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Memories of Rusty {yucca man}
When I first saw you,you were a little ball of fur.There were alot of changes going on in my life at the time.When we first met I said I can't love you but I will take care of you.The reason I said that was because I just lost my Ceasar.He was a sweet dog and I could not bear to lose another sweet soul in my life.As it turned out I did love you and still do.I will miss you terribly.You were always there for me.We spent 20 years together.That is a very long time.I remember when you were a kitten you were a terror.You stole food off the table and you had me thinking I was loosing my mind because I could not find what I put down until I caught you in the act.I remember one morning I got up to feed you and you did not come to eat.All you had to hear was a can opening and you were there.You would hear it even if you were sound asleep.When you did not show up for breakfast I woke the whole house up looking for you and blaming everyone that you must of got out of the house.We looked all over,every nook and cranny and even broke open the walls upsatairs thinking you might be there.We could not find you.After a whole day of searching you finally showed up from upstairs and Joey saw you.He stood at the top of the steps with you in his arms.Till this day we never knew where you went.You were not outside because everone was sleeping and there was no way you could of gotten out.We searched everywhere in the house.No you anywhere.I think you might of went visiting in your secret garden beyond.God love you.You were always a character you never used your paws to open doors and things,it was always your nose.Your nose was forever bruised and always dirty.You are a sweet soul and thankyou for sharing your life with me.You will always be in my heart and my soul forever.Till we meet again..Love always Ma Sunday March 1,2009..Today Mom bundled you all up with a comfy blanky to keep you warm and I covered you with a pretty satin embroided sham which matches your beautifully colored fur.Mom put 2 special roses in with you and a beautiful big red rose that Uncle Tommy gave Mom.I know he would want you to have that because he loved you very much too.I also sent with you a little Teddy bear holding a heart that says"I Love You"I also sent you with a cross that Uncle Tommy made a very long time ago made of wood and Palms,Uncle Tommy always made one each year for Mom on Palm Sunday.Take good care of these things.They carry lots of Love with them.You were all comfy and resting peacefully and we put you in your final resting place here on earth.You have a special section all for you and you alone.When spring comes and everything starts blooming you will be shaded by a beautiful Magnolia Tree.We put Moms Blessed Mother statue from Levittown where you first lived with Mom and the family.You looked so beautiful and peaceful sleeping like an angel.Always know Ma loves you lots and I miss you so.Love you always Ma.......Friday March 6,2009 Well Yucca its been a week since you went over the Rainbow Bridge..Today something special happened..today 1 week later at the same time Ma recieved the call from dad you passed my customer walked in with flowers for me because you passed and she knew ma loved you very much..along with the flowers she gave me a card with the poem of the rainbow bridge..that was a gift from you letting me know you are okey...Thankyou ma needed that..My customer Mary lost her sweet souls also..Spanky,ginger and smokey..Play and keep one another company and Yucca please don't forget Ma...Miss you so very much...I love you Mega...Love Ma......................Hi Yucca.Its Thursday March 20th..Ma's been thinking alot about you..I wish you were still here with me..I miss you so very very very much...I love you always...Love Ma....Yucca ma just recieved an email from my friend Isabel she is going to send a donation to North Shore Animal league in your memory...Your memory will live on always ...I love you...hugs and kiss always love Ma.........Tuesday March 31st Hi Yucca...Today Mom came home from the store and your head stone was on the door step..It came out beautiful....I miss you so very very much....I will love you always..Love Ma....July 5 2009..Hey yucca thinking about you just wanted to tell you ma just planted 2 rose bushes by your garden..love you always Ma..Sept4/2010..Hi Yucca..Miss you lots and lots and lots...Ma planted alot of beautiful plants in your garden.I extended the garden for you this summer.You mow have a Cherry tree and lots of new plants and ma got a St.Francis of Assissi statue for you too.It looks beautiful.Theres not a day that goes by that I dont think about you..I really really miss you.Just wanted to let you know everytime I water the plants by you thers always a rainbow.Usually theres one rainbow but the other day there were 2 rainbows.Thats a sign that your always with me in spirit,I LOVE YOU forever and ever..........Feb 27,2011..Hey Yucca its 2 years now you left us and went over the rainbow bridge..I still miss you soooo very much.We had a long and snowy winter this year but your light still shined buy your garden...I know you are always with us,,,Last week mom recieved an email on kitties that needed to be rescued.There was a kitty that was just over a year old and he looked just like you.he was found with his eyes shut closed from an infection.The vet cleared up the infection but unfortunately his retina's are damaged and he can no longer see.He is living in a resue in Manhattan.Mom thought of taking him home but we can't because it wouldnt be fair to him because of your brothers and sisters.Mom was afraid he would be scared and possibly get hurt so Mom sponsered him.Mom made a donation to care for him in your memory.His name is Jasper.He has the same dirty nose like you had and he loves to play..I love you Yucca and always will.I miss you and I think of you every single day...Love always Ma.....Hey Yucca...Today Nov 7 2011..Driddy had to go to the Rainbow bridge..I know you met him and you 2 guys are hanging out together once again..I will always love you two and miss you both.Look out for each other and give a sign to mom...Love you mega and miss you mega..Love ma

Monday March 18,2013.Hey yucca..I hope your with Lady..Beans..I know she always barked at you but that's just what she did..I hope you are all together over the bridge..Its been 4 years and Im still missing you..You were a special little boy..I love you..Love Ma...

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