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Memories of Rusty
My Rusty, thank you for being such a good boy for 12 years. Even through all your leg pain you still were such a loving boy to us all. You protected us with your loud bark even if it was bigger than your bite :). Rusty you no longer have to be scared of the thunder and firecrackers. Where you run now is a place full of joy and happiness. I will miss hearing you bark when you know I am home and hearing your tail tap the wall in the early morning hours. You will always be in my heart .

Rusty and myself wants to give a special thanks to the best vet ever Dr.Kelly Wiggins .Thank you Kelly for taking such great care of my baby all these years for loving him as if he was your own and especially for coming to the house for Rusty to meet Jesus. I will be forever grateful

My sweet sweet Rusty boy I miss you so I look at your big brown eyes and I know you are dancing with Jesus with your brand new legs .So many folks has wrote such sweet things about you and they are all true .Mommy will see you at the Rainbow Bridge I love you so

My sweet Russ oh how I miss you . When I come home I still wait to hear your bark but it never comes. I still wonder who is going to take care of you when I go on trips .Its so hard to have lost momma and you within a few weeks of each other, know that I will always and forever love you and no other furby can take your place but may fill my void in my heart for you .When it is time I will get another furby and they will know all about you my big brown dog :-)

My sweet baby Rusty I have a 2 new furry friends you would just love them,Paris is the girly dog she is 8 and a rescue and then there is Mozart but I call him Moses. I miss you so much my Rusty boy my heart was aching for you and God and you sent these furry babies to me. You will always be forever in my heart. I will see you one day on that Rainbow bridge I love you forever Merry Christmas my sweet furry friend . Tell Noni and Papa how much I miss them and love them too. Your Mommy

My sweet Rusty Boy I had a dream about you last night I had to tell you, you were running and turn a corner and slid i knew it was you I ran a hugged and kiss you. Mommy misses you so much paris and moses are trying but i do miss my big red dog .Your birthday is coming up enjoy the stuff I have for you. Love Mommy

My sweet Rusty it's hard to believe its been a year now .My heart still yearns to see your big brown eyes :(. I know I have Moses and Paris which they are very good fur babies but they will never replace you my big red dog. You now have several friends their with you and I know you are running and playing like you always liked to do .i haven't looked at the pictures yet that Mary took that day but I'm almost there.I love you more

Oh my sweet Rusty Oh how I miss your bark your big brown eyes .I just simple miss my big red dog.. I can't believe its been 3 years since you went to the Rainbow Bridge...I still find your hair in our house .You will always hold such a special place in my heart. There is nothing like the love of a big dog. Mommy loves you my Rusty forever and ever....
Until we meet again tell Chan chan I love and miss her too..

Oh Rusty Oh how is miss you big brown eyes... I saw a movie the other day Pete"s Dragon and that sweet dragon reminded me of you ...in his eyes and how he communicated with Pete.. Moses and Pari s are trying to fill the void that you left and i love them so but nothing will ever replace you in my heart!!!!
I will love you always.. I know you .Chan Chan and lil man will be waiting for me at the Rainbow bridge.
I hope you like your page <3<3

My sweet rusty I started fostering for the first time oh how I miss a big dog so I got Annie it was love at first sight she has those big brown eyes like you and so sweet she reminds me of you 😊❤️. She is leaving soon for Colorado and it's like you going all over again I'm praying for a a great family to give her her forever home it's so much cooler there for here 😍. Until we meet again my forever furbaby I love u always and forever

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