bridge where we will never be apart again. I Love You I Miss You Forever and Always. Hugs Kisses Mommy OOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXX

4/21/16 11:50 PM Hi Mommies Little Girl, I stopped by to tell you Birthday To You my precious little girl. Just think my little Manny, you would have been 27 years old today. How Mommy was wishing all day long that I could pick you up in my arms and kiss you all over and tell you Birthday to you. I know I should say Happy Birthday, but how can it be Happy when the one I Love so much isn't here with me. I know you are in spirit, but I can't hold a spirit, only in my heart and thoughts, like I do always and forever. Mommy placed a Birthday Cake for you, and flowers and a kitty catnip mouse, I hope you like them munchkin, wish I could do more. Well little girl, mom not going to make this to long, and I have to visit my little one more often, and I will make every effort to do so. I Love You and Miss You Ever So Much My Manny. Hugs, Kisses and Mommies arms wrapped around you always. Till my next Visit Love Always Mommy XXXXXXXOOOOOOO

11/24/16 3:13PM Hi Manny, Mommy, Well here it is again another Thanksgiving without my many baby. I know it's been awhile since I wrote to you, and mommy is soooo sorry for that and I'll make sure to write more often. I want to say Thanksgiving To My Best Ever Baby. Mom is sitting and watching the repeat of the Thanksgiving Parade and I have your favorite dinner cooking, the turkey bird, and wising you were here with me to celebrate this day, how you loved this day and the turkey when it was done, how I wish I could be sharing dinner with you again. I am So Thankful on this day that You came into mommies life and that you are still live on in my heart, can't be anymore thankful for such gift of Love Joy and Happiness you brought to me. I know Mom will have all that back when you and I meet at The Rainbow Bridge where we will No Longer be apart. Until that day, always remember Mommy Loves You ever so much and that I hold always in my heart and thoughts, never ever will I forget my Manny Girl Your To Much Of A part Of My Life. Once again little one, Thanksgiving To You, I Love You Ever So Much and Cherish You The Same. Mom will visit you again next month for the two other special days of the month. I Love You, I Miss You Always. Hugs Kisses Love Forever Sleep Tight And Know I Am Always Thinking Of You. Love Forever Mommy

12/24/16 3:51 AM Good Morning Manny, Mommy is writing to let you know that Mom put up your Christmas Tree at your Rainbow Bridge and left a present and flowers. Gosh how I always wish you were back home with Mommy so we could share all the Christmas thing together like we did. Mom for the first time since the angels came and took you away from me, we put up another Christmas Tree in the house. It is very hard for mom to try and be brave every time I look at the tree, all I can think of is how I wish my Manny could be here to enjoy her tree, but you know you can come and enjoy the tree with Mommy and Dad and your little brother and sister, let Mom know you are with Mommy, Please Manny. Another thing, don't think because Mom didn't visit for your passing Anniversary, Mommy didn't, I did everything I always do, I sent up the balloons with the fire in them and my special notes written on them and I lit candles in your memory while watching a video of pictures of you while the song A Breath Away Not Far From Where You Are. Sorry for not visiting you on that day but Mommy did remember. 7 years to long to be away from my baby, and you know what, it doesn't get any easier as the years go by like everyone said it would, but how can it when mommy Loves You So Much. Well Little One Mom is going to close for now, I'll visit again later tonight when it will officially be Christmas. Until later today Manny always know and remember how much your Mommy Loves You, Misses You, Needs You And Wish I Could Bring You Back To Me. Kisses Hugs Mommy XXXXXXXX OOOOOOO

