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Memories of Sally
When Sally came into my life when I was just eight we didn't get along, even though she was the tiniest thing she liked to attack my feet every single time I entered a room she was in and back me into corners, which reduced me to tears. She nearly left us after only a few weeks, but then all of a sudden it stopped and we became best friends and stayed best friends for the entire fifteen years she was in my life. She was there for me through some of the hardest times in my life, always there to listen to me ranting or there for a hug when I'd been crying.

Sally was loved by so many people, she was a lovable, gentle and caring dog. In her fifteen years of life she must have barked a handful of times and it was only in her later years that she started growling at people who came to the door. My mum and I sometimes used to joke that she became a grumpy old woman, but honestly that wasn't really true. She was always happy, always wagging her tail and always happy to see people, especially close family friends who loved her just as much as we did.

Some of the best memories I have of her though involve her running around like a crazy fool. We never really knew what breed she was, but we were certain she was part Whippet because man she could run like the wind and I'm sure in her entire life she was never outrun by another dog we met on the various fields and in the many woods we visited. Even as she got older she was never happy being on her lead and loved to just be free whenever she could be. Watching her run made me so happy, because it made her happy.

As I'm writing this its November 28th 2014 - the run up to Christmas - and run up to and Christmas Day itself was always an event with Sally. Mum started buying her an advent calendar when she was quite young, I can't remember how old she was exactly, but I've always remembered her having one. You'd think that she'd have been happy with getting her own dog treat and let me open mine in peace...oh no. She had to have hers first and I had to do mine quickly before she noticed I had chocolate in my hand! And I'm presuming in other households the humans open their Christmas presents first on Christmas Day, but that wasn't the case in our house. It was Sally who had to have one of hers first, if not she'd be 'helping' us open ours by nuzzling at the wrapping paper, with tail wagging like mad. It was absolutely hilarious watching her trying to get into our presents before we did.

When I moved to university in 2012 it was Sally that I missed he most whilst I was away and it was her furry little face that I was most excited to see when I returned although she'd ignore me for a few days as if to say 'you left me, give me a moment to leave you' but once that period was over it was like we'd never been apart. I'd torment the life out of her (in the most loving way of course) and she'd just put up with all the strokes, the kisses and the nose boops that she received. She was a very patient dog.

I think of her now when it's sunny outside, she was an absolute sun worshiper. She could always be found lying in the sun during the summer (when we actually got sun that is!) and loved spreading out in our backyard with our neighbours cat, with whom she had a love/hate relationship. I think of her when I eat yogurts, she love sticking her tongue into the pots once we'd finished. Well, actually, she'd sit and watch you eat it because she knew it was coming her way once it was gone. She liked finishing off our foods, within reason, she was never allowed to beg or anything but with certain things she knew she could get away with watching you sneakily as you ate/drank. She once ate part of a peach which was rather amusing to watch!

There are so many more memories I could share but these are my favourites. I'll just say that spending time with Sally was the best thing in the entire world and my absolute favourite thing to do even if it was just sitting on the bed taking a nap, and I'm glad I got to spend fifteen long and incredibly happy years with her <3

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