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Memories of Rumba
We brought you home at 8 weeks old with a big red bow. U were the cutest little puppy. We built a life with you and the three of us were so happy.You brought so much joy to our lives baby boy. Thank you for being the best dog in the world..please wait for us at the Bridge. I know you're running at full speed to greet all of our departed loved ones..the good boy that you are...we love you forever and ever..Mama @ Papa...

11/16/16 - Hi Sweet baby...Mama's not doing too well today. I miss your mushy face and your rolly poly's on the bed. U were such a silly boy. I hope you're having fun at the Rainbow Bridge, enjoying all the new smells, and meeting new friends. We miss you Rums...Daddy is trying to keep busy, but I know he misses you terribly. I'll be back soon to check on you, be a good boy and go play now.....love u forever! xoxoxoxox Mama..

11/17/16 - Good Morning sweet boy...I'm starting to get into a new routine of not seeing your handsome face. I'm also starting to remember all the great times with you and need to put them in writing. Daddy and I took you on so many vacations to Asheville, North Carolina and we had so much fun with you. You used to be game for "anything"..well almost anything..Remember how terrified you were to cross the icy bridge on the Hickory Nut Trail, and Daddy had to carry all 32 pounds of you on a sheet of ice? That was scary, but we got through it. You trusted us and knew we would always keep you safe. That's how I think you felt when I drove you to the Vet for the last time. You trusted me with your life and I told you that Dr. B would give you a shot and make you feel better. That was the hardest day of my life, but I could tell by your eyes that you were ready for the Rainbow Bridge. Thanksgiving will be rough without you in the kitchen with me. I'm going to light a candle at the candlelight service for you Monday night. You know how your Mama loves candles. Please send me a sign every now and then Rums...I will always be close by and never leave you. I promise....I love and miss you so much.....remember the song I sang to you every night..your'e my honey bunny boo boo boo..your'e my tickalee pie..and Mama loves you and Mama needs you, you're Mama's tickalee pie...that was your favorite...kisses baby boy.......go sleepy now...xoxoxoxo

11/20/16 - Hello Baby Boy...tomorrow will be one week since you left us. This is my first Sunday without you. It's been so tough. I'm trying to stay busy which is helping. I was looking for you at dinner tonight. You always looked up at me with those pleading eyes, until I would give in. I could never resist that cute face of yours. I miss our after dinner routine. I would grab a handful of cheerios and put you on the bed for playtime. We always had so much fun. Never forget "Pawsies up", bella wella's and rolly polly...only "we" know what that means...o.k... sweetie...try to get some sleep now...Mama misses and loves you so much..I will be back to check on you soon...love u forever...Mama

11/21/16 - Baby Boy...I'm checking in to see how you're doing. Daddy and I were joking about you and all our silly ways...It's good we're able to laugh a bit now. We still want you with us; but know you were tired and you were ready to go to the Bridge. You were so brave, my sweet boy. I want you to know that you are always with us. I know you're having a ball at the Rainbow Bridge. We will see u again, I promise. Wait for us and Daddy can't wait to get your sweet beagle kisses. Mama is lighting a candle tonight for u at the Candlelight service. Look for the flame and I'll be there...I love and miss u sweet thing...xoxoxoxoxo

11/23/16 - Hi sweet baby boy...Mama had a rough day today, but I got through it. I sure could have used a beagle hug and feeling your soft ears, hearing your bark...I miss everything about you. I'm sure by now you're running the whole show at the Rainbow Bridge. The dogs and cats are probably flocking to you, because you are the sweetest. I remember the doggy daycare said you were always their "ice breaker" dog whenever a new dog came in afraid and unsure. You are such a good boy. Mama will save you a piece of turkey tomorrow on Thanksgiving. Please stay close Rums...I will be back to visit soon. I love and miss u so...xoxoxoxoxo

11/27/16 - Hi sweetpea...Mama's checking on you. I'm still here baby boy....every minute of every day. I used to tell you that all the time, let Mama do all the worrying for you. I've been sleeping with your binky every night and it's great comfort to me. Daddy and I went to the Humane Society yesterday looking for another Boo Boo. It's just way too soon baby boy...I'm still looking for "you". Someday soon we may be ready to love another, but not now. Daddy and I just melted when we looked at you handsome boy. I hope you're playing and having fun at the Rainbow Bridge with all your friends. I love you Rumby.....we miss you so much....go sleepy now....xoxoxoxo

11/29/16 - Hi my angel....Daddy and I are leaving for vacation to NY & Vermont. I wish you were coming with us. You used to love going on vacation with us. I promise when I get to Vermont and I will look up at the Mountains and think of you. Who knows, maybe I'll see u running through the field; I really hope so. I miss u sweet boy. I promise I'll come visit u soon, wait for me....love u forever...Mama...

12/6/16 -Hi Sweet boy...we are in Vermont now. It's so beautiful here. You are with me all the time. Mama is never far. I miss you so much Rums. Sometimes I can't bear it. Please send me a sign and let me know you're o.k. I want you here with me more than anything in the world. I knew this would be hard, but you can't imagine how much I miss your sweet face. We will be together someday, I promise. Mama loves you...kisses and snuggle bunnies....xoxoxoxo

12/20/16 - Hi Sweet boy...Mama and Papa got a new beagle boy this past Saturday, 12/17/16. His name is Beau and he's very handsome just like you. We went to the Shelter just to "look" and brought him home the same day. He's only a year and a half, was returned by his owner and he needed us. I know you approve, because the day after we adopted him, we took him on a walk through the park. There was a beautiful rainbow above; and that was our sign from you at the Rainbow Bridge. We could feel you smiling down on us. I know you would love your baby brother Rums. He sleeps in the exact same spot as you did on the bed. We know he feels you near. He will never replace you, but he has brought back happiness back to us. Mama and Papa will always love you and will never stop missing you. I promise I'll be back to check on you soon...kisses from your entire family and baby Beau...

3/31/17 - Baby Boy...I'm sorry it's been so long since I checked on you. We've been busy working with your baby brother Beau. He's finally settling in well; and is showing he trusts us. He still doesn't give as many beagle kisses to Daddy as you did, but he's showing more and more love every day. I'm sure by now you have tons of friends at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you're playing and having fun. Maybe you've even found some honey nut cheerios; you're favorite! I miss and love you so much Rums...kisses from Mama, Daddy and Baby Beau...go sleepy now..xoxoxoxoxo

11/7/18 - Hi My sweet boy, I am so sorry its been a long time since I wrote. But you know I think about you every day. Next Wednesday, 11/14 will be 2 years since you passed. I can't believe it's been that long. Your baby brother Beau is doing fine. He's a real character, not like you, but special in his own way. He's very strong and independent which are good traits. One thing you both share a love of is honey nut cheerios. Every time I give him one, I say "you're big brother loved these too". We are taking Beau to Asheville, North Carolina with us next month. I know it was one of your favorite places. We will take him to all the sites we took you (the bus trolley tour is a must). Anyways, I hope you are smiling down on us Rums, and Mama will always love and miss you. Sure by now, you are running the show at the Rainbow Bridge and that everyone there loves you very much. You are such special boy. Be good and Mama will check on you soon. Love u always Rumby!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

11/14/18 - Rumba, today is your 2nd anniversary at the Rainbow Bridge. We hope you are having a fun day and playing with all your friends. Mama and Papa miss you so much. Your baby brother Beau sends beagle kisses to you. I wish you were here with us; boy would we be having a big party! Anyways, look up at the sky sometime today and we will all be there smiling down on you. We love you Rums; today and forever!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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