12/25/16 6:24 PM Manny, Mommy as I promised to visit you again for Christmas. Mommy say Christmas to you my little one, you know Mommy won't say Merry, what could be so Merry about the holiday when I don't have you home with me. We did Christmas last night with your little sister and brother, and how Mommy tried to be brave and strong while giving them their gifts, but it didn't work, because as soon as they started with mom's help to open their gift Mommy broke down and started to cry, just like I am while writing you. All Mommy could remember was our Christmas's together, I could feel the empty spot in the tree room. it's always like that bear bear, always an empty spot Mommy feels because your not physically here with me. I know you are in my heart and thoughts but I still wish all the time you were here at home with me. Mommy forgot to tell you that I bought you your own Christmas Tree and I decorated and placed by you urn on the sofa we once sat together, it has lights and ribbon and glass bulbs, Mommy made sure it was pretty for Mommy's pretty girl. Well Mommy's Pretty Little Baby I'm going to close for know and I will visit again. Always remember how much Mommy Loves You, Misses You and that you are always in Mommy's heart, thoughts, and you are in my soul forever and always. As the song say's, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Until We Meet Again Manny Mommy's Love at the Rainbows Bridge where we can be together forever and always never parted from each other again. Love You Muches and Miss You Just as Much. Love Hugs Kisses OOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXX Mommy.

5/29/17 3:03 AM Good Morning My Little Manny. Mommy here, no I No Forgot about you,I never will. Today is Memorial Day and I wanted to let you know on this day that Mommy didn't forget about you and I never will. I know it's been some time since I visited you and I feel really bad about that I really do, Please believe what I'm telling you my little one. Mom took down your Christmas decorations finally and replaced them with a straw mouse and flowers. I wish I could put more things for you. Mommy is also very sorry for missing not going on your site for your Birthday but I remembered in my head and heart. This is the longest time that you kept your Christmas decorations. Mom will work on visiting more often. I really still and always will Miss You SOOOOO Much my little darling Manny and I can't tell you enough how much I miss you and wish all the time we were still together, but I know we are in each others hearts and thoughts, and I know that someday we will be together again forever when Mom joins you at The Rainbow Bridge, what a joyous day that will be. We will do everything together again. Mom not going to make this visit to long, but I will visit again more sooner. I Love You And Miss You Always. You are forever in Mom's Heart and Soul and Thoughts. Night Night Sleep Tight Mom's Little Princess. Hugs Kisses and Love You Very Much. OOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXX From Your Very Loving And Lonely Mommy
12/19/17 2:08 AM Well Manny Mommy's Love another Anniversary #8 since you were taken from mommy by the Angels, and I sit here with tears in my eye's and a very broken heart as always. Oh how I miss you bear bear, not a day goes by that you are not on my mind. Don't you ever think that mom is forgetting about you, that will never ever happen. Mommy will try later today to do your lantern launch, yesterday mommy thinks was alittle to windy. Mom always put in these notes to you how I am told that time will help heal mommy broken heart, well guess what, it doesn't, my heart is still as broken as the day you were taken from me. Mommy put up your Christmas Tree and stocking and left a Christmas gift for you while I am visiting. If you can munchkin, could you visit Mommy for the holiday?, Mom would really love that a lot. Speaking of Christmas Tree's, Dad brought your little dancing tree you loved so much and placed it by your urn, I wish he wouldn't of though because it just reminded me of how you laid by it just before you passed and mom asked you if you wanted me to turn it on for you, and I did and you stayed by it for awhile, I didn't think it would have been our last time doing that together. I miss you so much and you are always in my heart,thoughts and mind always. Mom is going to close for now and I will visit again on Christmas. Love You Always, Miss You Always Hugs Kisses, Your Mommy
4/21/2018 4:44 AM Good Morning My Babybear, Mommy, I am visiting you today to wish you a happy Birthday. I'm sorry Mommy missed visiting you on the Holidays, believe me I am very disappointed with myself, I'll make sure that won't happen again. You have to know that Mommy was thinking of you all the time. I still miss you so very much and wish you could be home with me. Just think if you could have been home with Mommy know you would be 29 years old. Mommy even missed your Anniversary of Passing and I am very mad at doing that also, again it won't happen again. Mom place a Birthday cake and flowers for you. Mom wanted to leave you another toy but I can only leave a few thing from the same catagory. I miss you little one always and forever, you are my everything and you mean so much to Mommy. You are my heart my soul and every breath I take and every thought in my head everyday. I Love You SOO Much And Miss You SOO Much you can always count on that. Mommy is going to close this letter to you for now, as always find someone to read this to you so you know how much Mommy Misses You and Loves You Much. Night Night My Little One, Sleep Tight and know I'm always with you in spirt just as you are always with me. As the song says Till We Meet Again. Once Again Manny Happy Birthday Baby. Big Hugs Kisses and a lot of Love. Your Mommy that misses you sooo. OOOOOOOO XXXXXXX

