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Memories of Rico
Holding Rico, kissing him over and over - walking down to get the mail together - giving him treats - Rico giving me kisses - relaxing together, side by side - feeding him tidbits of my food - loving the way Rico always made me feel so special - telling Rico often "Do you know how much your Mommy loves you?" - Rico's little grunts of pleasure - coming around the corner with those bright brown eyes and that ever-wagging little tail - napping in the recliner together. Rico, these and so many others, are the wonderful memories you have left in my heart forever. Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for teaching me how to be a Mommy. Thank you for your unconditional love and constant companionship. I miss you like crazy. **September 16, 2003** My Sweet Rico, I miss you more than ever. Not a day goes by that I don't long for your kisses and sweetness. I have such a hole in my heart that I wonder if it will ever heal. I sometimes feel your presence in the house with us and wish I could reach out and pet and love you. Guess I will settle for always holding you ever so close in my heart. I love you, my baby boy. **January 4, 2004** Hi Rico Love! How is my baby boy? I surely did miss you over the Christmas holidays - it just wasn't the same without you. We got a new baby, Brutus. He will never replace you, but he is a real sweetie and loves Val and Bailey, too. I am adjusting to him and realizing that he will never be like you. You will hold a special spot in my heart forever. I love you, my little one, and I still miss you so very much. Love, Mommy. ** March 30, 2004** Hi my precious one! I still think of you so often and miss you so much. Brutus reminds me so much of you and yet he is different. He is a wonderful addition to our family and he is such a love - just like you! I love you, Rico - Your Mommy**July 18, 2004**Hello, my Rico Baby...Mommy has missed you for over 1 year now. I still think of you so often and carry the memory of your sweet love and devotion in my heart always. You were my first baby and I will always love you. I know you are happy and healthy and waiting patiently for Mommy to join you at the Rainbow Bridge. I send you all my kisses and love...Your Mommy **December 2004** Merry Christmas, my little Rico Baby! Mommy still misses you everyday. You will always be my most special little Rico love...Hugs and kisses from your Mommy. **April 2005** Hi, my little Rico Love! Your mommy still thinks of you everyday and misses you so much. Nothing can replace the love I will always have for you in my heart. Here is a note from your Daddy: Rico, a day does not go bye that I don't think of you . Oh sweet joy floods my soul. I loved you so much. I am so sorry that I was not there for your last breath. But I know in my heart that you knew I was there for you. Time was gone and you knew it. I told you on our last visit how much I loved you and that it was time to go. I am not sure if I have ever shared this with your Mommy, but I laid on your bedroom floor and talked with Rico for hours. Of all the good times we had and joy that had come our way. The most of these were Marsha and Val. How could anyone love Rico as much as I did, but.... you did. How could anyone cherish the sweet memories, but you did.....How could anyone care for Rico like me, but you did....My love for you both will never die. Rico, you cannot be replaced. You were my one true friend. I will never forget you and all that you meant to me. You shared in so much of my life. All those years are hard to forget. And I don't want to. Love, your Daddy Wayne. **July 11, 2005** - Hi Rico Love, it has been 2 years since you left us and I still think of you everyday. You were my first baby and I shall never forget you or the wonderful times we shared. Love you, my little one, Your Mommy.**December 19, 2005**Merry Christmas, my precious one! Mommy still thinks about you and misses you ever so much. I know we will be together again one day. Love you my baby boy, Your Mommy.**May 24, 2006 - Happy Spring, my little Rico Baby. I still think of you so often, your pictures are still all over the house. I have told little Brutus all about you - you boys would have really loved each other! I love you and know we will be together some day. You are Mommy's little Sweet Pea forever. Love, Your Mommy.