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Memories of Rufus Welles
1/11/16 Rufus you have been with me through so much. I got you when I was 11 after both my brothers left for college. I thought I would feel so alone at home, but luckily you came along. I remember the first day I met you. We picked you up at the airport and you were so small and shaking and scared. When we first let you out of your crate at home you ran around the whole house about ten times. You would continue to do this when you were excited throughout your whole life. You always had so much energy and really kept my whole family going. I loved taking you on long walks and cuddling with you. We all did. We all loved you so much. I am going to miss you so much you have no idea. This whole thing was very unexpected and I feel like I never had a chance to say goodbye. I am happy I spent the morning with you before you passed. We drove to the vet and back and I just kept looking at you in your eyes and I know you loved me as much as I loved you. I think you had an idea something bad was going to happen and you were telling me that its going to be all right. I really thought we were going to have more years together, but I guess life doesn't always work out the way you planned. I know you are having so much fun in heaven and one day I will meet you there and I will give you the biggest hug you ever got. I love you Rufus. I always will.

I am still shocked that this happened. This is the first day without you on earth. I really should of just took you on a walk yesterday instead of letting you out on your own. Things would have been so different if I had just done that. I'm sorry for letting you out Rufus. We are planning on burying you on Martha's Vineyard. I know you loved it up there going on walks and going to the beach. We will always have that house up there, so your grave will always be with us. Rufus you will always be in my heart as long as I live. I am so happy I went to the animal hospital to see your body. You look so peaceful. They said you died instantly so you didn't have to suffer. I wonder if you are playing with Mandy right now in Heaven. She was your true love and then she moved away. I remember you were so sad you would sit at the edge of our driveway waiting for her to come out. Thats how I am feeling right now. I am just hoping you will just show up at my door scratching to get in. This will be so hard for me to recover from.

It's been a hard few months without you Rufus! I could of really used your warm and friendly personality through these past 4 months. I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you. The house feels so empty without you. Mom is getting you a really nice tombstone very soon. We are going up to the Vineyard for Memorial Day and we will bury you then. I am really missing you Rufus. I love you so much.

Today is the day we bury you in Martha's Vineyard Rufus. We ended up waiting longer than I thought to bury you. There was never a good time, but now everyone is on the island and we can do this. We picked out a nice tombstone for you that I think you would like. I really miss you Rufus so much. This year has been a really awful year. Lots of bad things have happened but I really do feel like you are happy in Heaven and having fun. We all really loved you especially me. It will be nice to finally have a place where we can go to remember you. I love you Rufus.

I am still thinking about you Rufus. It's almost the 2 year anniversary since you passed away. I have had a crazy last 2 years that started when you passed away. I really miss you, but I know we will be reunited one day. I love you Rufus.

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