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Memories of Rambo
Rambo, today you would of turned two years old. I remember the day you born, when I got the phone call that you were finally here, I could'nt wait to bring you home. Here is what your daddy wrote its taken awhile for us to do this because we miss you so much and would give anything to have you back with us. Rambo was my little man, my first dog and I miss him more than I could ever express. He loved every person and animal he came into contact with. I hope that where he is, he knows how much his family loves and misses him. Although Rambo passed away from an illness at a young age, the time I had with him taught me the meaning of unconditional love. Even though we have two other young puppies, the void left by Rambo will never be filled. It's been over 3 months and the sadness I feel is no easier now than the day after it happened. When Rambo was about a year old we, decided he needed a friend, so we got him Bella, also a Shih tzu. Bella is a small puppy who looked like Rambo's twin. They immediately became best friends and we were very happy that Rambo had a little sister. When Rambo passed away, Bella didn't eat for days and had to be taken to the vet and put on anti-deppressents. A short time ago we got Bella a baby brother, a six week old Shih tzu named Justice. Bella seems to be happier now and I know Rambo looks down from heaven and is happy that his baby sister has a new friend. Being a police officer, I have seen death up close numerous times, but nothing could have prepared me for what happened. Every night when I walk in the house and Rambo isn't there to greet me, it hurts inside. Simple things like going in the backyard to BBQ or swim in the pool are not the same without him there. I don't like to watch Animal Precint anymore it was Rambo's favorite show. Though it will be a long time before I see Rambo again, his memory and pictures around the house will be a daily reminder of the love he brought to our family. I know when we meet again, Rambo will expect a big bag of beggin strips and a big bowl of pasta. So until that day take care my little man and god bless.1/28/04 Rambo today Bella & Justice are with Dr. Shuffer for the night they are getting spayed and neutered. I miss you so much this is the first time everyone has be gone its so quiet. A day does not go by that we all don't talk about how much we love and miss you. Kyle brought home a baby kitty a few weeks ago his name is Rocky. You would love him, you were such a good mommy and daddy to Piglet's kitties. I know that you and Piggy are together in heaven and hope you both know how much we miss you. Hi, Rambo tommorow is one year since you left us. We still miss you so very much a day doesn't go by that we don't think of you. Every night when I turn on your light Bella runs to it as if she's trying to say goodnight. She still misses you so much, you can see it everytime someone says your name. Your daddy still cries for you. I thought once we moved to a new house maybe it would get a little easier, but wrong. I hope you and Piglet are happy there, we love you both so much and miss you, but I know in my heart someday we will all be together. Big hugs to you and Piggy from all of us. Today is two years since you left us we still miss you so much. Bella has gotten so big and she still looks for you when she hears your name. We thought about getting another baby from the pet store he is a little SHIPOO, named Stuie, but I think with Bella & Justice & Kelly we still miss you too much and maybe should wait. We all send big hugs to you and Piggy and hope you both know how much we miss you and love you. August 10, 2006, today is three years since you left us we still miss you so very much. We think of you everyday. Bella is sitting here with me while I write its like she knows what I'm doing. We did rescue a new friend for Justice her name is Coco she was found in the street, but now she is very happy. I think I've used all my space so bye for now and please know we all love & miss you so much. August 10, 2007, another year and we still miss you so, a day does not go by that we don't think of you. There has been a stray black cat at Vons for about a month she looks like Piggy, I was I could bring her home. We all miss you and love you. August 10, 2010, today is seven years and we still miss you so much. Everything has changed Kelly is now gone, hopefully with you and Piglet. Kyle and Buddy are grown up and gone, Buddy is in the Army far away. We moved to a new big house and its so lonely and quiet. You would of liked it here, lots of bunnies and trails to walk, two really nice dogs across the street, its nice, just too quiet with everyone gone. We got a new dog Oreo from Moondoggies, they were going to put him down so we bought him. He's so much like you happy and loves everyone, he also seems to make Bella happy again. We all miss you and love you, please look out for Kelly he never expected what happened, its so sad. Ok, this time I'm a little late, sorry its August 13, 2011, eight years since you have been gone. And once again things have changed so much. I went to visit Vixen today I think this time next year she and Bitsy will be with you. Its so sad when I come home Bella knows I saw her. Bella is doing good had a few close but she's tough, I think she just really misses you and Kelly and the boys. Buddy is still in the Army now he is living in Hawaii. Wish I was too. One of the dogs across the street Veruca is gone now too, its so sad. I always wonder at