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Memories of Sachem
My beloved, my "Big Boss Man", you should be here with me, you weren't supposed to leave me! Your kidneys were failing, you spent most of your time drifting and dreaming. I held you and told you it was ok and I was with you. I only left the room for a minute, it was then you let go. I wasn't there and I can't live with myself!

You were with me 13 years, you were about 4 years old when I took you home. Part of a stray colony living behind the building where I took ballet class, you would sit in the window and watch the dancers; you really liked the girls, you big flirt! When class was over and we all drove away, I would see you in the rear view mirror turn and walk away into the darkness. I took you that weekend for neutering, vaccinations and kept you! You made the transition to indoor life easily; big and lusty, you ruled the house chasing and punching the girl cats, following me everywhere. You glared at any men friends who came to call; you were jealous and despised them all

I wish I'd known you the first 4 years of your life. How did a beautiful Siamese end up in an abandoned field? You were such a bully; at night you leaped on the bed, smacking and scattering the others; you alone wanted to sleep next to me. To get my attention you pulled my hair or sent flying the remote control! Why did you leave me?

Rest with the angels, my love. St.Francis bless and keep thee, and Bastet, cat goddess of ancient Egypt, hold you close until we meet again. Come dance with me in my dreams, my beloved. I love you today, tomorrow and forever

08/12/09 Beautiful blue-eyed one, I brought your ashes home. Such a tiny box; it's like you never lived, that I have lost you forever. Wait for me, my big boss man, until we meet again after the long sleep. I love you so

08/16/09 Today is your birthday, you would be 17 yrs old. How I miss you; I call you, but you don't answer. No one to pull my hair to wake me or rattle the dishes to get my attention. Each day you are gone you are farther away. Come in my dreams and let me know you're ok. My Sachem, my protector, where are you? I have to go now, I am so empty and in pieces tonight. I love you so

12/24/09 It's Christmas Eve, my blue eyed boss-man, I miss you so! I see you in my dreams and feel you near. I see you running, leaving pawprints in snow, your blue eyes sparkling. My guardian, my protector; there will never be another like you, I will never get over losing you. Forgive me for not being able to save you, I would give anything to make things different. Come dance with me in my dreams, I love you beyond time and forever

08/01/10 Beautiful boy, it is almost a year since you left me. Your presence with me always, I love you more each day. Forgive me beloved for not being able to save you, I would give anything to have you back. Wait for me, and I will never let you go! Until then, dance with me in my dreams, I love you so

07/24/2011 Sachie,I am heartbroken. We lost T'pel on May 2 and Molly just 3 days ago. I know they are with you. I feel lost and numb, you are all leaving me here alone. I love you so and would give all I own to have all of you back even for just one hour. Wait for me, my beloved; I know we will meet again. Until then, visit me in my dreams, help me through this empty sadness

08/04/2011 Beautiful boy, you have been gone 2 years, and the sadness has never left. I see your shadow all around me. Remember when I would do my ballet workouts? I would scoop you up and hold you close as I danced! Come dance with me in my dreams tonight. I love you yesterday, today and for all time

12/13/2011 My beloved; I put the little tree up today, the blue ornaments like your sparkling eyes. Thank you for the gift, my Sachem. You knew I grieve for you, so you sent me a kitty so like you, a Siamese from the shelter; his name is Taji. You found a kitty in need, and you planned this all, I know it! Taji is not you, there will never be another you, but he is dear and sweet and I see you in his eyes

08/03/2012 It's 3 years today, you were gone and left me desolate. If I live to be 100 I will never get over losing you; nothing I can do or say to make it right. You left me a sign when I woke this morning; I found the remote in the middle of the floor with the back off, batteries scattered! You always smacked and sent it flying to get my attention! I know you want me to know you are ok, and I believe this, but without you my heart will never heal until we are together again. I miss and love you beyond time and forever.

12/24/2012 Merry Christmas beloved, you should be here getting new toys with the other kitties, feasting on cat treats and dancing with me, as we did so many Christmases past. I miss you and my heart will never heal. Taji is such a good boy, but such a little coward! I tell him "if Sachem were here he would bounce you around the room and teach you to be a big lusty Siamese!" Feel the love of baby Jesus and know you are always in his care until we meet again. Goodnight my beloved, I love you so

12/24/2013 Another year, another Christmas. Thinking of you ever and always, wishing you were on my lap tonight. Taji is mellow and loving; he is not you but then no one ever will be! Thank you for sending him to me. Tonight I will dream of you and dance as we used to; and one day I will see you again and never lose you again. Your light will always shine. Goodnight, beloved, may the peace of Christmas surround you

08/03/2014 And so another year gone by, 5 years since you left me and not a day goes by but you are ever in my thoughts. If I could have you back for even a minute I would stretch it into an eternity. Wait for me, and come dance with me in my dreams tonight.

