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Memories of Sabrina
Sabrina...you have always been by my side since the day we met. I always felt comforted when you were with me. Even when we had to be apart, you were always In my heart and thoughts. I hope you had a good life, because you certainly blessed mine. I will miss you always and do believe we will be together again some day. While I am still here on earth, stay close to me in all I do.

I see you everywhere I look. It saddens me that I can't touch that pretty face, but I want to feel close to you. I'd love to see your face again. I know you have no more pain or discomfort and that makes your passing a bit more accepting. I just want you to be happy. Stay close to Spin, Kahlua and Casey....they will watch over you too. Jesus will keep you in his arms 'till I come to take care of you again, some day.

I'll remember all our times together and will cherish them always. So thankful that I visited the Northeastern Animal Rescue in Salem, MA so many years ago. Your name was Venus back then. Since that day, I always felt your love. You brought me so much joy! Smile sweetheart!

Til I see you again......lay in peace. I love you, baby girl! Mom

4/21/15. Another sad day, sweetheart. I keep seeing u every place I turn. I keep praying that I'll feel your spirit around me and that you'll let me know you're ok. Have u met the kids yet? I know they will take care of you and make sure you're having fun on the hills near the Rainbow Bridge. Be good and stay safe.in God's arms. Come visit some time, I miss you so. Til we're together again, bless you baby girl. I love you

4/24/15 Good morning Sabrina. It's been 7 days since I last held you. I still miss you every moment. I have prayed for help to ease my pain. I just want to know if you're ok, being taken care of and happy. Some days I think I prolonged the discomfort for you and other days,, I'm not sure if I acted too fast. After the Vet told me you were in such discomfort with nausea, weakness, dizzines and that the disease was irreversible, I felt
so useless. I just wish I had asked for a little more time to explain how I felt and let you know how much you meant to my life. I'm so lost, Sabrina. Just know we'll be together some day forever. I love you, Brie!

4/30/15 Hi pretty girl. Just checking in to say 'hello'. Still missing you. Sometimes I think the pain is subsiding and then all of a sudden, the tears are uncontrollable. I've been reading books about pet loss and I know that we will be together again. Say 'hi' to the girls for me. Can't wait for you to come home...waiting on a call from the vet's office. Stay safe and healthy. Love you always.

5/1/15. Well Sabrina, the vet finally called today. I went to pick you up to take you back home where you belong. I feel better having you close. Of course, I started crying a lot reminiscing about our time together. They gave me the little t-shirt you were wearing. It still smells of you and I will keep it forever. I love you, baby!

5/9/15 Hi Brina. I visit you at this site every day even though I don't always send you a note. I'm still missing you as much today as I did 4 weeks ago. I've been reading some books on pet loss, and they have helped me understand a lot of what I'm feeling. I know you are in a far better place. Healthy and spirited again. The sadness, I guess is for myself. I just miss having you there close to me. But, you stay close to God and the girls. Be safe. I love you.

5/17/15. Sabrina, it's been a month since I last held you in my arms. I still miss you so much. My heart is so full of tears, I can't seem to curb the flow of sadness that I feel, almost every day. I'll get through it Brie, just stay close when you can. I do want you to run and play with the girls and all your new friends. Till we can be together again, I'll keep you forever in my heart. I love you, B.
5/24/15 Hi baby girl. Was just thinking about you. I love you B,

6/4/15. Still missing you, baby. I asked you to send me a sign at the candlelight ceremony Monday nite because I hadn't experienced a feeling that you were close by. The next day, late afternoon, I looked out from the lanai and saw one butterfly that lingered near the nearest bush for just a few seconds and flew away. I haven't seen butterflies in the garden for a long time and haven't seen another since Tuesday. I believe you heard my prayer. I love you., Brie.

7/2/15. Hey little one. Haven't visited you on this site for a while, but you have been in my heart and thoughts every single day. Went up north to see Josie and Nicki. It was so good to have fur babies close to me. Tomorrow will be 16 years since we met.at Northeast Animal Shelter in MA. Fell in love with you and brought you into my life. I'm so grateful to have spent so many of my years with you. Love you, sweetheart!

4/17/16. Hi baby girl. Can't believe it's been a whole year since I've held you in my arms. I still miss you so much every day. There's a new little boy in my life now. His name is Riley. He would drive you crazy. Does not like to sit still for long. But he would love you as much as I do. Stay close to Jesus and Spinelli and Kahlua sweetheart, and stay healthy and happy. Always know that you are my pretty girl and remember that we'll all be together again some day. I love you, Sabrina.

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