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Memories of Sam
Forever in our hearts
Sam was so very special. When Ski would play games in the bedroom here she would jump on the bed next to him and watch or just sleep. I think it was the special bond between two who have experienced illness that made them so inseparable. He always said he did not like cats, had always had dogs, and really wanted a bird, but Sammie had won his heart too long ago to believe that.
She could be irritating at the most unusual times. If you were reading the paper or working a puzzle she would decide that it was lap time. And you NEVER left milk where she could see it. She would sneak over and sneak a sip from your glass if you did not sit by it the whole time. Then she would immediately throw it up. On those occasions she was MY cat. Ski could do just about anything but hairballs and cat throw-up. So, sometimes he would call me at work and let me know that I had a present waiting for me, compliments of Sam.
She was always purring (unless you put her into her carry cage for a trip). All you had to do was to look at her and she would start to purr. I like to think that she was contented and happy. And, she loved to be brushed. She would sit in my lap for a long time while she was brushed, purring at the top of her capacity. Of course, brushing was always followed by her favorite kitty snack before she would curl up contentedly on her sheepskin and go to sleep. Ski was for food, cleaning the litter pan, and rubbing her back. He was also the one who discovered that if you scratched her back in just the right spot she would start to lick herself. The faster you scratched, the faster she would lick. Never knew why she started that particular trait but they got a lot of enjoyment from it.
To say that she filled our lives with years of joy and laughter would not do her justice. She always found some way to entertain us, even if she was not aware that she was doing it. There was always something new. Ski would start off a story with "Do you know what that stupid cat did today?" And he would tell me all about something new or funny or wonderful that she had done. I guess I envy him because he had so much more time with her than I did. But it seemed that whenever he was feeling bad or having problems, she knew and would lie next to him on the couch and put just one paw on his leg or arm or shoulder as if to say "It's okay. I'm here for you."
We spoiled that cat worse than some people spoil their grandchildren, and she knew it. We always suspected that she knew she was special and that she had us wrapped around her paws. There was the constant search for the perfect cat toys, new snacks, or anything we thought she might enjoy. This reminds me of the story of the Bill Clinton doll.
Ski and his sister, Mary Lou, used to argue politics on the phone. She was an avid supporter of Bill Clinton and one of those who stuck by him no matter what. When he got into the problems with Monica-gate Ski would torment Mary Lou with arguments about him. One day in the mail we found a package from her. Inside was a Bill Clinton catnip doll. We chuckled and gave it to Sam. I swear, the first thing she did was to lick Bill in a very private place, got high on catnip, grabbed that doll, and rolled around the floor with it. Ski could not resist calling his sister to gloat about what Sam had done to that doll!
She had the most beautiful blue eyes and you could read her moods, expressions, and her feelings through them. Not long before her final illness, the vet told us she did not look her age, that her coat and her eyes were those of a much younger cat. No one ever believed us when we told them how old she was. She did not have grey in her face and her eyes were as clear as when she was a younger cat. In some ways that is a blessing for us. She never outwardly showed us that she was slowing down or feeling her years.
It has only been one day without her but it feels like forever. We keep looking down the hallway or in her favorite spots thinking she is just taking a nap somewhere. We don't know how to say goodbye but we do know that we both feel like there is a gaping hole in our chests. Our eyes will not stop leaking and we don't know how to stop the pain. We both know that it will get better with time but right now the pain is too new. I guess our bad luck with cats ended the day we met Sam. She loved unconditionally, never complained too loudly when we had to move yet again. She would simply adjust her habits to wherever we were living next. She was probably the most traveled cat we knew. Her cage had her airplane sticker on it for years until it dried up and fell off. She still had her Alaska Marine Highway sticker on her carrier and various tapes and labels from different kennels where she had stayed. Now, she is on the longest journey of our lives and we miss her so very much.
Sam, you will always be missed and we don't know if our hearts will ever heal. You gave us your all and we gave you ours. Thank you for coming into our lives and letting us share our years with you.
