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This is our precious baby Rrrico who we had to say goodbye to us on Wednesday March 9, 2005 at 3:00pm. This picture was taken the night before. He was 15 years, 10 months and 24 days old. He went very peacefully but a huge part of our hearts has been ripped out and we were never going to be ready to let him go. We are in excrutiating pain. Rrrico, You loved life, you loved music, you loved to dance and well...you just loved us. You are in every single millimeter of our lives, physically and spiritually. I could smell you and feel you in the perfect fit of my arms which is where I carried you for the last six months of what seemed to be a short life for us. Although you would have been 16 years old on April 13th, to us you were still too young to leave this sometimes cruel world. What I would do to be in your world that all it asks for is love and affection. Please wait for us at the bridge. I knew you were mine when you were six weeks old, but they didn't let me have you until you were twelve weeks so you could be weaned from your mommy. We visited you for those six weeks and you had your name. You had to know that I loved you without even having you with me when I came to see you and brought you toys before you came home. Ha, ha... I'll never forget the first thing you did when I put you on the carpet in my apartment was pee. We love and miss you so much baby and I know I said I didn't want another after you, but your void is too, too great and I already know that sooner or later, another furbaby will enter our lives...though I don't know when. I know you've visited me in my dreams because I've had two such vivid dreams with you. Please don't stop! Everytime I see 11:00pm I can't help and think of your last medication time for the night. Poor baby, you must have been so sick of having to take all that medication. Almost three years....it hurt me more than you to have to give you all that stuff. You knew when the syringe was coming. When I fold clothes from the dryer on the family room floor, in your last few months, I would put you in your bed close to me so you could see me. Of course just a couple of years ago you would sit on the clothes or bury yourself in the pile and I would throw the rolled up socks so you could play. Your Daddy would take you with him to his recording sessions and EVERYONE loved you. They were just so impressed at how good you were. The minute he reached for his guitar, you knew that it was time to be quiet and you were. We know you loved music. We didn't leave you alone for the last six months which is why I had to take you to my office and I can't say that you were too happy about it, but I'm glad because I have memories of you there and you are all over my walls. I look at the corner where I had your bed... and can picture you there. I was so worried that on your last day you would know what we were feeling .... that our hearts were aching with the thought of not having you anymore. I have so much to say and I will .... but for now please be happy little one and send us your love..... Your loving human parents, Ramon and Angelica Stagnaro ..................3/22/05 Tuesday, 10:00pm Two weeks ago today you were having your steak. I made it for you so you would have your favorite food before you went to Rainbow Bridge. You ate it all...not one little morsel was left. I gave you milk and also some cantaloupe. I love you and I miss you so much my beautiful, precious baby. I cried so much last night. I put one of your sweaters on one of your toys, the little dog that you used to play with (a long time ago) and I snuggled him in your bed. I laid on the floor with him the way I used to do it with you. Maybe it's good for me and maybe not, but I see you there and I feel you close. I can still smell you on your blanket. I love you, I love you, I love you, Your Mommy.............................. Rrrico, today is April 13th and it's YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! I've been thinking about you sooooo much for the last week and there was one day in particular (Saturday) and I couldn't figure out why that day was so much more intense than others. I was choking up all day and I could feel you and imagine you everywhere. When I went to sleep that night, I asked God to please let me dream with you and I did. You weren't a puppy but you were young yet your face was so you as an adult. You looked so healthy and happy and you looked like you were having fun. Then I knew why.... it was exactly a month that you had crossed Rainbow bridge and I hadn't even thought about the date. It all made sense. I was happy to see you in my dreams and it was like like you wanted me to know you were okay but nothing can take away the pain of your absence. I talk to you at the little memorial I made for you every morning and every night before going to sleep. Just yesterday, somebody sent me flowers in your memory and I can't have a conversation about you without choking up. I love you so much my baby and today you are 16 years old. Please come to me whenever you want. Come into my thoughts ... into my dreams so I can feel you baby. I love you and I would give anything to hold you....ANYTHING!!! ............. 