11/22/18 11:22 PM Hi Mommy Little One. Mommy is here to say Happy Thanksgiving to you. I know I'm using the Happy again but it still isn't a Happy day without you with me. I also know that I haven't visited for some time, but not for one minute should you ever think that your mommy is forgetting about you, that will never happen, I Love You To Very Much to ever forget about you. Just always know that Mom talks to you silently, sometimes so much I think to myself that you might be saying Mom take a brake. Today your little sister Autumn ate some turkey out of Mom's hand, it made me think of how you would do the same, it was like a little of you being with mom. Over the next few weeks Mom will be visiting more, your Anniversary of Passing and to place your Christmas Tree. I Love You SOOOOOO Very Much And Miss You Just as Much. Mom's not going to write much more I want to save some for my next visit. You just always remember how much I Love and Miss you, and that you are always in Momm's Heart and thoughts. Love You Bear Bear Sleep tight Love Forever Mommy.Hugs Kisses OOOOOOOXXXXXXXXX

6/19/19 2:55 AM Hi Munchkin, Mommy, I'm so sorry to have taken so long to visit your site. It's been bothering Mom so much, especially that I missed visiting for Christmas,Your Anniversary and Easter and your Birthday. Believe me little one you were in my thoughts all those days. Mommy will do her best to make sure to visit more often, please believe me. I took you Christmas Tree down finally and placed flowers in it's place. Don't you for one one moment that mom is forgetting about you, that will never happen, especially when you are in my heart always. We may not be together physically but we are always together in my heart because that where I keep that part of you that you left Mommy. Your always in my heart and thoughts. Mommy always tell your statue how much I Love you Miss you and need you back with me. I Love You SOOOOO Much and Miss You Just as Much. Please don't be mad at Mom for not visiting you on the special days. I promise I'll make sure to visit you more often, your my little love and sweetheart always. Mom is going to close for now, just wanted to let you know that I'm not forgetting you and I Love You and Miss You a lot and always always thinking of you. Sleep tight my sweet little girl and know that your Mom Loves and Miss You So Very Much and Thinks of You Often. Love Kisses Hugs Forever Mommy

12/19/19 2:13 AM Hi Mommy Baby. It's that time of year again, your Anniversary of passing, 10 years since the angels came and took you from mommy. It seems like it all happened just yesterday. Not a day or year goes by that I don't think about you, don't ever think that mom ever forget about my little love. Later today mommy will have the annual candle lighting and lantern launch weather permitting, and even if it doesn't I'll do everything to make sure it is done. Mom also put up your Christmas Tree and stocking, I should be doing that for you here at home. Speaking of that your stocking you had at home is still being hung with Mom, Dad and your sister and brother. Gosh how I wish they could have met you I always tell them about you. Always in my thoughts and heart, that is where you live know bearbear and forever. Mom isn't going to make this to long, as always find someone to read this to you, and remember Mommy Loves You Forever and Misses You Always. Mom will visit again Sunday Christmas Eve. Untill Then Sleep Tight and know that Mom's arms are always wrapped around you. Love You Miss You Need You Want You Back. Till Sunday, Hugs Kisses and Very Much Love. Love Forever Mommy OOOOOOOXXXXXXXX

12/25/19 3:06 AM Hi Bear Bear Mommy again, just as promised here to say Merry Christmas to my baby girlfriend, Mom put Merry in front of Christmas even though it's not very Merry without you. When Mom was helping your sister and brother open their gifts Mom kept on thinking of the years doing the same with you, and Mom looked out the front window and quietly whispered Merry Christmas Manny. When Mom visited you for your Anniversary of Passing I said I would visit again the Sunday after your Anniversary, Mom made a miss take because I forgot to change the calendar that I was looking at from November to December. But here I am on time to give you Much Love and Christmas Greeting. OH!!! Mom sure does Love You And Miss You Much, tears are still falling from Mom's eyes because I miss you so much and Love just as much. And the reason I placed Merry in front of Christmas is because every Christmas we spent together was Merry, wish it could be that way again. Like Mom said before You Live On In My Heart and Thoughts Always and Forever. Mom is going to close for know, I'll visit again you never ever worry about that. Again you have someone read this letter to you, so you can see how much you mean to Mommy. I Love You, I Miss You Always. Hugs Kisses and Love Mommy XXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOO

5/5/20 1:46 AM Hi Manny Baby, Mom again. I finely took down your Christmas Tree and replaced it with Sunflowers, I chose Sunflowers because you brought so much Sun Shine to Mommy's Life. And you know something you still do, every time Mom see the sun shining I see you. Don't think because Mom didn't visit for your Birthday doesn't mean I forgot, I looked out the kitchen window and Happy Birthday Manny I wish you were here with me. I'll never forget my Manny Baby you mean so much to me. No matter that your sister Autumn and brother Jake is here with Mom, You Are And Always Will Be My Number One Kiddo. I and Dad thinks and hopes you been visiting because we both have seen shadows around the house lately, I sure hope it is you, but I know it is my Little Girlfriend. I Love Yo SOOOOO Much and Miss You Just AS Much !!!. Well Little One Mom is going to close for know, I'll Visit again soon. You Sleep Tight and know that Mom's arms are always around. I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU And I MISS MISS MISS YOU ALOT. Night Night Manny Baby. Love and Kisses Mommy OOOOOOOO XXXXXXXXX

12/19/20 2:05 AM Hi Bear Bear Mommy. Well here we are another Anniversary, 11 yrs already, it still feels like the Angels came and took you to The Rainbow Bridge. Mom held your statue as I always do on this day at the time you passed 1:30 AM and I had a moment of silence also as I held your statue. I sat and started to remember how that whole time went. Mom didn't do the balloon launch Friday the 18th, I will do it today the 19th. I know that it was the night of the 18th but early morning of the 19th so I figured I will do the launch later today. I know forgot and never will, just in case you were watching for your balloons, you watch for them later today. While Mom is visiting I put your Christmas Tree up for you and a Christmas sock and a present but you don't open it till Christmas, Mom will come a visit you on Christmas. I Love You Very Very Much and Miss You So Much, You are and Will Always be Mom's #1 Love. Mom say to you, come home and spend Christmas with me, there is wind chimes on the tree, make them ring then I'll know your here, OK!!!. Mom is going to close for know, I'll visit again for Christmas. You sleep tight and know that you are always in my heart, your a bigger and bigger part of my heart. I Love You Very Much and Miss You as Much. Night Night Bear Bear Mommy Loves You OOOOOOO XXXXXXX

12/25/20 6:37 AM Good Morning Manny, Mom as promised another visit to tell you Merry Christmas. I still have a big problem every time of the year when Christmas arrives, I reflex back to how much you enjoyed this day and your
excitement when we broth the Christmas Tree home. I do my hardest to celebrate the day in your memory, but when I start to think back at all the Christmas's we had together, I start to cry because I miss you so much and wish you could be here again. I Love You So Much and Miss You just as much, not only at Christmas but all the time. I hope you seen, Mom went to the back door and flashed the light and told you Merry Christmas. Josh how I wish I could pick you up and hold you in my arms once again and kiss you and tell you Merry Christmas. Well little one Mom is going to close this visit and try to get some sleep, I promised to visit for Christmas and I wanted to make sure to keep that promise. I Love You and I Miss You SOOOO Very Very Much, I'll visit again, until then sleep tight and know you are very much in my Heart Forever. Love Mom hugs Kisses OOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXX

4/21/21 8:32 PM Hi Little Girlfriend, Mom, Stopped by to tell you Happy Birthday, didn't want you to think that I forgot today your very own special day. I also looked out the front window and looked up and said Happy Birthday and I wished you could be here so I could tell you in person and give you a big hug and kisses. Here little one, Mom is sending you a whole bunches of hugs and kisses on this your special day. Hope you like your cake and flowers and toy mouse Mom left for you. I Love you SOOOOO!!!! Very Much and Miss you just as Much. If you don't mind Mom's not going to stay long, but always remember and keep in your little mind and heart how much I Love and Miss You Always. Hugs Kisses and Love from Your Mommy, Sleep tight and know that my arms are always around you. OOOOOOO XXXXXXXXX Forever