3 Nov 06 You have been gone almost a week but it feels like forever. Oh Sam, we miss you so much. We have both been sick this week. We know it is the grief and there is nothing we can do to make it stop. We love you. Mom and Dad
11/19/06 Sam. the kids will be here for Thanksgiving this week. We plan to have a memorial service for you. Your headstone arrived and it is beautiful beyond words. Your face is etched in it so we can see you whenever we want. Play well, old friend. I have seen that you have several new friends to play with since you entered the meadow. Wait for us, love. Mom and Dad
26 Nov 06 Sam, it rained the whole time the kids were here so we were unable to have your memorial service. However, we will be able to do so once the ground dries. We still mourn your passing and it seems that it will never end. When we least expect it the sorrow sneaks up on us. Sam, you were so very special to us and we don't know if we will ever recover from this. We love you. Mom and Dad
8 Dec 06 It is almost Christmas, Sam and the tree will soon be up. We have not felt like doing very much of anything since you left us. The tears still come when we least expect them and we still think we hear and see you in the house. The weather has been too bad to put you in your final resting place but we hope for enough sun some day to put you at peace. Until then your ashes sit on our mantel and it feels like you are still with us. We still miss you Sam. Our nights and days are lonely without you with us. Love forever Mom and Dad
1 Jan 07 Sammie, the holidays were so hard without you. Ski and I were so depressed because it was our first holiday without you. On New Year's eve another furbaby came into my life. She is not a replacement but a new friend. I cried almost all day on Saturday and just could not get you off my mind. Even with Ellie here I still find myself crying. Sam, you were such a wonderful friend for so many years. I have seen your shadow everywhere and am sure you are watching over us. We still hurt so very much. Not a day goes by that we do not look at your stone on the mantle. You are there with us and always will be. We love you...Mom and Dad
4 Feb 07 Dear Sam, the weather has turned sunny and our thoughts have turned to you. Today we laughed about some of the things you did in DC, like batting your paws on the wall and darting up the stairs in front of us. Sam, we did not know you were sick when we went to Dover. Had we known we would not have gone but would have spent our last days with you. It has been so lonely without you. Also, we put away all of your favorite toys and your bowls. Ellie has all new toys that are hers and do not remind us of you. We still leve you and miss you. Mom and Dad
7 Apr 07 Dear Sam, It is spring time now but it is cold today. The sun was shining in the back door just the way you liked it. I thought I saw you lying in the sun, warming yourself the way you used to. You should have a new friend there because the dog next door died. We know he is in a better place and will no longer be cold and sick. We love you. Mom and Dad
4 July 2007 Sammie, We just want you to know we have not forgotten you and never will. Although Ellie is funny and does some strange things she is not you. Maybe that is a good thing as we have a special place for her. Ski says you were his cat and Ellie is mine. You two had a very special bond that will never be broken. We still miss you terribly and always will. Love, Mom and Dad
30 Sep 2007 Sam, it is hard to believe you have been gone for almost a year. It feels like only yesterday and the pain of your loss is still with us. We think of you every day and your memorial stone is on the mantle. Your favorite plate has been put away as have your toys. We cannot speak of you without shedding a tear and know you are with us all the time. We still love you and miss you terribly.
13 Sep 08 Sammie, just wanted you to know that we are thinking about you. Your picture is on the mantle and your ashes rest there. We still love you and the pain of your loss has never gone away. We love you so very much. Look for my Mother...she crossed the Bridge last month and would love to visit with you. Take care, my friend, my heart.
6 Jun 09 Sammie, we have adopted two special needs kitties. Gizmo has 3 working legs and one that has been mangled, and half a tail. Ellie was on a farm and was not being cared for. They are happy and healthy now but our thoughts forever return to you and things you did to make us laugh. We love you so very much.
15 JUL 2010
Sammie I miss you so much I can't describe the feelings I feel everyday. Now, you have another new Friend there to play with. She was very young so you will have to show her around and keep her company. I am sure she is confused as to what happened to her being only about 4-6 weeks and playing outside. You see Sammie she was one of four babies our neighbors cat Monkey had, she Monkey came over a few times a day to eat and let us pet her and lo and behold one day she brought all her babies with her all four of them, we named them Scardey Cat, Paint Head, Stinker and Blondie.
Blondie is the one who is with you now so please be kind to her someone in a hurry Tuesday morning ran her over in the street, one minute playng and enjoying life and the next she was killed I think her little neck was broken, your Mom called me crying saying she saw the little body of Blondie in the road. I went quick as I could with a clean soft towel so see if she was still alive but God felt He should have her near him and you Sammie.
I know it is wrong and if I find out who did it I know it will be a terrible justice I will exact for her murder Sammie pure and simple. So please you and Maxine keep an eye out for Blondie and show her around and the same Love & Compassion you showed me when you were here with us, I love you Sammie, Blondie and Maxine. Love Daddy
Sep 2011 Sammie we have another cat who needed us. His owners abandoned him and he had no one to carfe for him. We have named him Beamer because he is the size of a small car. He is very skittish but I know we can change that. He has some mental issues and skin rashes but we wil get him some care. His humans were not very kind or loving but you know we have love to spare!
May 2012 Sammie we still miss you and love you. We cannot come to your site without tears. But we want you to know that we have another new baby in the house. His name is Rocky and we rescued him from being euthanized needlessly. He has only three paws and gets into all sorts of trouble. He is really cute, and has a great personality. But none of them will ever be as beautiful in spirit as you are. We love you and miss you baby. Love Mommy and Daddy
JUL 2013 Sammie Daddy is with you at Rainbow Bridge now. Love him and help him cross over.

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