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Memories of Sadie(tater bug)
Sadie May as we called her was the most beautiful precious red long haired wiener dog we ever had. We made sure she new that she was the Queen of our castle. She had the biggest ❤ to show you she loved unconditionally.she was rescued by my husband who picked her up, put her in the car and brought her home. She had here way of growing on you instantly to make you fall in love with her.she was our doorbell when someone came to visit, they had to be approved by her in order to b welcomed. Her bark let them know she was watching them closely.Sadie was approximately 10 years old with a stubbed tail that still stuck out with a wag that showed she was happy to be apart of our family. She loved to bask in the sun when it was nice outside. When inside she found away to your heart for all the attention she could get. She loved to nudge heads together for attention, plus she liked to eat. If any of her other adopted siblings didn't finish their meal, she would be more then happy to help herself to their bowls. She was a cuddle bug. Didn't care too much for toys but loved her down feather blankets to keep cool or her fleece blankets to roll around snuggle up and keep warm.sadie wound up with a cyst like tumor on her nipple and she was already then a year or so when it was discovered inward to swelling out that the vet gave her 6 to 9 months to live with medication to slow it down. But it got bigger and bigger although they told us when discovered it was too far into taken over her body but not her heart that she didn't even show nothing was gonna get her down. Other then the tumor enlarged to where it was too hard to walk n to much weight to carry. That broke my heart to say the less we didn't want her to suffer. She stayed happyknow matter what right to the end. She was and will always be my love tater bug. We had to do what was best since we knew it was just too much to see this monster tumor was doing to our fur baby. It was only then with a heavy heart, a very painful moment I discovered on my birthday March 15, 2022 her tumor was seeping and we knew it was much sooner then vets gave her and none the less on my birthday. I feel like my heart was just ripped out of my chest and I was a killer having to have her laid to rest. Holding her in my arms and trying not to let her see me cry but b strong to be with her right to the end. So hard to let go. Our furbabies have the most rewarding loving connection that beats human kind in my book. They ask nothing but to be cared for, love, food,warmth, water in return for companionship. They trust you to be kind and treat the. Right n no abuse to give up on them. Just be kind n love them to the end. We could never have children in our lives but devoted ourselves to rescuing and adopting senior furbabies.Sadie loved her Adopted wiener brother, Squeaky, whose black n tan long haired. He adored her too. They would lay together for a nap all the time. She also liked her little pomeranian sister Tinkerbell too and adopted brother teddybear a corgi and another weenie Nola. It's only been 1 day and I'm finding it real hard to go on without you, I am in deep sorrow, my heart feels like it's bleeding. I know God holds you now and your set free from all your pain and what you been thru. You given me alot of joy and laughter even let me cry into your beautiful fur when I hurt from giving myself shots do to my diabetes. You were always there to support me. I love you Sadie, I miss you deeply and painfully find this hard to let go or even to continue to go on without you. You are and will always be my special Angel. I hope one day I will get to be with you again amongst so many others who crossed the 🌈 bridge. To heavens pearly gates.i will always keep your memories alive with in my heart.

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