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Memories of Rainbow Hills "Bruno" Valar
Bruno U are the best companion forever. U are always ready for whatever even now in my dreams, & always okay about hangin' out (mostly, I loved your moanings Puppy when u were bored!)if I wanted to hang out. We loved hugs & kisses, evening bone bitings, & sleeping together. We grew up running on the beach. U were ALWAYS ready with a kiss. U LOVED girls, snik snaks, beer, chips & salsa & hated oysters. If I was grumpy U'd scrumble, wiggle your back side (the tail goes around!) & then I'd no longer be grumpy. I KNOW we'll see each other again, I dreamt about u six months BEFORE u were born (or bred) as a full grown dog, u told me what your name is in that dream, and I know what u look like as a human, 'cause I saw u again in a dream. Good Bruno, wait, Mom find Bruno. 11604 (EXACTLY ONE MONTH) Dear Bruno, u are so amazing, u knew I was hurting, missing u, and knew I needed to dream about u (four weeks to the day of the second worst day of my life (Thursday 11404, the morning of the day, four weeks after u left.) And what do u do? U come to have some good water and a gave yourself a scrub up. We were in a dream within a dream, then I got out of bed & came into the living room, & when u kissed me, spirit to spirit, u were upset that my spirit was still in the body. Oh Puppy! Please don't worry Puppy, don't stay, we'll be together again, I know. Just wait & play at the Rainbow Bridge, or go and be the man I dreamt about and whose footprints u left for me on the beach two mornings after u left. LOVE U BRUNO. Be well. Until we meet again. LOVE AND HUGS. MOM.4605 Dear Bruno, Well my Sun six months it has been. It was so funny...a few weeks ago I was out walking our normal walk, and MISSING u so very much, but I KNEW u were okay...'cause I knew u were walking the earth as a man..(AND I could feel u) and then suddenly there u were...(on a poster.) Tall handsome young strong just like I dreamed..and a mortgage banker to boot...even your name..(Bruno VaVala!) my friends all think I'm nuts...I love u, where ever u are, whereever u go..whatever u are..CANNOT WAIT TO SEE U AGAIN IN THE FLESH..WAIT FOR ME. Love & Hugs MOM. 42105 The Summer Sun is fading. As the year grows old. Darker days are drawing near. The winter winds will be much colder. Now that u are not here. I watch the birds fly south across the autumn sky. One by one they disappear. I wish that I were flying with them. Now that u are not here. Like a Song through the Trees You Came To Love Me. Like a leaf on a breeze You flew away. Through autumns golden gown we used to kick our way. You always loved this time of year. Those fallen leaves lie undisturbed. Now that you are not here. A gentle rain falls softly on my weary eyes. As if to hide a lonely tear. My Life will be forever lonesome. Now that you are not here. 5405. Happy BarkDay Bruno. You are elebenteen now. I am making a puppy cake for you in my head. Come and have some. HUGS Kisses AND MY LOVE ALWAYS, MOM. 10605 Dear Bruno it's been one year today. I lit candles for us, one for u, and one for me. Yours only stayed lit becuse you knew I wanted it to stay lit. I blew it out so u could move on. You are free my good good Sun. I will always miss you, but I know you have to go be with others like you were with me. Please know I miss you and CAN'T wait to be with you again. Please come visit me okay? Even if it's just to leave a single drop of rain on my cheek. THANK YOU BRUNO for teaching me how to love. MISS YOU BUNCHES Mom. 21006. THANK YOU Bruno for bringing me into rescue, and for finding Mr. Jones. On the one year anniversary of your passing. Thank you for helping me to see love is still out there. And thank you for helping me to make Mr. Jones well and finding him a family to live with that loves him. And most recently, thanks for King "Henry" Kong. He is most like you of any of the dee oh gees I have met since you left. Help me to find him a good home too Bruno. LOVE AND HUGS. MISS YOU STILL, Mom. 5406 Hey Puppy! Happy Barkday! You are twelveteen today! I hope you hugged King Henry Kong when he came to you! He was the best. THANKS for bringing him! And now, thanks for bringing Kona Beau, he is even more like you than Henry. Please