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Heaven's Doggie Door

My best friend closed her eyes last night as her head was in my hand.

The Doctor said she was in pain, and it was hard for her to stand.

The thoughts that scurried through my head, as I cradled her in my arms were of her younger puppy years, and Oh! her many charms.

Today there was no gentle nudge, with an intense "I love you gaze".

Only a heart that's filled with tears, remembering our joy filled days.

But an angel just appeared to me, and she said, "You should cry no more, God also loves our canine friends and He's installed a doggie door.

12/18/09 My sweet sweet Sally, I hated you got that awful disease cancer, I really thought maybe you would start getting better but it seemed your pain got worse very day. I hated to loose you this way but you are not in pain any more your body is whole now. You are with Katie and Peanut so run and play with your baby Katie, play tug a war with Peanut and give Katie the longing kisses she needs from you and take care of. I love you so much and miss your even more. Mom

12/22/09 Sally it has been a week today that you went to the Bridge you are missed so much, I miss seeing you up on the other end of the couch with me in the evenings and going out in the yard just to roam around and bark at every one at Dusty's or just dogs that are way down the street. You have so many friends at the bridge so many people that have babies there with you have signed your book so look for all those new friends, my sweet girl. I wil try to go out to the Petland Saturday, where you were laid to rest on this past Friday. I plan to plant you some bulbs so that you will have some beautiful flowers to come up in this Spring. And as soon as I can I will get you a headstone, I may even take Katie's ashes and put them there with you. Now you are together and one day soon you will see me at the Bridge I know you three will come running along with the rest of all the family pets. I love you and miss you my sweet Sally girl. Mom

12/25/09 Sally, this is Christmas day it is so lonely without you being here to greet me when I come home and laying on the couch with me you were really enjoying your walks we were doing before you got so ill. Lynn brought Shadow over to be with me she is a standard Poodle and is a therapy dog she has helped me from being so lonely but nothing can take that hurt in my heart for you. But one thing my sweet girl you are with Katie and Peanut and your body is whole again like a new born, you can run and play with Katie and Peanut and one day you'll look up and I'll be there to be with you. So until that day my sweet girl you and Katie and Peanut will be my little angels.
Love and miss you Mom.

1/24/10 I'm so sorry I have not been on your site My Sally girl I am missing you so much I really can hardly bear to come to this site to look at yours, Katie and Peanuts pictures. You were so much a part of my life you kept me from being so sad. I know you are better off there with Katie and Peanut because you were in such pain I could not stand to see you in pain. I went January 1st my birthday and got a little Yorkie that I named Abby to help fill the emptiness here. She was only 6 weeks old 1 lb 12oz., so fragile and tiny but she has grown to 2 lbs now still fragile but a little onery thing. You would have already took a bite of her I doubt you would want her around you, but she's just a puppy. How I miss seeing you and hearing your little growling bark for a treat. One day soon I will see you, Katie and Peanut. Love you and miss you. Mom

2/27/10 Sally girl Mom went today with Sue and Russ to plant bulbs for pretty flowers on your grave at the pet cemetary. I plan to go out there next week end or the week after during the day to put more potting soil on your grave. The flowers will be up by spring I hope I plan on putting some other flowers to the ones that will just last during spring. I will visit you often. I miss you my sweet Sally girl it is quiet without you. Even though I have little Abby she is not very vocal yet jut gets in to everything and bites my feet and snkles all the time. You would not like her I'm sure but you could have gotten use to her, but now you are with Katie and Peanut no pain in your body and you are chasing all those butterflies and rainbows and snoozing with Katie and Peanut whenever you get tired.. One day soon I will join you Katie and Peanut until that day I love you and miss you. good Morning my sweet Sally girl.. Mom xxooxooxoo

4/29/10 Hello my Sweet girl, you've only been gone a few months now but it stil hurts my heart knowing you are not here at the house to greet me.. I have Abby who I love dearly but she is nothing like you and Katie no comparsion, how I miss you both terribly. I know you are only on earth a short time but it just went to to fast.
It's a beautiful day today we could be walking around the blocklike we use to do you loved that. How I miss doing things with you. I ust wanted to write to you this evening I have been thinking a lot of you and Katie and Peanut too. I love you and miss you. xxooxxooxxooxxoo Mom

12/15/10 My dear Sweet Sally I can't believe it has been a year already it seems just like yesterday I was holding you and patting you and kissing on you. I really miss you and think of you all the time. Abby and now Spencer are here with me Spencer is a 7 year old Schnauzer who needed a home his master had to go to assisted living he's a good dog but none can compare to you. Abby is still just a puppy at a year maybe she'll learn to be a better puppy soon. I can't remember you or Katie ever being as mischevious Abby is something else, I do miss you my Sweet Girl and one day we will see one another again. Merry Christmas my sweet girl. Until next time I love and miss you xxooxxooxxooxxoo MOM

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