12/19/21 1:49 AM Hi My Manny, Mom. Well here we are another Anniversary the 12th. How time flies it seems like the Angels came and took you to the Rainbow Bridge just today. There is always that empty hole in Mom's heart. I was thinking about this day all day yesterday, but not just yesterday I always think about you. While Mom is visting I placed your Christmas Tree and stocking I have to put your presant but it can't be opened until Christmas which is Mom will visit again. I didn't do the lantern launch with the messages yesterday because it was windy and raining, I'll do it tonight so keep an eye for them, and as always make sure you have someone read them for you it's important. I did do the moment of silence while holding your urn. I Love You and Miss You So Much my little baby girl how I wish so much I could bring you back home to me. Mom is going to close for know, I'll visit again Christmas. Always remember how much I Love You and Miss You. Sleep Tight Mommies arms are always around you. Love Hugs Kisses Mommy OOOOOOOOO XXXXXXXXX

12/25/21 3:25 AM Hi Little Baby bear, Mom, just as I promised, here to wish my little girlfriend a Very Merry Christmas. Still as always wishing you were here at home with Mom on this special day, your favorite day. I see you opened your present, inside the box was a yarn ball and a crumpled paper ball, you used to really like chasing paper balls around. I wish I could watch you again chasing the paper ball around once again. Someday bear bear we'll be together again. I really really do miss you so much and always wish you were still here on earth with me, I know your here in spirit, but it would be so much better to have you back with me at home. Don't you ever think that Mom is forgetting about you, that will never ever ever happen, you're too much a part of my heart and soul. I Love You Today, Tomorow and Always and Forever. Going to close for now little one, I'll visit again don't you worry, and you come and visit Mom, just somehow let Mom know you are visiting, and you know another thing, you can stay for a while OK!!!!!. I Love You, Miss You Always. Sleep Tight and always remember Mom's arm are always around you. Love You Very Much and Miss You Mom. Hugs and Kisses OOOOOOOXXXXXXXX

4/21/2022 9:00 PM Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Sweet Manny, Happy Birthday to You. Mom visiting to Wish You a Happy Birthday to my little Bestest Manny baby. This also comes from Dad and your little sister Autumn and brother Jake. As you know Mom wishes you were here so I could give you a big hug and kiss while wishing you greetings on your special day. I hope you like the cake Mom left and flowers. I wish I could leave more for you. I hope you heard Mom; I looked out the kitchen window up to the sky and said Happy Birthday to you. See didn't forget-never will. I Love You Soooooo Much and miss you the same, just think if things could have gone different and you could have stayed with Mom longer you would be 33 years old today WOW!!!!, but you will always be my baby girl. Mom can't stay long little one just needed to be with you somehow on your special day, got to go feed everyone, I'll visit again soon. Always remember how Much I Love and miss you and that you are always mom's number 1 baby. Love You Miss You, Sleep Tight My Little Girl, Till We Meet Again. Love Hugs Kisses Mommy OOOOOOOO XXXXXXXXX

11/25/2022 1:32 PM Hi Bear bear it's Mommy, here to tell you a day later Happy Thanksgiving. I know I should have yesterday and I'm sorry I didn't, and it was troubling me that I didn't say it yesterday, but I don't want you to think I forgot about you that will never happen. I Love You and I Miss You SOOOOO Much and you are always in my heart and thoughts. Mom did go look out the window of the back door and looked up and said Happy Thanksgiving to you through the window, I hope you heard somehow. If you don't mind Mom not going to write a long letter for now, I'll visit again in a few weeks if not sooner to decorate for Christmas. Just wanted to make sure I told my Little Manny Happy Thanksgiving, especially on one of her favorite holidays. I Love You I Miss You Very Very Much. Hugs Kisses And Love Forever and Ever. OOOOOOOO XXXXXXXX Mommy

