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Memories of Rx
Mom and I adopted you in Feb of 2002. Being from a medical background, Mom named you Rx for a prescription of healing and happiness after losing our dog Shadow to cancer.
You were about 6 months and full of energy. Later that same year, Mom was diagnosed with ALS and you became her little shadow, making sure she was okay. You would even sleep on a little bed on her nightstand, and meow loudly if she needed help. In 2003 we lost Mom and you became my little shadow, making sure I was okay. You then started sleeping with me, you would reach out and touch me in the night and purr.
You accepted my husband with loving purrs and playful swats, sometimes, running past me and looking for him when we walked in the door.
I had you for almost 15 years, and sadly you left us last week. This week has been so hard without you. You were literally the first thing I saw each morning and the last thing I saw each night. Our hearts ache and we are just numb.
I know that one day we will see each other again at the Rainbow Bridge, Until then run and play, until we meet again.

1/24/07 We picked up your dishes today, and removed your litter box. It was so hard. I kind of felt if I left it down there, you would come back. Knew it was not true, but still was a thought. We miss you Rx. Love you.

02/09/17 You have been gone a little more than one month. I still cannot sleep at night, you are not there by my side. I learned a new phrase today in Norwegian, Jeg savner deg sa. It means I miss you so. I love you.

06/10/17 I still look for you at night when I hear a noise. Sometimes, I think I see you moving when something catches my eye. I miss you so much, and long for the day when we will see each other again.

07/07/17 Happy Birthday in heaven. You would have been 16 today. I miss you so much. today was hard, celebrated the birthday of your little brother Macky. Cannot believe he is 10. Getting ready to go back to Norway this summer again. It will be hard when we come home and your are not running to great us.

10/17/17 Wow, I still miss you so much. I am not feeling well at all and wish you were here to comfort me with your loving eyes and purrs. On the 20th Mom will have been gone 13 years. She loved you so much. Your little brother Macky says hi, and Daddy and Mommy still miss you.

12/24/17 First Christmas without you. Last Christmas you were so sick, but hung in there till after the new year. I miss you so much. I am still not feeling well and wish you were here. I love you, Merry Christmas Rx.

01/06/18 Today is one year since you crossed over the rainbow bridge. I miss you. You were my sunshine, you truly were. Last night I thought I heard your little meow and jumped up. Guess you were saying hi from the rainbow bridge. I look forward to the day we will meet again.

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