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Memories of Rusty
Rusty was a rescue gotten from Second Chance Poms out of Texas about eight years ago. He was found abandoned in a back yard during a hot Texas summer. He came to us as a bouncy, full of life fur baby. He was our protector and constant companion.

Rusty loved his squeaky toys. The first time we took Rusty to Petsmart, he pranced down the toy isle and picked out his toy which he carried all over the store and up to the check out counter. It was so funny and people in the store were laughing at him. The check out clerk had to scan a soggy toy so she was not laughing. He would do this every time we took him to a pet friendly store.

Rusty loved when we had visitors at home but never wanted them to leave. He would block the door when they tried to leave. Usually Rusty would give them a nip on the ankle when leaving.

The only thing that frightened Rusty was loud noises. If a pot or pan was dropped he would tuck his tail and take off to the back bathroom. All we had to do to get him back to the front of the house was rattle the snack snack bag. Rusty loved his snack snacks. He also loved to ride in the car. Just jangle his leash and he could jump waist high he would be so excited. He loved to have the wind in his face while riding.

Rusty never messed up anything in the house. He never chewed up shoes or bothered anything that might have been left on the floor. The kids might miss a toy now and then but all toys were his. He kept most of his toys in a pile by or in his bed.

Rusty loved to chase the neighbors cats but never managed to catch one. He was tolerant of our cats but they didn't run so he didn't chase them. I guess he knew which cats didn't belong in his yard.

A few months ago, Rusty was diagnosed with diabetes and went blind. He took his twice daily shots without complaint ever. He managed to get around like a champ. He had more heart and spunk than anyone could imagine.

Rusty was a loving, sweet, protective companion and our hearts are breaking but we know he is once again the young, healthy pup that he was when he came to us.

We love and miss you Rusty. There will never be another fur baby like you. We hope the last eight years of your life were better than your first two. You certainly brought joy to our lives. Have fun at the rainbow bridge and remember you are in our thoughts and hearts always.

Love always,

Debbie and Dane


It's been almost a year since you left us my sweet fur baby. We talk about you often and miss you and your sweet ways so much. We haven't had the heart to adopt another little man like you as we are still missing you too much. Enjoy the rainbow bridge and we will see you again one day! We love you Roo Roo!

Debbie and Dane


Another year and it's hard to believe you have been gone for 2 years now. We still think of you and the cute things you did. We talk of you often. The old white cat you loved to chase but could never catch is still hanging around but now has a new chaser. We adopted another needy little man from Second Chance Poms after Dane's kidney transplant. He is a sweetie like you and reminds us of you daily. We still love you the most and look forward to seeing you again one day!!

Debbie and Dane

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