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Memories of Sadie Bella Shurbet
Sadie has left her Paw Prints on my heart. They will always be there. For there has never been such a dog as Sadie. So in-tuned with me that we knew each other's heart so well.

Oh, you may say she's just a dog, but that just isn't so. She had a bigger heart than most people I know. Always there for me, no matter what, to be my friend and comfort me, she'll always be so dear to me.

I feel as though you are still with me, giving me kisses daily. Oh, Sadie I will always keep you here in my heart. You will always be my little Sweetheart, I miss you so.

12/7/09 - I miss you so Sadie, everywhere I see you. You were always by my side, taking a step for every step that I take. You were my best friend always ready to listen and to comfort me.

I feel guilty about your death, because I took you to the vet to have your teeth cleaned and the vet didn't do a blood test. When she pulled a tooth, you lost a lot of blood, she had to pack the gum and kept you over night. I only had you back with me for 2 days and then you got extremely sick, took you to the vet that evening. The vet kept you for 4 days and told me that you had cancer of the spleen and liver. I then took you to another vet and that vet told me that you had Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia, he was almost sure that is what was wrong. He started treating you for this, but it was too late, you died 3 days later. IMHA is very deadly, and there might have been a chance for you my sweet Sadie, if the other vet had been treating you for this.

I hope that nobody ever has to go through this with their loving pet, make sure that your vet does a blood test before any procedure. My Sadie was almost 13 years old and as far as I am concerned there is no excuse for not doing a blood test before the cleaning of teeth and especially pulling a tooth. The cause of IMHA can be many things, one of them is loss of blood.

I have had many dogs all of my life and loved them all. But for me Sadie, you are the best dog that I've ever loved you gave so much to me. Right now I feel like I can't go on without you. I know in time I will be able to think about all of the wonderful times we had but right now I'm just not there. I miss you so much my sweet little Sweetheart
12/10/09 Oh Sadie, I wonder if it will ever get better without you. The mornings are the worse for me, it never mattered what time I got out of bed, you were always a step ahead of me. Always wanting to be right next to me. I am feeling so many things right now and have since you left me. I feel so angry at the vet because of the big mistake that she made, and by not saying simple words as "I'm sorry I didn't do a blood test on Sadie." I also feel like I let you down Sadie, everything was fine until I took you to the vet. I love you baby and always will.
Jan 5, 1010 Sadie I miss you so much, will it ever get better? I got a puppy 2 weeks ago. Her name is Bella Noel, I used your middle name. She is a sheltie also, I know she won't be you, but I hope I can love her half as much as I love you. I just pray that you didn't suffer Sadie, I would not have wanted that for anything. I am still having probems dealing with the way that you died. I do blame the vet, there was no excuse for her not doing a blood test on you. I love you my sweet baby.

Feb 5, 2010
Sadie, today would be your 13th Birthday, I always thought that you would be here so that I could give you a party on your 13th. I have Bella but there is a hole in my heart because you are not here with me. Happy Birthday Sadie Bella.

March 21, 2010
Sadie, there is not one day that goes by that I don't think of you. March 23rd will make 4 months since I lost you. I still cry because you're not here with me, I still can't believe that you are gone. Bella is almost 5 months old and in so many ways she reminds me of you. I still feel as though I have a hole in my heart and it will never close. You were one of a kind and I know that one day I will see you again. May God take care of you until that day. Love, Momma
March 21, 2010

Oct. 2, 2010 Sadie there is not one day that goes by that I don't think of you. I still miss you so much, at times I can hardly stand it. I sometimes call Bella by your name and then I stop and realize that you're not here with me. Next month on the 23rd will be a year since I lost you.
I miss you baby, life isn't the same without you and it will never be the same until I see you again.
Nov. 23, 2010 - It has been 1 year since I lost you baby. I miss you so much and at times I still feel like it is a dream and I will wake up and there you will be. But I know that isn't possible for now, but I know that you will be waiting for me to join you one day. Oh, Sadie I miss you so much. I have Bella but she's nothing like you and sometimes that breaks my heart because I want her to be like you. When I think of you I still to this day can't forget how you were taken from me. It was all so senseless it didn't have to turn out like this. I still blame the vet and I try not to but I can't help it. If she had only done a blood test I would still have you here with me. Sadie I will always love you Sadie, for me you were the most special dog and really my best friend. I love you Sadie Bella, I always will forever, Momma March 6, 2011 - Sadie, there is not one day that goes by that I don't think of you. I still miss you so much and wonder if there will be a time that I don't cry when I think of you. I don't believe that most people would understand how much I miss you. You brought so much love to my life and I know that you are with God waiting for the day that we will be reunited. I love you my sweetheart and I miss you so much. Love you, your momma

Nov. 23, 2011 - It has been two years since I lost you my sweet little angel. I miss you so much and it seems just like yesterday that you left me. Sadie I love you so much, there is hardly a day that goes by that I don't think about you. My life is not the same without you and I know that you are keeping God and his son company. Sadie you were and always will be the best dog that I have ever had in my entire life, I look forward when I will get to see my sweet little girl again. May you have days full of fun, I love you. Momma
June 16, 2012....There is not one day that goes by that I don't think about you. It has been 2 1/2 yrs since you left me and I pray to God that when I go to heaven you will be waiting there for me.Even Audrey talks about you, she says I miss Sadie, she was only 3 years old when you left us. Sadie I hope you know how much I love and miss you my baby. Love you, Momma

Sadie today is the anniversay of your passing, 3 years ago. It was and is one of the worst days of my life, I miss you so much. What gives me peace is knowing that one day I will see you again, you will be waiting for me. You are happy now, no more pain for you which I am thankful to God for that. I miss you my sweet Sadie. Love you my sweet Sadie, Momma Nov. 23, 2012. Nov. 29, 2014 - Thinking of you my sweet Sadie, it has been 5 years since I lost you. You left a hole in my heart that can't be repaired. I don't believe that I will ever get over losing you, you were the best dog I have ever had. I love you my sweet angel...Momma

Nov. 23, 2015 Missing you my sweet Sadie, I will never stop loving you. I feel as though your spirit is with me. I look forward to the day I will see you again. I know you are with God and for that I am thankful. I love and miss you my Sadie Bella. Love you, Momma

Sept. 24, 2016, I miss you everyday Sadie, Momma loves you..it has been almost 7 years without you.

Nov. 23, 2016, 7 years ago I lost you my best friend. I love you Sadie and I know one day I will see you again. Until then be happy and run free my little sweetheart! I love you, Momma

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