**July 11, 2006 Hello, my precious Rico Baby! It has been 3 yrs today since you left us, and I still miss you so much and look at your pictures every single day. I love you and know we will be together again one day. Love always, your Mommy. **June 17, 2007** Hello, my precious little one! It has been 4 yrs since you went to the Rainbow Bridge. I have been thinking of you so much lately and know there will never be another baby like you. You have my heart forever, my Ricobuds. Val, Brutus and Bailey send their love, too. Your Mommy loves you and misses you so much. **October 3 2007** Hello, my Rico love! Thinking of you, as always, knowing you're happy and healthy and playing with friends. A new friend joined you on 10/1, Sarah - I know you will guide her and love and play with her until both her Mommy and I join you there. I love you, my little Sweet Pea - Your Mommy.**February 1, 2008** Happy 2008, my little Rico baby. Mommy still thinks of you and misses you SO MUCH. A new friend joined you last week - his name is Klonny. Help him along the way, guide him into the beautiful meadow where all are healthy and happy. Have fun playing together! Sending you my love and kisses - Your Mommy. ***July 11, 2008*** Hello my precious Rico Baby! It is 5 yrs today since you left us and went to the Rainbows Bridge. I still think of you all the time and long for your sweet kisses and special love. There will never be another YOU. Your Mommy loves you so much and keeps you ever so close in her heart......Love you, my little one - Your Mommy. P.S. Brutus and Bailey send kisses and butt sniffs, too. *** August 5, 2008*** Hi, my little Rico Baby! You have a new friend that joined you - her name is Bailey. Guide Bailey to the beautiful fields where all run and play and are healthy and happy. Show her all the sights and fun things to do. Mommy sends you a BIG hug and kisses, too. You will always be my precious baby boy - love, your Mommy.***December 21, 2008** Hello, my little one! We have moved to North Carolina and live in the woods in a great big house. You would just love it here, sitting in Mommy's lap by the fireplace, keeping snuggly warm! It is almost Christmas, and I was thinking of you and missing you. I love you, my baby boy - Your Mommy.***February 21, 2009*** Hello, my precious Rico baby! Mommy still thinks of you all the time and misses you SO much. You have a new friend that has joined you - his name is Moses. Guide Moses to the beautiful fields where all run and play in safety and good health. Be his friend and help him be at peace. Mommy sends you all her love & kisses, my sweet baby boy. ***July 5th, 2010*** My Rico Love!! Mommy has been thinking about you so much lately and always missing you so. I hope you are still happy and running and giving those sweet little grunts and growls that Mommy still misses to this day. Bailey is now 9 years old, but he is such a puppy still - he loves chasing and running in the woods. Little Brutus is 11 yrs old and is such a sweet little love, gives mommy lots of kisses. Both of them are VERY afraid of loud noises and were very scared of the July 4th fireworks. We gave them a doggy valium and told them you were watching over them and not to be afraid. Thank you, Ricobuds!! You are mommie's first true baby love and I still think about you and miss you. I send you all my love and kisses, my sweet little boy. **July 11, 2010**Hello, my little Rico Love! Today marks 7 years since you left us and we still miss you everyday. There will never be another you, my baby boy, my precious little one. Mommy, Val, Bailey and Brutus all send love and kisses.***July 3, 2011***Hello, my little Ricobuds! It is almost 8 years you left us to go to the Rainbows Bridge. How much I still miss you! I was just showing someone pictures of you and me this past Friday night - it made me want to hold you in my arms and give you kisses and have you give them back to me. You are my precious little one and I'll never forget you, my sweet little man. I know you are happy and healthy, but also ever on alert, waiting for the sound you love the most....Mommy's voice. Someday we will all be together again - keep listening!! I love you, Rico baby. Val, Baily, Brutus and Daddy Wayne all send kisses, too.***January 10, 2012*** Hi my Rico love! Mommy misses you still and thinks of you so often. Today a very special sweet boy named Rocky joined you there - I'm sure you have already greeted him and are showing him the beautiful places to run and play. Rocky is a gentle soul and just wants to herd everything, eat his hot dogs and wait patiently for his mommy to arrive...her name is Wendy and they love each other so much. Her heart is aching without Rocky. I know just how she feels - I was so heart broken when you left me. Love you always, Rico Baby. Brutus and Bailey send their love and licks.***July 2, 2012*** Hey my sweet little Ricobuds! It is the 9th anniversary of your trip to the Rainbows Bridge. How mommy still misses you - your sweet little grunts, your sweet licks, your precious little Rico love. I'm so lucky to have my little Brutie Pie and sweet Bailey Boy. They have eased my losing you so much - and they send their kisses, too. Love you, my precious baby.