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Memories of SallyLynn
My SallyLynn was an abused baby. She lived across the street from a friend and after complaints did nothing, we stole her. This little white ball of fluff, starving, injured came into my life. We nursed her back to health and she was a funny little puppy who liked shiny objects and would put them in a row in the garage. Heaven forbid if we touched them. She looked up to Sam, my little poodle and did whatever he did. One day, my sister and I were snacking on grapes. Naturally, Sam wanted some and ate them. SallyLynn kept taking them but couldn't figure out what they were or what to do with them. We looked down and she had 4 large grapes in her cheeks. She was like a chipmunk. We laughed so hard we cried. She loved a good walk and I wish I had taken her on more. SallyLynn became the Matriarch in a house that grew to include 3 other dogs and 8 cats. Our 1st cat was a dumped kitten just 2 months old. Gracie cried so loud I took her in. We would find her a good home. We did, mine. We brought SallyLynn, Joey and Gracie in the bathroom to get acquainted. My sister held Gracie and let SallyLynn smell her. She knew a baby when she smelled one. Joey hated cats and growled. SallyLynn bared her teeth and never let Joey near her. When he did she would run him under the table and then make sure Gracie was alright. They slept together for many years. She had more maternal instinct than any animal I've ever known. We found a newly hatched baby bird in the bushes after my Palm trees were trimmed. Naturally, we took it inside, got information on caring for it, and stayed up for 24 hours feeding it and keeping it warm. We told SallyLynn it was a baby, she looked very skeptical, but smelled it and sat up with us all night protecting it. We brought him to a bird sanctuary and "George" grew up loved and happy. She had an air and attitude about her that scared dogs twice her size. She started failing and at almost 18yrs. we had to let her go. It's taken me more than a year to place her and some memories here. She's with my Mom and wonderful neighbor Cliff now. SallyLynn thought the world of Cliff and he probably would have adopted her except for the fact that he had one very ornery dog. They both loved her very much. Cliff would come over just to see her or would wave at her through the front window. She was guarding the house, and watching for the dreaded Mailman. Sam hated the mailman so of course so did SallyLynn. My Mom was convinced for at least 5 years that SallyLynn was getting bigger. She was but only according to the scale. My mother never believed us. SallyLynn picked a person to guard and you had better beware. Friends came over with their infant daughter. So we put her on the sofa, told her it was a baby. She sat on top of the sofa guarding her and wouldn't let anyone near her. We had to intervene on the Parents behalf. Sweetheart, I keep your ashes close and talk to you sometimes. We all miss you. Mom, Aunt Paula, Jacob Marley, Gracie, Lucy, Ethel, LuLu, Josie, Frisco, and Molly.
My dear sweet Baby. How I miss you. I found a photo and am placing it here. Mom misses you so much. Take care of everyone until I get there. Mom
Well Sweetheart, more time has gone by and JacobMarley and Gracie are with you now. Protect them and remember that we all miss you so much. Mom
It's amazing how time goes by my little one. We lost Little Lucy and Frisco. You never knew him but he was so very special. We have no men around the house anymore. Please watch over them until I'm with you all and remember how much you are loved. Mom
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