12/19/2022 1:47AM Well Baby Bear here we are again another anniversary since the Angel came and took you from Mommy, 13 years ago. As Mom always tells you, it still feels like it all just happened. Later tonight mom will have the lantern launch with my yearly messages on the balloons, and as always mom will tell you to find someone to read my words to you, mom will also do the candle lighting. While I visited for your anniversary Mom also set up your Christmas Tree and hung your stocking and placed your gift. I wish all the time you were here at home to see your real Christmas Tree, Oh How You Loved When It Came In!!!!, but you know what? Mom knows in her heart you are here. My Little One, Mom is going to sign off for now, I'll visit again on Christmas. You sleep tight ans always remember how much your mommy Loves You and Misses You. Always In Moms Heat and Thoughts Forever and Ever my Little Girl. Hugs Kisses and Much Love Mommy OOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXXXX

4/21/2023 10:33 AM Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday Dear Manny Happy Birthday to You!!!!
Hi my little girl Mommy here to wish my wonderful Manny a Happy Birthday. How Mom wishes you were home with me so I could give you a big Birthday hug and kiss. But feel Mom's hug and kisses I give you on your special day. As always, I Love you and miss you so very much, and always wish I could wish you back home with me. You are always my one and only pretty girl. Mom not going to stay long, just wanted to stop by to give my little Manny Birthday Greetings. I Love You I Miss You I always want you back with me. Hugs Kisses Forever Mommy. OOOOOOOOOXXXXXXX

12/15/23 1:45 AM Hi Manny, Mommy, I just put up your Christmas decorations. WOW another Christmas is Apon us and we are so far apart, only in distance but we are always close in heart. Mom is so very sorry for not visiting you for Thanksgiving there is really no reason that I shouldn't have especially seeing that was your other special day you liked so much. Please don't be mad at Mom, I'm really really sorry little one. Mom will be visiting again in a few days your anniversary is just around the corner. We have home all decorated and I wish that you were here to enjoy everything. But you know something Mom knows that you are here, I can't see you, but I just know your here with me and enjoying all the decorations. Well baby Mom's not going to stay long I'll visit again in a few days, Love You Always and You are Always My Number1 Baby. Hugs Kisses and Very Much Love. Mommy

12/19/23 11:47 PM Well Manny here we are again another Anniversary #14 since the Angels came and took you to Heaven. What a sad and lonely life started that day. You know what bear bear, the house yesterday and today had that same eerie feeling that it had just before the Angels came. I don't know why but it did. Mom didn't have to good of luck with the lanterns this year, but I did manage to get two up to you, one with a saying on it and one not but my Love went up with that one. They say it gets easier as the years go on, not for me, it always just as sad as the first day. The one lantern that didn't have a saying on it you had a lot to do with that one. As soon as the music started to play and Mom said I Love You, that lantern didn't want to go up until all that happened. Thank You for putting a smile on Mom's face through her tears, that means so much to Mommy. Well going to close for now till Christmas I'll visit again. Hugs Kisses and a Very Much bounty of Love to You from Mom. OOOOOOOO XXXXXXXX

12/26/23 4:08 AM Hi Again Baby Bear. Sorry Again, Mom Did It Yet Again Didn't I. And I'm SOOOOO Sorry. I Should Have Did This Yesterday Not Today. But Anyway, Merry Christmas My Little One. I Wish All the Time How I Would Love To Pick You Up and Give You a Big Hug and Kiss and Tell You Merry Christmas Again. It's Very Hard Watching Autumn and Jake Excited About What Santa Claws Brought Them, I See You When You Were Here with Me. I Know You're Here In Spirit But It's Not The Same as Having You Here Physically Of Course. Your Always in Mom's Heart and Thoughts, Everyday Every night, I Love and Cherish You Forever Little Girl. Sorry Again for Not Doing This Yesterday, But I Do Love You Very Very Much and Miss You Just as Much!!!!! Mom's Going to Close for Now, I'll Visit Again Never Worry. Always Remember I Love You I Miss You and You Are Always and Forever Mommy's #1 Baby. Hugs Kisses and Love Mommy OOOOOOOOO XXXXXXXXX

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