12/31/2014 New Year Eve and I hold you in my dreams; missing you until we are together. I close my eyes and see you, feel you, hold you. I love you so my beautiful boy, my beloved. Wait for me and I will hold you close to me forever. Goodnight, my angel

08/03/2016 So it is 7 years now and I feel no better than the day you left me. I keep thinking if I could alter time just for a moment, and have you with me again... but they are only dreams. I am getting older and wonder when I will join you. Such a reunion it will be; and I will hold you for eternity and never lose you again. Wait for me, Sachie-boo.... I love you beyond time and eternity

12/24/2016 My beloved, my wonderful boy. I am so sad tonight nothing can make it right. Please come back to me! I would give anything to see you again. It's not right, you should be here. I miss you beyond words. Rest gently under the Christmas sky. Come dance with me in my dreams and I will never let you go. Goodnight beloved

08/03/2017 And so 9 years without you. Healing will not come, and time is not easing my loss. I could not save you and cannot accept that. Please come back to me! We lost 18 year old Fledermaus three weeks ago from kidney failure... he was your buddy and I know you are together now. Maybe if I believe hard enough you will not have died; and I will wake up tomorrow and find you next to me. My Sachem, my love, my angel

12/24/2017 And another Christmas without the love of my life. No amount of time will ease my sadness ever. I want you back and that is all there is. I miss you every day, I look at your pictures and see you in my dreams. Come dance with me this Christmas Eve, and I will hold you close forever. Goodnight, my beloved

12/24/2018 Beloved of mine, I would give all I own to have you here at Christmas. How I miss you! Taji the Siamese has been with me 7 years now; thank you for sending him to me! I see you in his eyes! Come to me in my dreams tonight; I will hold you close and never let you go. I love you beyond forever, beyond time and eternity, until we are together again. My love, my beloved, my Sachem.

08/03/2019 Ten years ago tonight you left me. I wish you could come back to me. Today I watched a DVD I made of your pictures; for just a little while you lived again as I watched you playing, sleeping and lounging around. There is no amount of time that will lessen my sadness; even another 10 years. Rest gently my beloved angel, wait for me and one day we will be reunited. I love you forever.

12/23/2019 Please come back to me; I miss you. I know you are ok, but I want to hold you, hug you, and never let you go. And you are ever and always in my dreams, and ever and always loved. Forgive me for not being able to save you. Merry Christmas, beautiful boy, and wait for me until we meet again

08/03/2020 The years all starting to run together, my beautiful boy.... 11 years you are not here and I grieve still. Sachie, we lost 18 yr old Dusty last week to kidney failure. Welcome her, tell her it will be ok now; she is free of pain and sickness. Summer will soon end, but my love for you will be eternal. You are my angel... yesterday, today, and tomorrow

12/25/2020 Merry Christmas, blue eyed angel of mine. My Christmas wish is to hold you once again; wait for me and one day we will be together for eternity. I love you, miss you, and remember you. I will dance with you in my dreams tonight

08/03/21 12 years parted from me, my beautiful guardian, protector, and beloved. Sach, we lost Morsel & Gigi early this year to cancer. So hard to lose my babies, one by one. Welcome them, Sachem, let them know they are ever and always loved. We will meet again one day. I will dance with you forever, and feel your beautiful sand & sable fur. Goodnight, my beloved.. come visit me in my dreams tonight. I love you until the end of time

07/07/22 My beloved most precious kitty. Mommy is very sick and I don't have a lot of time left. I extended your Residency so it would be perpetual. We will be together again, and the past 13 years will be like you never left me. I love you, my baby... it will be ok, we will talk soon

12/23/2022 My love and beloved, I see you in my dreams and we will be together in a little while.

02/01/2023 My lovely boy; Mama is pretty sick and I will see you soon. We can dance and talk and be togther for eternity. I've been waiting a long time. Rest gently until we meet; I love you beyond time and forever

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