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Memories of Sadie-Sue
9/8/17 The day we found you in the woods we knew you had found a good home. You always were Dad's shadow. You truly were his girl. You got sick on us a few weeks ago. The vet here could't help you which is why we took you to Jeff. If anyone could help you it was him. We just didn't get you to him fast enough. You took your last breath this morning. We are so sorry for that. We sincerely believe you were tired and just wanted to be at peace. Simon and A.J. are sorry they didn't get to say goodbye. Somehow I knew when I kissed you goodbye last week and you went with Dad, that I wouldn't ever see you again. Look for Gershwin and Mickey at Rainbow Bridge. They'll be watching for you. And as I've told them, every so often look over at the bridge, the day will come when dad and I join all of you and we'll cross rainbow bridge. We're so sorry we lost you. Know we loved you uncoditionally. Dad says you were such a gentle little dog and you were his. Its going to be hard moving forward without you.

9/24/17 We brought you home this week Sadie. Your ashes Dad buried near the memorials for Gershwin and Mickey. You paw print in the plaster of Paris is a reminder of where you are now. Dad didn't want any help digging your grave. He said you were his girl and his responsibility to lay you to rest. We asked Jeff is he could tell us what happened and he said he could see it in your eyes. You were just to tired to fight anymore and God decided it was time he take you home. I gave your bed and your winter coats to the puppy across the street. I know you would have been fine with that. You never liked any of your coats anyway. I don't know if we will continue to live here after winter is over or not. But if we move your memorial paw print will travel with us right along side Mickey and Gershwin's memorials. You will always be with us. We miss you terribly, but we understand you had to go. We'll love you always. Mom. 9/8/18. Sadie you've been gone one year today and it seems like only yesterday you were here with us. Simon has been very sick off and on this year. He's only six but sometimes we wonder if we're going to lose him soon too. A.j. is well albeit his allergies. We had to let gizmo go to be with you and Mickey and Gershwin. He was nineteen and it was getting very hard for him to walk. The vet told us it was time. His quality of life was gone. Chloe and Catherine are still with us and don't like each other any more now than a year ago. We hope you've made good friends at rainbows bridge and you have found Mickey and gershwin. Remember we'll always love you and will always miss you. Be a good girl. Love mom. 9/8/19. It's been two years now sadie since you left us. I hope you've made friends and found gershwin and mickey to play with. We still have A.J. and simon. a.j. is four now and Simon is 7. Still have Catherine who is 5 and chloe who just turned 18. Catherine hunts for everything and chloe just lays around. We had a fa.ily of foxes this spring. It was a mom and dad and five babies. Dad and I fostered some of the babies and that was fun. They drove simon and a.j. crazy cuz they were outside the fence and the dogs couldn't get them. They've moved on now. Know that we still miss you and always will. Think of us often as we think about you. Be a good girl. love, mom
9/8/19.saddie dad miss you a d wish I could have done sooner from lost nation to us and now to join harley gershwin and Micky and percy gizmo l0ve and miss you all dad. 9/8/20. Sadie you've been gone 3 years today. It seems like forever. We talk about you often and remind ourselves what a sweet little girl you were. I hope you're having fun with gershwin and mickey. We lost Chloe in March about the time covid19 invaded the world. She was super sick. Her kidneys were failing and dr. Taylor thought it was the best thing we could do for her. Her ashes are buried along side gizmo and you here in the forest. We still have simon who is now 8. A.j. is almost 5. Catherine the cat is about 6. Your dad is having kidney problems and we're hoping his doctor up here can give him some encouragement. I'm o.k. still don't like it here but with the covid virus I dont know where else we can go that we would be safe. Remember, we'll always love you. 9/8/22. Today you've been gone 5 years. We miss you as much now as then. I couldn't write to you in 2021 as I was very sick and recovering from Covid. I am better now. Dad and I still have Simon, Andrew and Catherine. The house is for sale and more than likely we'll go back downstate. Your ashes will stay here with gizmo and Chloe but your memorial will travel with us wherever we go. Dad goes to dialysis now 3 days a week. He has good days and not so good days. Anyway, know we think if you often and have sometime seen dogs who look a lot like you. And always know we'll love you forever. Enjoy playing with all the fur babies at rainbow bridge and Mickey and Gershwin. Mom

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