what point you let go and stop the suffering. Buster is all alone and he looks awfull.Theres a little brown dog at Lowes hes been there 3 1/2 months the owner dumped him. Its so sad he waits and waits for them to come back. Im trying to so hard to save him and there are so many other people trying too. Its just so sad how could someone do that. Well I hear your daddy getting home I better go, he still cant talk about this but he does have your picture everywhere and carries one with him. He misses you so much. Well we all love you and miss you tons and will never forget what you did for all of us (your daddy now carries food and snacks on his police motorcycle to feed the strays) who would of thought. Please make sure Kelly knows Im so very sorry and Buddy loves him so much. xo October 16, 2011 Here we go again, this morning Justice passed away. It dosnt make sense since he was never sick till last week. But I knew yesterday he wanted to go I could see it in his eyes when I went to visit him at the vet. He had good doctors and they really did try to save him. I feel so bad for your daddy I will never understand how this can happen twice to someone. I know that Justice is with you and you will look after him. Poor Bella and your daddy are not doing well at all, its so sad to see both of them like this again. I will write you soon. Let Justice know we are so sorry and miss you both. xo February 8, 2012 so hopefully by now Justice is with you. Its still too hard to write to Justice so I will to you. You always understand so please know we love and miss you both tons. xo February 14, 2013 I'll write to you soon. Love you and miss you tons. xo August 9, 2013 Saturday is 10 years where has the time gone, it seems like yesterday. I finally finished the dog wall so everyone will know how much we loved you and Justice. Once again things have changed so much who would of ever thought Kyle & Buddy would be back home and we would be going to soccer on a Saturday, they are 23 & 24 now. We have 2 new dogs Ozzy & Gia and of course Bella & Oreo are still here. Bella is getting old she is 10 now but doing good a little grumpy at times but good. She still misses you and can smell you. You would love Ozzy sometimes I think he's you especially after reading A Dog's Purpose, he's a Westie. There's a new stray we are feeding now I think he's Akita I call him Kona he's lived in the field for year now its sad Dr. Berg's office is going to have a rescue group try to help him. Maybe someday I'll win the lotto and can open a place for homeless pets or somewhere that homeless vets can stay with their pets. Please always know how very much we love and miss you. Let Justice, Kelly and Piglet know we love and miss them too. xo P.S. the neighbors had to put Buster down and Christy lost Chopper so let them know we are thinking of the too. xo :) February 25, 2014 Once again so many changes the dog (Kona) I was feeding in the field turned out to be a girl with a friend Hope and three puppies. We rescued everyone the puppies came here to live we trained them and found them incredible homes, Kona, Bear & Chimi. We visit them often and they are all dong great. We rescued Kona & Hope had them spayed. I screwed up big time and asked for help from a rescue they were awful. Her name is Royce Angels & Paws she didn't treat them good. She is a transporter. So I pray Kona (Lucky) is with you and that Hope found a good home. I promise I will never ask for help again. :( I hope you always know how much we love and miss you. Oh, there is a little maltese named Jack he was stolen from his home 15 weeks ago its so sad his mom misses him so much. Please look out for him. Love you xoxo January 23, 2015 Rambo hope you and Justice are good. I guess I should of wrote sooner sorry I didn't write on your birthday but so much has happened with Oreo. I guess Dr. Berg really wasn't as good of vet as we thought thats probably why Justice is with you, sorry. Oreo ruptured the disk in his back and thank god we found Dr. Berry he saved him. He doesn't walk yet but he's alive and happy and someday he will walk. The puppies we rescued are doing great we saw them a few weeks ago. Bella's getting old and think sometimes she thinks she sees you. She really can't hear anymore but she's happy. Well I better go finish the laundry tell Justice, Kelly & Piglet we love them and miss you all. I really hope Lucky is with you I know I really need to stop looking for her. And little Jack his mom still has not found him its heartbreaking. Please look out for him and Lucky. We love you & miss you tons. xoxo P.S. Grandma didn't take care of Vixen I know she was old but she should of had more time,please tell her Im so sorry for letting grandma take her. I guess I should of known if she dint take care of us when we were little she certainly couldn't of taken care of Vixen. I'm so sorry. 02/10/18 Well here we go again looks like its Bella's turn to join you. I know she's old pancreasitis, kidney failure and liver failure, but its breaking my heart to let go. I feel like I'm going to stop breathing when she does. She's home till Monday at noon on IV fluids then they will send her to you and of course I need to go alone. Its awful always having to be the strong one. I'm sorry I tried everything but no amount of money could fix this. I don't get it I save so many other dogs why couldn't I save my own? I guess its true when they say stop trying to save the world because someday there won't be anybody there to save you. I'm sorry.

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