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Memories of Rascal
It was love at first sight when I saw Rascal as a pup, walking proudly behind two teenage girls. I talked the girls into selling him to me. Rascal was named for what he was. He would like to play head games with his Ex house-mate Honey Bear, a Pomeranian, whom died last year(summer 2003) at the age of 14. For instance, she would bring dry food nuggets out into the living room to eat. Rascal would jump up on the couch and look out the window and bark, as if someone was walking by. When Honey Bear jumped up to see what was outside, Rascal would jump down and eat her nuggets! Rascal loved to run and explore. I would take him for walks on back dirt roads, so he could run free.You could see him smile as he ran. He loved to ride in my 1990 Ply Sundance.He would put his back feet on the back seat, his front feet on the middle console. That way he could stand shoulder to shoulder with me while I drove. He'd steal a kiss if you looked at him. Last year in Oct 2004, I had gotten a divorce from a 23 yr marriage.I bought a home 50 miles away.I took a week vacation to get settled in with Rascal.He had a dog door and fenced yard, just like at the old place. My first night back to work, Rascal had chewed and dug out to follow me. I didn't know it.He got hit and killed by a car.I never lost a dog so suddenly, only from old age,when I expected it. I have a million what if's and should haves, but it will never bring him back. I took it pretty hard, knowing he had to die scared and alone in the night. I never loved any dog like I did Rascal. He was my soul buddy. I don't know why God took him early, and that he couldn't be included in my new life. Some day I'll know the answer. I miss and love you my little Buddy. Jan.24,05 _ I still miss you a lot my boy. I wish you were still here.--- May 10,05....I got a new pup Rascal. A Rat Terrier; Riley. Not to replace you tho....nothing could replace you. I was getting lonely for that unconditional love. He has lots of energy like you did. Now I can go for walks and bike rides again.He goes with me to work and rides on the truck. I know you don't mind. I miss you. Oct.4,2005....It's been exactly 1 year since you left me and went to Rainbowsbridge.I wish I could once not cry when I come to see you here. I still miss and love you, my boy, although it's not quite as painful now. I know you're up there with Honey Bear and your favorite cat buddy, DC. Some day we'll all be united again. Till then, run free...............XOXOX Jan.27,06 It's a new year. I'll always miss you. Thank you for giving me 10 years of your life. Oct.2006....It's been 2 years since you went to "the other side". I'll always miss you; you were the bestest of friends. Even the human ones. 7/25/07 Hi Rascal.My new doggy pal Riley is good company, but he'll never be you....ever. I miss you.8/21/07 Riley has been growling and nipping at people.Guess I haven't been a very good Pack Leader after you left.I never had to work at being a Pack Leader with you. You always respected me. Wish I could kiss your cheek again. Jan.31,2008 Hi guy.Remember our friend Mr.MG? His beloved Mini Pin doggie fur baby passed today of diabetes.He should be there.Look for him,OK? And show him around.10/13/08 I'll never stop missing you,Rascal.I tried to find another dog like you, but she didn't even come close.But of course, every dog has their own personality. Say HI to DC, Honey Bear,Karmy, and Lil John. Jan.23,2009 Rascal....my Mom's Doberman, Kona, died today. He choked on a piece of his blanket.Could you look for him? He's really scared and lost.Oct 18,2009 Rascal, wish you were here to lick my tears away. Life has changed and will never be the same. April 3,2010....It's been 6 years already since you've been gone. I think about you often.Give Dad and Brian a big lick.
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