6/9/05, Here I am my beautiful baby!! Today is three months that you physically left me but you never leave my mind. I hope you see and hear me when I say good morning and good night everyday. I go to the glass cabinet where I have your picture and your little urn with your ashes. I know you're not there but I didn't want ANY part of you anywhere else but with me. It never fails...at that exact moment I could feel you. I could feel you on my right arm. I know you see me from Rainbow Bridge and I hope you like the picture I just put up on my nightstand. You're on a red wagon. Remember when we took that picture? You had just been bathed and groomed...you looked so handsome. I love you my little angel. This past weekend I had your cousin Charlee with me... I know you know that. Your Aunt Norma let me have him for a couple of days because your Daddy wasn't here. He's so cute. He's beginning to manifest his age.... he's 9. You know, he's not as spirited as he used to be. I don't know but it's like he knows that you had a calmer way of being and when he's with me he kind of acts like you ... maybe to help me in the way I feel. I know you were never jealous and I hope you're not now either. No other furbaby could ever, ever take your place, but he is really a loving little baby too. I miss you so much sometimes it feels like it was just last week that you are gone and at the same time it feels like months and months ago. Be happy and enjoy your life in Rainbow Bridge with all your friends my darling Rrrico. You gave me so many years of happiness you deserve to be happy wherever you are and I'm glad I was there to say goodbye to you because although it tore my heart and soul apart, that's the least I could do for you. You gave me happiness that could never be replaced with anything I could receive on this earth. Happiness from a defenseless creation of God who doesn't even have to utter a word....isn't that a miracle? You are a miracle of God who could still give me love without even having to be here. I love you my sweet little boy. Sweet dreams my baby and please don't stop visiting me...especially while I sleep...I love you !!! I love you!!!...and I so, so miss you!!! .................................................7/18/2005, Hello my precious baby!! I love you. You must have come to visit me on Saturday because your soul was in mine and I just cried and cried for about half an hour. I felt you so close. I didn't want to remember your last moments, but that's all I could think of. Your face was so clear in my face and I felt you so with me I couldn't stand it and I just broke down. Were you here? I love you, I love you and I miss you soooo much..................... 03/09/2006, Our unforgettable and precious baby, today is a year that you crossed Rainbow Bridge and I know you came to visit. I woke up this morning with a pain in my heart and I was crying. I had a dream about you and it was then that I realized it was exactly a year ago today that you physically left us. Thank you for being here ... although it's painful to relive the last few hours with you. Earlier in the week, I knew the date was near but you made sure I didn't forget. I love you and I miss you very much. We babysat with a cute little furbaby who looked so much like you and moreso, he had your personality but no other can take your place, our beautiful little baby. We love you and it doesn't seem that a whole year has gone by that I was holding you although it does seem like ages have gone by because we long to see your loving eyes and feel your kisses. I feel you now and I know you are here. We love you, we love you, we love you and our hearts are long for you, but we know you are happy, healthy and are playing with Panchito, Monchi and all the other beautful furbabies that are there. We love Rrrico..... Rrrico, today is Monday, March 19th, 2007 and ten days ago I couldn't get into Rainbow Bridge to write an entry. I was aware of your anniversary for a few days before that and was starting to feel the ache of your image when I last saw you. Baby, as you must already know, your Daddy and I have adopted a furbaby. His name is Gizmo and he was in the shelter. He had been in two homes in seven years and I don't know why he was put back in but I have a feeling you had something to do with it. Did you? You know it wasn't in our plans to bring a furbaby yet, but it just had to happen that way. He looks very, very much like you and the colors are almost identical. He's just a little bigger, but you know what? He has a lot of love to give and I think it's double because you're coming through him too. Everyone that has seen him accidentally calls him by your name because of his likeness to yours. My beautiful Rrrico, when I opened your Rainbow Bridge residency today, I cried and I felt that I cried as I did when you were crossing the bridge. I love you and your Daddy and I really miss you. I know you can communicate...please do it through Gizmo. Please show him how to kiss...the poor baby doesn't kiss. Maybe they didn't allow him to before. You used to kiss so much. I love you, I love you, I love you........ May 22, 2009...My darling Rrrico... just a few weeks ago, I was making an entry because I know I hadn't done so in a while and did feel quite guilty. I'm sure you know that Gizmo hadn't been feeling well for a few months, we just didn't know what it was. Well on that day, 4/30/09, I was making the entry..right in the middle of me typing, I got a call from the specialist and she gave us the bad news that after all the tests that poor little Gizmo had been through...ultrasounds, I.V. fluids and an endoscopy, they did a biopsy and found that he had stomach cancer. The poor baby had been losing weight since January and I'd been 100% living around his health and well being. We thought, well okay we'll deal with his last few "months" until it's time. Well on Tuesday, 5/5/09 he just didn't want to eat and I took him to Dr. Worrell and asked her if he was in pain. He was, so I decided I'd spend the last night with him before relieving him of all the hurt he'd suffered all of his life and now this dreadful disease. I was so sorry I decided to do that because he was in so much pain that I couldn't even hold him which is what I wanted to do all night. He slept in his bed and I slept on the floor with him and didn't sleep a wink because everytime he moved, he cried out. I was just praying for morning to come quickly so I could help him out of this misery. I was with him until the end and all I did was picture you meeting him at the bridge. Rrrico, you know you are and will always be our beautiful baby and you know that we loved and love you very much, but please know that little Gizmo needed additional and special love because there were some mean and cruel human beings that treated him very bad and I don't think he ever knew what true love was really like. I hope he'll tell you that his last three years of his life were the best and that he was spoiled beyond belief. There is a very, very special place in my heart for Gizmo and I really miss him. But....now I know he's pain free and happy playing with you. Have fun babies.....!!!! 5/28/09 Rrrico, We have a new baby!!!!! His name is Monchi and he's adorable. Your Auntie Norma and your Nana surprised me with him on Memorial Day. They said that I looked very sad after Gizmo was gone. I was going to get another furbaby but I wasn't sure when. Anyway, this is special because it totally took me by surprise. He's a little Shih Tzu, like you and Gizmo but he's black and white and he was born on 3/20/09. You remember what being a baby is like right? Well, now I need all the energy because he't got me going 24/7. I'm going to send you pictures of him on your page okay? I'm also going to put Gizmo's pictures because I'll use this page to send him messages through here too....that way I don't have to have separate pages for each of you. Monchi fills my face with kisses all the time. He's so, so cute!!! So long for now my Baby Rrrico, I love you and be loving to little Gizmo and ask him to tell you about his life with Daddy and me... 6/16/09 Hello my little Gizmo, I'm looking at all your pictures and I can't help feeling so bad about your long sad life before us. Although we have Monchi, there is no way he can replace you. He's adorable and is a new furbaby for us but you needed and extracted that special love that I feel such a aching void when I see your picture. I love you and miss you very, very much!!!! You were such a good little boy, even your Nana still talks about you...how good and sweet you were. I'll be writing you again very soon.!!!! ................... 6/20/2009, My beloved Gizmo, I'm sitting in front of my computer and I have all your pictures as a slideshow. So all of the sudden when I wasn't using the keyboard, your pictures started up and I just cannot stop crying. How I miss you and how I hate the fact that life was so cruel to you. People were so cruel to you and your fate was not to endure the past. I just pray and hope that what you remember is only the last three years of your life. I love you and I miss you very, very much. There are so many pictures of you when you look so peaceful and happy. You're asleep surrounded by all of your toys and just bathed. You look like you're sleeping on a cloud. I hope that's how you feel right now and you're telling Rrrico about it. You know some of those toys were his...you can tell him that too. The last picture I have of you is the day you crossed Rainbow Bridge and you were looking straight into my eyes. You looked like you were ready to go but I can't help but feel soooo bad because I don't know if you endured too much pain... so I feel so guilty and I so miss your eyes just staring at me no matter where I went.... I MISS YOU!!! You know I have my little Monchi now and he's keeping me very busy. He's a handful and the energy I need for him is a different one. He's just so curious and sweet. He's going through his "learning" stage right now. He's adorable and lovable and I know he'll bring us years of love and joy. I just want to let you know... and I know you know this... he is not your replacement. Not any other furbaby can replace you. You have your own special place in my life and my heart my precious Gizmo. I will never forget the silent love you gave me, NEVER!!! ...... -3/29/2012 My unforgettable Rrrico and Gizmo, first of all you are never, never out of my heart. I may get busy and not have time to send you my written thoughts but you must have to know that you are always present in my being. Every time I see my little Monchi, or any other furbaby my heart aches with both your memories. And these days, it has been aching even more because you know that your Tia Norma has had to give up her your cousin, her beloved Charlee from her side to let him play and be completely healthy in Rainbow Bridge on Friday, 03/23/2012. You know