***July 4, 2012*** Hi Rico Baby - yesterday a very sweet boy named Chance joined you at the Rainbow bridge. Welcome him, show him all the wonders there - run and play with him. His Daddys are Rick and Dan, and they miss him so much. Tell Chance that they will join him someday and to always be looking and listening for the sound of their voices - and run to greet them with all the love and kisses that joy can bring. Love you, my sweet Rico boy - mommy still misses you everyday.***July 11 2012***My sweet Rico - thinking of you today and missing you still. LOVE YOU ALWAYS, my precious little one - your mommy. ***July 1, 2013***Thinking of you today, my sweet Rico Love. I still love you and miss you every single day. But we have precious little Brutus (he is SUCH a joy to me) and our sweet loving Bailey Boy, you remember him. He is an old man now, 12 yrs old. And Brutie is 14 yrs old. We have a good life and we all miss you. Love you forever, my Rico Buds - your mommy.***July 11, 2013***Good morning, my sweet Rico love. Today is the 10th anniversary since you left us for the Rainbows Bridge...I still miss you every day and think of you everyday. My precious memories of us always make me smile and bring a lump to my throat as I remember how it felt to have you here, in my arms, giving me your sweet chihuahua love. The heartbreak of losing you can never be mended. Thank God I have sweet little Brutie Pie to help ease the pain. He is so precious Rico, a chihuahua like you - with many of your endearing charms. I love him so! Mommy sends you all her love and waits for the day when we will all be together again. Your big brother Bailey Boy sends a big slobbery lick and mommy Val sends her kisses. LOVE YOU, MY SWEET BABY RICO LOVE - your mommy. ***July 7, 2014 Hello my sweet Rico Love! I can't believe it has been almost 11 years since you left us for the Rainbow Bridge. I still miss you and kiss your pictures. Your baby brother Bailey is getting old now with bad back and hip issues. And little Brutus is 16 yrs old and has a bad hip, too! This is the first July without our beloved Val...I can see her holding you and playing with you in the fields of Rainbow Bridge...both of you waiting for the rest of us to join you. We love you both so much and miss you every single day. Mommy sends you tons of hugs and kisses and all her love. Bailey and Brutus send sweet licks and grunts, too.***July 11 2014 love you and miss you forever my sweet baby Rico. Wish I could kiss you right now and get your sweet kisses in return. Your mommy misses and loves you sweet precious one. **July 17, 2014** This afternoon my sweet Brutus joined Rico at the Rainbows Bridge. I miss you so much, Brutus. You brought unbelievable joy and healing to my life. Part of my heart went with you yesterday. Rico, please welcome your brother Brutus and show him all the beauty and happiness there. I look forward to the day when we are all together again. Brutus, I miss you sleeping by me, and seeing that sweet face wanting to go out to potty, your little circus dance. How will I make it without you? I hope you know how much you were loved and cherished. My heart is aching. Love you so much my baby boy. Rico, take care of him. Mommy loves you both more than you will ever know. xoxoxoxoxo **July 11, 2015** Good morning my sweet Rico Love and my precious Brutie Pie! Rico, it's been 12 years since you left me and I still long for your sweet love and kisses everyday. How I miss you. 😥😥😥 I miss my precious little Brutie Boy too...July 17 will be one year since you left me....my heart still aches for you all the time. You are both my precious babies and I love you and miss you so much. Xoxoxo **July 11, 2016** Hi my Rico baby! Today marks 13 years since you left me! I still think of you everyday and miss you so much. On June 24, 2016, your sweet brother Bailey joined you there. I am so lonely without him and miss him everyday. I am now missing all my babies....Rico, Brutus and Bailey. And of course, Baileys mommy Val. You were my family, my "pack", and now I'm the only one left. I miss you more than you will ever know, my tears flow daily. Waiting for that special day when we all are together again. Love love love you my precious boys.....mommy is hugging you in her heart. Xoxoxo ***July 11, 2017***Hi my Rico baby! I've been missing you now for 14 long years. You were joined on June 21 by your sweet little brother Ruffi. Mommy misses him so much. All of my babies are together now, and I'm so lonely without you. I love you all more than you'll ever know. Take care of each other and run and play. Mommy will join you one day. Love you so much, my sweet Rico baby xoxoxo.
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