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Memories of Sage
Sage -- I can't believe how much we miss those big "lion" paws and that wonderful large heart of yours. The vets called it "enlarged" but we always knew it was just large with love. You were so stoic with all you had to endure, a spleenectomy, terrible arthritis, a neurological problem and that gastrointestinal monster that finally took you from us.

You were our first rescue dog. We found you on the internet and rushed right out to adopt you two days before Christmas in 1999. It was the only time I have shopped on Christmas Eve but I wanted to make your holiday special. You had some emotional scars and really wanted nothing to do with us at first. You soon warmed though and you were sleeping with us before we knew it.

You were a momma's boy who followed me from room to room. Oh how empty the house feels now. I so miss the sound of your breathing. You were always a perfect gentleman, even until the end, and there's a special place at the Rainbow Bridge for you. We hope we're worthy enough to join you again someday. Sleep painfree our wonderful boy.
Your heartbroken Mommy and Daddy

2/14/08 This would have been our 9th Valentine's Day together. I hope you felt the big kiss I blew your way this morning. I bought you a furry kiss toy, I wish you were here to play with it. I miss you Big Buddy, keep me in your heart. Love, Mommy

2/18/08 How I've missed you sweet buddy. I long to throw my arms around your neck and give you a big hug. I wish I could feel you near. Maybe you're having so much fun feeling young again that you haven't missed me yet. I wish you'd give me a sign. Love, Mommy

2/27/08 I can't believe it's been 4 weeks already my precious boy. I still miss you so very much. I'm feeling so guilty for all I put you through that last month just trying to save you. I was selfish because I wanted more time. I hope you forgive me, my heart was in the right place. I love you buddy and not a minute goes by that I don't think about you. Please send me a sign that you're thinking of me. Love, Mommy

3/25/08 Our first Easter without you has passed. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. Sundays are the worst though. It's our park day and I know how much you loved to go. I hope you think of me too. I wish you were still here. So much love to you, Mommy

5/26/08 It's Memorial Day Buddy. We just took our first vacation without you, how sorry we were that you weren't there. You would have loved this place. We would have even put you in the pool, you loved the water so much. Still thinking of you every day, we miss you so very much. Mommy

8/1/08 It's your birthday, Big Buddy! I can't believe we won't celebrate it together. I hope you've had lots of banana cake there and many presents to open. You really loved those presents. I've never stopped thinking about you, even for a moment. We have a new pup here. She'll never take your place my special man. I love you forever and I hope you know that. Love, Mommy

11/27/08 Our first Thanksgiving without you Buddy. I just want you to know how VERY thankful I am that you were a part of my life. We decorated the Christmas tree today and it brought back many happy memories. You will always adorn our tree. I guess by now you know about Willa. I'm sure you're smiling down on her as she reminds me of you sometimes. I hope you're running free and having sweet dreams. My love always, Mommy

1/30/09 I can't believe it's been a whole year. I thought I'd be coming with you but I'm still here. I would have given up this year, gladly, just to be with you. You came to me in a dream last week. I was so very happy to see you! Please come see me again. I think of you every day my precious Buddy. Life is just not the same without you. I do believe you were my soulmate. Sweet dreams. Love, Mommy.

7/1/09 I know you were thinking of us and sent us Champ, another poor soul who was dumped at the shelter by his owners at the age of 12. I knew he had little chance of being adopted so we brought him home with us. Thank you big buddy! He needed us badly and I will always be grateful to you for sending him to us. It's nice having an "old man" around again. I love you always! Mommy

12/25/10 Merry Christmas Sage! I know you're looking down on us today. I hope your Christmas is merry and bright and you are running through the snow having a grand time. Mommy and Daddy are thinking about you as we start our day. We love you Sage and always will. Until we see you again, our love surrounds you. Mommy and Daddy.

9/23/11 Happy Fall Sage! It's Mommy's birthday today. The only gift she wants is to know you're happy and running free. I miss you so much. A friend's kitty passed away today and I know she will miss him as much as I miss you. I love you big buddy!

1/30/12 Sage, it's been four years since you left us. I can hardly believe it! Not a day goes by that I don't still think of you. You've sent us a houseful of doggies that needed us by now. I guess you know about Annie too. We're trying our best to honor your memory by taking the best care of them that we can. I love you so much big buddy and it was my privilege to know you in our years together. I know you're watching over us as I feel you near at times. I can't wait to see you again one day. Please keep your heart open for me. I'll find you when I get there! Love always, Mommy

4/27/12 Hi Baby. Thinking of you today. We'll be sending Champ to you soon. We're holding on as long as we can. I know you'll show him the ropes when it's time. I love you! Mommy

11/22 It's Thanksgiving and I just want to tell you how thankful I am that I had you in my life. I miss you every day! Mommy

12/24/12 Christmas Eve again. I get sad every year thinking about all the furbabies that have no one to hold them. Please send your hugs down for them. Merry Christmas and much love. I'm hugging you always. Mommy

2/2/15 Another anniversary has passed and I still miss you everyday. I hope it's warm and sunny where you and that you are having the time of your life! I hope you've found Champ and Cookie and have shown them the ropes. I miss you big buddy. Thanks for smiling down on us, I feel you here often. We love you! Mommy and Daddy.

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