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To my Sweet Sweet Roxy,(AKC) Eureka's Encore, The Lady Of Roxbury. AKA..The Keeper Of The Food! Mamma's Little Helper. My Roxi-doodlie-do. My Dancin Doody. Daughter of Holly Eureka & Gigalo Bo. Your death was such a surprize. You weren't sick, but you were acting strange. Your were just sitting in the middle of the family room. So I brouhgt you into the kitchen, where I was preparing dinner. You were always under foot. You were, "The Keeper of the Food". You loved your food. You went back into the family room again & sat in the middle of the room. That concerned me. What were you doing? Then, a few minutes later, you came back in the kitchen. I felt relieved. After dinner, we all went into the family room & there you sat in the middle of the room again. I didn't get it. Finially at 12:48 AM, you went to you favorite spot & laid down. I had a strange feeling, so I went over & picked you up & brought you over to the computer to sit with me. A few seconds later you died in my arms! Oh my god! You gave me no time to get you to the vet. I knew you were gone when I got the stethoscope out & there was no heart beat. What happened? Why did you leave me? I held you in my arms all night brushing you pretty & petting you until Aunt Annette & Uncle Art came to bury you around noon. I had a headstone made for you. I had a photo of you, lazer engraved on mable with the words, 'Mommas' Little Helper'. Any time I worked with tools you were always by my side ready to help, just like I was, with my Dad. You were Momma's Little Helper. I loved the way you danced for me when I talked to you & the way you tilted your head from side to side, when I asked you questions. Just like your Momma, Holly Eureka! You were so sweet. I felt so bad for you though. You were the Omni dog. The one everyone picked on. Even little Thumbellina would pick on you & you were her big sister in size & age. You gave me unconditional love, companionship, loyalty, & pure joy. You'll always be in my heart & in my thoughts. Thank you for making my life a brighter place. God givith & taketh away. Now he's craddling you in his arms until Mommy can one day be reunited with her beautiful baby girls. I'm so sad Roxy. I miss you so much. Holly, Thumbellina, & your photos are in front of me always, so I can see your beautiful faces & cherish the memories each one of you brought me in your own special way. Roxy, now you can be reunited with your daughter Pixie, & nown Little Dixie. Her owner said that she was the best little dog he had ever had. That's because she had the best Momma to teach her. You may be gone but never forgotten! I love & miss you so much. xoxox 2/23/04 Happy birthday my Sweet, Sweet Roxy. You would have been 11 today & had your traditional birthday steak. I love you & miss you my baby! 5/17/04 Hi my beautiful Roxy. How's my girl? I miss you baby. Mommy is back to see her baby girls. It's so quiet around here. I only have 2 of my girls left. I miss the joy you gave me. Now, all I have are wonderful memories that take some of the sadness from my heavy heart & replace it with the warmth of shared moments. I look at your pictures & smile. Thank you for making my life a better place. Till next time my Sweet, Sweet Roxy, just know how much you're loved & missed. Until we meet again, find peace in heavens hands. XOXO 6/7/04 Hi My Special Angel! I just visited your Momma & sister & wanted to pay my resect to you. Today is a year since we lost your tiny little sister, Thumbellina. My heart is very hurts. On this day, I think of all my babies past. I also thank God for bestowing the wonderful years & memories of my truly beautiful babies. Jazmine & I went out to visit Thumbellina's grave & of course, visited yours as well. Oh My Sweet Rox, how I miss you! You have a special place in my heart & in my fondest of memories. Mommy Loves You! 11/09/04 Hi Sweetie! XOXO 12/25/04 Merry Christmas my little girl. 12/31/04 Happy New Year my beautiful little girl! Mommy misses you! 1/10/05 Hi my sweet Roxy! It has been a difficult year without you. I miss you so much. I can see your beautiful face & I smile along with the tears. I'll never forget you. You'll be forever in my heart. Momma loves you baby girl! XOXO 2/23/05 Happy Birthday my little angel! 6/7/5 Hi Sweet Roxy. It's been 2 years since Thumbellina's passing & I miss her so. When I come to visit you, I see that gorgeous face & my heart fills with warmth & I long to hold you in my arms again. I love you baby! The angels in heaven are watching over you. 8/6/05 Hi my Little Love Bug! Your Mommy died 6 years ago. Give her a kiss for me! We have a new addition to the family. Her name is Jezebel. What a handful! She's terrorizing Jazmine & Pebbles. I bet you would love to see that! Till next time My Angel XOXO 10/16/5 Hi my love. Momma misses you! xoxo 12/10/5 I miss you Love Bug! xoxo 12/25/5 Merry Chrstmas, My Angel! 