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Memories of Sabel
Deborah's Lady Sabel crossed the Rainbows Bridge peacefully this morning June 17, 2009 at 6:58 am. She fought a valiant 2-year battle with kidney disease and finally just wore out. She gave us one last smile and was gone. We were very fortunate to be with her. She had enjoyed one of her best weeks in recent memory, with a hint now and then of the healthy days when she could see well and heard every sound of food in the house!

She joined our earthly family just 13 short years ago. She stood dutifully by when Sister Deborah's Lady Gretchen crossed the Rainbows Bridge. She shouldered our sorrow and eased our pain. Tonight God's house has one more beautiful sole, our house one less. The silence is deafening, no more clickity click of her nails on the wooden floor, no lapping in the water bowl, no snoring in our bed. Her milk beard and beautiful eyes now captured forever in our hearts.

Our hearts are heavy and everywhere we turn we see her, hear her, feel her and long to hold her just one more time. But we know she is now whole and healthy again, running joyously, hearing profoundly and seeing with eagle eyes.

I am oddly calm as I write this small tribute to our Baby Girl. We were so blessed to have her in our life. There is comfort in knowing that her eternal journey has begun. I just don't know how long it will take for the hole in our hearts to mend this time.

6/20/09 - Baby Girl we are so glad to have your earthly presence back in the house, right there on the dresser with the Sister Dog. Despite the occassional break down, the smiles and memories are beginning to take over the pain. We had some good laughs this moring with those fond memories. The silence, however, is deafening right now. No tippy-tap of little paws on the floor, no "doggie dreams" where you did the most barking of your entire life! We celebrated your birthday yesterday. Are there birthdays at Rainbows Bridge? We miss your wonderful deep brown eyes and milk beard keeping us honest every minute. Love Dad

7/10/09 - Hey Baby Girl, we found some "lost" pictures of you this week in an album that Uncle Jeff made for us from Christmas several years back AND some in the computer where I had put them so I wouldn't lose them! The heartache moments are starting to blend nicely into the smile and memory moments for us. Last night I stepped out the front door just before bed like you and I always did. First time since you left. I forgot to turn on the porch light, and then I thought - just for a split second - I saw you standing in the yard. Funny how the mind does that! I smiled last night, but as I write today, I can't stop the tears. Time to go. We miss you and the Sister Dog! Love Dad

2/14/10 - Happy Valentines Day Baby Girl! Mom and Dad miss you and Pooker Dog :( We celebrated with a movie and nice dinner. The weather finally made it to 60 degrees. I know it was warm in Heaven resting in the sun and running just for fun. You didn't like your sweater either, but it was always fun to see you visit with everyone in the "hood". They liked your wardrobe! That's it for now. We think about you everyday. You and Sister Dog have your pictures in the family room over the couch were you slept all the time. It makes us smile to have you with us. Love you Baby Girl, Mom and Dad

9/6/10 - Grandpa and the girls were here this weekend to celebate your people Dad's retirement! We had lots of fun and shared some great memories when you were little. Gary Spina saw your picture on the video and remembered when you visited with him during the Christmas party! We could really spend some time together now that I don't have a job anymore! You and the Pooker Dog keep me smiling - Love Dad

2/12/11 - Happy Valentines Day early Baby Girl! I just visited with Sister Gretchen. It has been a year since I wrote in her book! I suppose she looks at yours though :) Tell me why you were so persistent on my mind on Wednesday? I know the real meaning of day dreams when you visit. I didn't even have to close my eyes to see your smiling eyes and milk beard looking up at me from the sidewalk in front of the Lutz house! You just looked like you were trying so hard to tell me something. I was too dense to get it though??? I have 60 new furbaby friends at Annie's Orphans here in Durango. They don't have homes for people to love them in, so they stay with Annie. I visit them every week, take them for walks, love on them and feed them treats. But, it isn't helping me get over you and Sister being gone. I still can't bring another girl into our life. You and Sister were so special. Mom is home with you in Florida now, so I know she will visit with you and Sister tonight. Love and miss you sweet Baby Girl. Until we are together, Love Mom and Dad

3/20/12 - Good eveing Baby Girl! Did you know it has been 9 years since Sister Pooker Dog left for the Rainbows Bridge? Hard to believe. It only seems like yesterday that the two of you were streaking through the house, patrolling the neighborhood and making our lives so full and happy. Those wonderful memories bring us smiles and happiness everyday. Mom and I love to have a moment and then say - The Baby Girl or the Pooker Dog would have done this or that :) Is it time yet to have the sound of little feet and the warmth of a puppy hug back in the house? It is starting to feel like it. We will look for your help here. You will never be replaced - we are just adding to the family! Sleep well Baby Girl and remember You Are Always In Our Hearts and Loved Forever - Mom & Dad

3/24/15 - Somehow I feel like I've let you down by not writing on special occasions or remember to "apply changes" when I finish! I just visited Sister Gretchen and had to admit that the 12 years since her passing had passed quickly with many changes in our lives. This June 17th it will be 6 years since you joined Gretchen at the Rainbows Bridge! How is that possible? We keep you both close and with sister Kuriosity in the family now for over 2 years, the conversations often turn to comparisons of each of your personality. You are by far the sweetest of the 3 Baby Girl. Laying on your back in my arms and gently reminding my with a light paw brush that the belly rub should continue will always be my favorite followed closely by the "train wreck" sleeping position under the window. Eat freely, sleep soundly and many, many happy doggie dreams until we are together again. Love, Mom and Dad

6/17/15 - Hi Sweet Baby Girl! This morning Mom and I spent some wonderful time remembering your time with us here. What wonderful memories! You are so remembered everyday! Little sister Kacy has become quite the young lady, cruising the neighborhoods, chatting everyone up and keeping the other fur babies in line. She has adjusted well to our motor coach life as well as the new home in Durango. We wish you all the beautiful days that the Rainbows Bridge has to offer and look forward to being together once again when the time comes. Get a belly rub today from Grandma Juanita! Love, Mom and Dad

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