what Rrrico he was older than you. Really...just two days shy of 16. Pretty good, no? But I know that in Rainbow Bridge he is young and healthy and I'm sure he's been playing with both of you and all the other little furbabies that are there. Please be with him and tell him that he needs to send his mommies his love and comfort, especially at night. They are really missing him and are probably having a constant ache in their hearts and terrible feelings in their stomachs. Show him how to transmit his presence in their daily lives, please. He's a good little baby so have a lot of fun but be careful because both of you are bigger than him and he has to keep up okay? I know you won't mind that I added a picture of your little cousin here so you can all be a family....I love you both and don't forget that I love you and I feel you both all the time. Your little cousin Monchi sends his love too...I tell him how much you were both loved and when he looks at me those big eyes, he knows.....he understands. Kiss, kiss, kiss to both of you and I promise I'll write you again very soon........ 03/31/2012 Babies of my heart... I am adding more and more pictures of all of you so your album is growing and I can feel that you are enjoying yourselves the way I see you in Rainbow Bridge. I hope you like them. I LOVE YOU.............. 01/26/2014: Hello my little angels! I was sitting here doing some work and I was looking at both your pictures. How I miss each one of you. You both had such different presences in my life but in the end you each had my complete heart> Your cousin Monchi sits in the middle of the staircase and he is right above the entrance table that holds your pictures. I've got to continue taking him out to socialize so he can learn to be more comfortable around other dogs and that way, get along with his cousin Max or else they will never be able to get along. I cannot believe that he will be turning five years old in March...time flies and we don't even know where the time went. Well my babies, I love you and miss you both sooooo much. ....................02/25/2015: Hello my beautiful babies Rrrico and Gizmo!! I was sitting here doing some work and felt the necessity to visit you on Rainbow Bridge because you know I am with you, both of you, every single day. Your pictures are on my nightstand and on the table of the entrance and you both look so handsome. I miss you both sooo much and I know that you both visit me ... I can feel it. I have this ache in my stomach when I think of how I miss both of you and wish that God would have given you a longer life with us humans...not fair. I'm sure you both know what a good little boy Monchi is, right? He is such a kisser and so sweet....it's a different feeling with all three of you but they are all very special and intense. You know he is going to be 6 years old on March 20th already?! I can't believe how time has just flown. Oh God, I don't want to think.........no, I wont. Well, okay my loves, please continue to visit and send your your love through Monchi to me. Wow if that happens, I will be so loved because he is very affectionate. Take good care of your little cousin Charlee and tell him that I love him and that his mommies miss him and love him very much. They have their hands full with your cousin Max. He's adorable but a little feisty. Ha, ha, he is so funny and knows how to work your Auntie Norma... I love him. I think I'm going to bring him home and give him a little Auntie Angelica training. What do you think my poo poos? Okay, a big kiss to both of you and be happy!!! I love you, I love you, I love you!!!!!!!....................03/09/2017 Hello my darling baby Rrrico!!! First of all I love you and miss you so much. Today is twelve years that you took your last breath in my arms and I can still feel that horrible pain in my heart and the uncontrollable sobs. I remember telling you that I was sorry so many times. I wanted you to know that I loved you and I was hoping your weren't feeling any pain. I see you in so many little furbabies now that the internet is full of pictures. I hope you miss us...at least a little. Your little baby brother Monchi is a lovable little baby. He just fills me up with kisses and I think it's coming from you too. Take care of your other baby brother Gizmo. I hope he is happy because we really wanted to make him happy after rescuing him. He had a very hard life but I hope we made his last three years happy. His passing really hurt in a different way though... He wasn't supposed to go but God works in mysterious ways and I was comparing him to you because he looked so much like you. I know he suffered and it killed me. Please tell him that I really, really love him and give him a big hug and kiss me for me. I love you Gizmo. Well my adorable baby, please visit us and bring your brother Gizmo and your cousing Charlee too. He was a cute little furbaby and his mommy has a Max now, who is also cute but the little baby pees all over. I wish I could train him but he really looks like a stuffed animal .... because he is a doll of baby I love you, love you, love you Rrrico. Kisses all over your head nose and just everywhere. I miss you baby, I really do.............................05/19/2018, Hi my baby Rrrico, I love you! Gizmo, I love you, Charlee, we miss you and your momma loves you too!!
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