help me to find him just the right home Puppy! He deserves it! I miss you, and try not to cry when I think of you. Be good baby, I'll see you soon. LOVE AND KISSES ALWAYS MOM. 100606 Hey Puppy! It's two years today (on the date) and two years and two days from Wednesday the day you left. I MISS YOU so MUCH! I lit a candle for you, the same one I lit one your barkday, and you know your MAGIC is till with me. It stayed lit for hours, until I blew it out. This is AMAZING because there was so little of it left, it should have gone out long before I blew it out. I LOVE you PUPPY! Thanks you so much, and thanks to G-d for bringing you into my life. Our love is FOREVER. I cannot wait to see you agin. LOVE AND KISSES and HUGS. Mom. P.S. XOXO DEAREST BRUNO! Today is 100207 and I cannot handle the fact that tomorrow (Wednesday) the day, but not the date, is when you left. Here we are My BELOVED, ALMOST three years since you left! I "most always" leave a cookie for you at the BRIDGE over LIGHTHOUSE WAY EVERY TIME I go by. Oh GOLLY BRUNO!! You ARE SO AWESOME! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I AM SO GLAD YOU FOUND ME! And I MISS YOU MORE THAN YOU CAN KNOW!!! We ARE connected, WE WILL ALWAYS BE CONNECTED! Thank you for coming into my dreams, YOU ARE THE BEST! BETTER THAN ALL THE REST! BETTER THAN ANYONE!! SIMPLY THE BEST! Oh PUPPY! I see you everywhere, PLEASE WAIT for me! LOVE & KISSES! MOM. 5408 HAPPY BARK DAY PUPPY! You are fourteen now! I am SO HAPPY you came into my life. We are bonded forever. THANKS FOR STAYING with me, and coming to me in my dreams! LOVE YOU ALWAYS. MOM P.S. Miss you 'ever day! I guard Jake's friends for you, and talk to you about all the other dee oh gees I see! 100608 Dear Puppy Bruno! It is four years to the date you left. Even so I KNOW the DAY was last Wednesday. THANKS for baking up BJ, he is GREAT! I lit a candle last Tuesday for you, and even so it is battery operated it has been ON for FIVE WHOLE DAYS. I MISS you Bruno I ALWAYS will. Can't wait to be with you again. Please keep coming into my dreams. LOVE FOREVER. MOM. 050409 Happy Bark Day Bruno! Miss you TONS! THANKS for the pie baking! Came out well! Make another okay Puppy?! LOVE ALWAYS MOM 100609 Hey Puppy! Sure do miss you. Been five years and I still guard other dee oh gees for you! But only Friends of Jake! Kissess from Oliver were good. Minded me of yours! Send more okay Puppy! Love ALWAYS Mom. 050410 Happy Barkday Rainbow Hills Bruno Valar! See you soon! Love Mom.P.S. Is Zane out there? Give me a sign okay? 100610 Nothing bad in the belly now right Puppy?! Come and get me PLEASE. Love you. ♥Mom♥ 5111 Hey Puppy! You are still in my dreams because true love will never die. It is almost your Seben-teen bark day! See you then im my heart and head! Love Mom.5411 HAPPY HAPPY BARK DAY PUPPY. Just LOVE you. Thanks for staying with me. You are the only one that stayed loyal. To this day. Bob Seger said it well. "I'm surrounded by strangers I thought were my friends." Happy Happy Barkday Bruno. Love you for Ever. Mom. 100611 Dearest Bruno my good good puppy love. Miss you still. Where ever I am always thou art, forever you will live within my heart and in my dreams. Until we meet again. Please make it soon. Forever. ♥Mom♥ 5412 Hey Puppy You are eighteen now! Happy Bark Day! Miss You so much. Thanks for sending the Bird. I still guard other dee oh gees for you. Miss You SO MUCH. 4Ev3rLOVE. Mom. 10612 Actually 105 but I can't wait. Love you SO much. Hope like hope to be with you soon. Love Mom. 5413 Happy Bark Day Bruno! Love For Ever. See you Soon! Mom 10213 Hru Bruno. not the date but the day 10694 miss you can't wait to see you. Dad "divorced" me. So not kisses for him anymore. Love you Puppy. Mom.Happy Barkday Bruno! 5414 Miss u. When r u coming to get me? Love Mom. 10614 Miss u Puppy. Hugs for Dad & tell Bird to not jump out of the car! Love U Bruno come get me soon. Love U. Mom.5415 Happy Barkday Bruno! Love and miss you Puppy! Mom 100615 Eleven years and I still miss you. Please come get me! Love U. Mom.5416 Happy Barkday Puppy! Love and miss you! Mom 1062016♥You4Ever! Mom 542017Happy BarkDay Bruno Puppy! Love you! Mom.1062017 Love you Bruno! Time to come get me! 5418 ♥!10618 ♥♥♥!
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