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Memories of Sadie Tim-tam Evans
Sadie you were the love of Calypso's life. Sadie you were my beautiful little daughter. I cannot understand why you were taken so young, but I do know that you enriched our lives so much, and you will live on deep within our hearts forever. I will love you Sadie Tim-Tam Evans until the end of time, and look forward to being with you and holding you in my arms again soon. God bless my baby little girl. xxxx

I was very blessed to adopt this little treasure, and in June last year she came to her forever home. Sadie had a bit of a rough start to life, she was very small for her age and her two little arms were bowed. She came to our family because I felt my little boy Calypso needed someone very special. Calypso had his left eye removed when he was nine months old, and in November 2011 had to have his left arm removed. Sadie lit up Calypso's world, and she also lit up mine.

On the first of March I felt an internal lump. A couple of days later she was in surgery, and the lump was removed. But it was more invasive than anyone realised, and had attached itself to her dear little heart and wee ribs. The surgery proved fatal, and she passed away that night. Knowing she died all alone was heartbreaking. But she did have her wee dolly in the incubator watching her.

Calypso is grieving for his sweetheart.

They were such a perfect couple,and she would climb up on him for comfort. He would headbob her and she would wave with her little bow arms. He would get really excited and run toward her, but with his three legs and one eye, would end up running in a semi-circle. We'd she go he would think, as she would toddle off in another direction.

This year alone my mum passed away, we had to get my mum and dads pussy cat put to sleep, my dad is very unwell in a private hospital, plus other things have been going on, but when I heard from the vets nurse that next morning that Sadie had gone, my world quite literally fell apart. But I have a beautiful boy lizard who needs his mummy in good working order, so hopefully one day I will get there and be the perfect mummy that he so deserves.

Sadie Tim-tam Evans is now our wee angel in heaven.

Queens Birthday Monday - 3rd June 2013

To our precious Sadie Tim-tam

It was Queens Birthday Monday one year ago today that you came to live with us. You are my beautiful wee angel in heaven now, and will always be the love of your man Calypso's life. You are so very precious to us. Yesterday I got a wee Princess Angel ornament, and today will give the wee ornament to Calypso, as a special remembrance of you.

God bless little Sadie Tim-tam. We will love you forever and always.

Love Calypso and Mummy xxxx

Tuesday night 4th March 2014

To our precious wee angel in heaven SADIE TIM-TAM EVANS
Tonight it's been one year exactly by day 'Tuesday' that we lost you.
But precious little girl, although you are no longer on this earth with us,
you live on in heaven.

My dad has now joined heaven, and I hope you have had hugs and cuddles from him too, as well as my dearest mum. I long to hold your wee little soul in my arms again, and look forward to that day when I am again with you.

Sadie I have something very important to ask, please watch over your handsome boyfriend Calypso. He hasn't shown much interest in food lately. I am very worried about him. It's only happened since he lost his grandpa. Please keep extra special watch over Calypso and help him through this difficult time.

I love you my dearest Sadie Tim-tam, and Calypso loves you very much too. We always will.

Thinking of you dearest litle girl with your darling little bow legs.

Be at peace baby.

Love Mummy and Calypso xxxx

Dear Sadie,

Tonight's date is the 5th March 2014. It was one year ago tonight you went up to heaven. A year ago tomorrow my heart broke in two when I heard the news. I love you baby-girl, so does your beloved Calypso. Watch over Calypso. He needs your support very much.

Forever love,

Mummy and Calypso xxxx

8th March 2014

Our dearest wee angel Sadie Tim-tam. The vets found a lump in your Calypso yesterday. And I am worried about the mycobacteria being present. Also he has been put on a new medication for the protozoa, and we don't know how it is going to suit him, but the vets said we are running out of options. Sadie keep watch over your Calypso and help give him the strength to fight his illnesses.
I love you Sadie, thank you for being part of our lives.

Big hugs,

Mummy xxxx

16th August, 2014

Dearest Sadie, Your dearest Calypso is now with you. He was unable to fight any longer, and I miss him terribly. He was my baby boy whom I loved so deeply. He is now with his Grandma and Grandpa, and his beautiful girlfriend, you......Sadie. Help him through this time Sadie.
Love Mummy xxxx

Christmas Day 2014

Merry Christmas precious wee Sadie. Enjoy being together with our precious Calypso on Jesus birthday.

Love you forever,

Mummy xxxx

5th March 2015

My precious little girl dearest Sadie, It's 2 years tonight you sadly slipped off to heaven. Life wasn't very fair to you Sadie, and my greatest wish for you is to be happy and at peace with your precious boy friend Calypso in heaven. I will see you again my beloved angel. Tonight Mummy has made you a perpetual member of rainbow bridge.

With love forever to you my little angel,

Mummy xxxx

Christmas Day 2015

To my precious Sadie. I hope you and Calypso are together and are happy in Heaven. You were a beautiful little girl that had a harsh life, and you deserve to be living on in heaven, contented and healthy. I love you so very much Sadie. One day I will be with both you and your handsome beau again.

Merry Christmas little one.

Love forever, Mummy xxxx

Friday 12th August 2016

Hey precious little Sadie, Mummy loves you so much. It is 2 years ago by the day that your handsome Calypso joined you in heaven. Please give him a hug from Mummy xxxx Big hugs and lots of love to you too my little bow legged angel. xxxx

Sunday 25th December 2016

Merry Christmas my little angel in heaven. Give Calypso a cuddle from me. You will forever be my very precious little girl.

Love forever my baby girl.

Mummy xxxx

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