1/10/6 Hi My Sweet Roxy. It's been 2 long, lonley years without you. I think of you always & will never forget you. I miss you my precious baby girl. XOXO Hi my sweet baby gir! Momma Luv's Ya! Forever in My Heart. God,I Miss You! 12'13/6 Hi Angel! Christmas isn't the same without you. You were always by my side, helping Momma when did any kind of work, assembly, or had my tools out. Thanks for the wonderful times! 1/10/07 Hi My Little Love! It's beem 3 long years. I miss my Sweet, Sweet Roxy. I'll never forget you! All my love angel. xoxo Hi Roxy. Pebbles has joined Thumbellina & you at Rainbow's Bridge. Take care of her. Momma misses all my girls. 2/6/07 Hi Sweet Roxy. I miss you & think of you often, especially when I'm in the kitchen. 2/23/7 Happy Birthday Sweetie! Mamma loves U! 4/16/7 You don't know her but our Jezebel had a litter of 5 puppies. I'm keeping the smallest girl & named her Little Bit. She reminds me of your sister, Thumbellina. 7/26/7 Oh Rox, how I miss your love & affection. Even though your gone, I will always have the memories. Thank you for making my life so much better. 11/5/7 Be happy & healthy. xoxo Hi my Sweet Sweey Roxy! Mamma is back to give you a kiss good night & whisper in your ear how much I luv U & miss U. Forever in my heart xoxox 1/8/8 Happy Birthday My Sweet Roxy. You would have been 15 today & having your birthday steak. I love you. XOXO 2/23/8 Hi Roxy! Momma is back to see my precios little girl. I was thinking of you because Little Bit reminds my of you. She's a "keeper of the food" also. I miss you baby! You all take care of each other & know that Mommy loves all of her girls so much. Until we meet again, XOXO. 5/1/8 Hello My Sweet Sweet Roxy! Mommy is thinking of all of her beautiful girls today. My aunt & uncle have lost their cherished companion, Paddy Freedom. I share their pain. I cry so much when I come here & see my gorgeous girls & miss you all so much. However I realize that the time we shared was a blessing & I should thank God for every second that we shared & bask in the love & wonderful memories that I have. Forever loving you!7/21/8 12/25/8 Hi Sweet Sweet Roxy. I was thinking of your mother, Holly Eureka, today I keep hearing the song, Deck the Halls w/ Boughs of HOLLY& "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas". I miss you all so much! It's Christmas & 4 my babies are only here in spirit. I just want to give you hugs & kisses & be with you you again. Forever in my heart. I love you Roxy. Give kisses to all & Mommy sends them back. God Bless. Hi My Sweet Roxy! It's been 5 years since your passing & I think of you & smile everyday. I miss & Love You! Mommy 1/10/09 2/23/9 Happy BirthdayRoxy! You would have been 16 today. I miss you dearly. Luv You, Mommy 4/27/9 Hi Rox! We have babies. They're so cute! Missing you today. Momma 11/17/9 Stopping in to see my girls. I think of you always. It's Pebbles birthday. We have 2 new additions to the family. Skittles, who reminds me of your sister, Tina, & Twinkle, who has hydrocephalus. They're 7 1/2 months. Jazmine has a malignant cancer. I'm devestated! Momma loves you. xo 1-10-10...Hi Beautiful! It's been 6 long years without you, baby. I miss you so. You'll always be in my heart & fondest of memories, Rest In Peace My Sweet, Sweet Roxy. XOXO 6/7/10 Hi my Sweet Sweet Roxy. Thumbellina has been apart from us for 7 years. Came to pay respects to all my babies. Thinking of you 6/30/10 Hi Rox. Our Beautiful Jazmine has passed today. We are all so sad, She was such a good girl. Now she is no longer suffering. I did everything I could do for her but it wasn't enough. God called her to be by his side. Have you found her yet? She is looking for Holly, Thumbellina, Hailey, her Dad, Bam Bam, Momma, Pebbles & you to guide her to a beautiful place where she can run & play. Momma misses all her babies. XOXO! 1/10/11 It's been 7 years withyou you My Sweet Sweet Rox. I think of you always with a smile on my face. We have 6 new puppies. I'm going to keep tiny little Raven. She reminds me of yor tiny sister, Thumbellina. Momma loves you Roxy! XOXO 6/7/11 hi goegeous! I miss you! What asweet baby I had. Everyone used to beat you up. Bad girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy is thinkinking of you today. XOXO

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