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Memories of Ruby
Thanks Ruby for all the good times we had together especially when you made me go walking with you. If you weren't there to push me, I probably wouldn't have gone. I have lots of memories of you and what we did together but that is what I remember most. I think of you each day and now I have a dear friend who is also named Ruby and very dear to me also as you still are. I know you would like her very much. I know you are having lots of fun. When I come to find you, I know you will be waiting because I know you miss me as much as I miss you. Take Care and God Speed Ruby. xx Papa :-) 2.28.09 Hi Ruby girl. I think about you every day and say a little prayer for you. I thought I would write to say hello and let you know brother Pat is on his way to the Bridge and I know you will greet him with open paws. The two of you used to be such good friends and I remember the summer we remodeled his kitchen and the fun you two had and the way you chased the kitties around. Now you will have more company to be with till I get there. Say HI to Gram and Grandpa too. I went for a walk a couple of weeks ago, to our old stomping grounds in the woods, with the grandkids who you remember as being pretty little but are teenagers now. Remember all the hikes we took through those woods. We got to know every nook and cranny in there and you loved it so much. Remember the night you caught the rabbit and brought it all the way home and buried it and then came back to find me and finish our walk.:) I still don't have a new fur baby to keep me company. I guess I just don't feel I couldn't replace you. Someday maybe. I know you would approve if I found another Rottie. :)Keep having fun playing in the fields and grass, lounging in the sunshine. xx Papa 09.12.10 Hello Ruby, I miss you very much and say a prayer every day for you and Gram and Grandpa and Pat. I'll bet you and Pat are having lots and lots of fun every day walking in the fields that must be so beautiful and playing ball and tug of war. You used to like to do that still, I'm sure you do. I hope Pat gives you treats when you catch the ball and do something special for him or Gram or Gramps. We had a very hot summer once it finally warmed up, which seemed to take forever. I hope you are saying some prayers for me also. Well I have to go now, stuff to do before I go to bed. Bye for now. xx Papa :)

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