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Memories of Rufus
Rufus 10/25/2001 to 4/15/2012 Diana 10/5/2012 to 3/22/2013

To my Rufy Dufy, I loved you from the first time i saw you, i am so glad you came into my life, you are and always will be my sweet Rufy Dufy Goofy Guy, always. Over the years you have made me laugh and play, you are the love I never knew I was missing. My heart is broken and i don't know how to do this with out you. I miss you so so very much. The house is so empty now, I know i should be happy your at the bridge and your all better,no more sickness no more pain, ur running and playing with all your new playmates but i want you here with me, I know that sounds so selfish, and I'm sorry I just miss you so.. I'm suppose to be telling the memories I have of you, but there are so many. I know one thing, if i would of known it was going to hurt this much i'd do it all over again. I love you Rufus more then any words can say.. I wanted us to have more time, there was so many thing I wanted to show you, so many things I was hoping to do with you... I'm sorry for all the things I didnt do with you, I'm mostly sorry for not being able to make you better, not being able to bring you home. My heart has never felt this kind of pain.. You, Rufus, are the one thing I will never be able to get over. I will never love like I love you, My Rufy Dufy Goofy Guy, Thank you for letting me be your mommy...

To my Beautiful Diana, I know the second I found you under that car all dirty and scared you belonged with me. And you let me know I was right cuz you didn't leave my side. You are so beautiful my girl, as you know I only had one kitty before you and that as many years ago I was always a dog person till you. You showed me love and kindness and a love I never new I was missing a love that to this day warms my heart. I found you October, 5 2012 and I lost you in the early morning hour of March, 22 2013. I don't know what you were doing way out in the street we think you must of followed daddy cuz he had walk to the corner store like a half an hour before Mary and Manny found you all alone laying in the street. I will never forget that night they came back from McDonalds, Mary was crying and said she thinks you were died, hit by a car, I fell to my knees begging God not to let it be you. Wen daddy and I got to were you where I knew it was you just by your beautiful color fur. I ran in the middle of the street and scooped you up in my arms, you were still so warm but your body was limp and I knew you where gone. I am so mad and bitter and hurt. How can any human being be so heartless and just hit you with there car and just keep going not even stop. I will never understand why I only got to be your mommy for only 5 short months I thought I would have many years with you I am so sorry that night I found you I promised you that you would never be alone again I promised you I would always take care of you and always be there for you.. And I failed you, you were all alone when you went to the rainbow bridge. You layed there in the street and you were all alone I am so so sorry Diana I will never forgive myself for not protecting you for not being there, I am so sorry.
Its ben a little over a year you are at the bridge with Rufus but the pain I feel from losing you both is just as deep as it was the day you both left. For as long as I live I will never understand why, why dose this happy, why God takes you so suddenly, you and Rufus but I wll wen we see each other again. I look forward to that day we are all together again. I will write you some more tomorrow well I will write you both more tmorrow until then, I send you both all my love always, your mommy forever xoxox Diana 10/5/2012 to 3/22/2013

my beloved Rufus, well its been one week today that you left and my heart hurts just as much if not more then a week ago. the house is so empty with out you and penny, Louie and Pettie miss u a lot to penny sleeps on ur bed every day and Louie looks around for u, Pettie , well u know Pettie he is'nt showing much of anything but licking him self and fighting with louie,lol. but i sure can notice the changes.. mary was so upset cuz she didnt get to say good bye but she says all the time u are with docha, i just hope u to are getting along. well i just want you to know that there isnt a second that goes by i dont think of you and miss u so. I love u my rufy dufy ur my sweet boy and know that im never far away ok. I love and miss you with all my heart..love your mommy xoxox
i love you rufus i miss you so much i know your happy and health and u are not in any pain and you feel wonderful and you have so many wonderful friends to play with and for this i am truly happy, but there is a hole in my heart that will not heal till i see u again u are truly one of the greatest gifts i have ever recieved and i will love u forever you go play now and have fun and know your mommy is always here... I love you, love mommy
Rufus hi my boy, how are you today? i just wanted to let you know you are in my heart and mind every day, i love and miss you my sweet guy xoxo.. love always mommy
Hi my sweet boy, well we got to bring your ashes home today and they did a beautiful job.Even thow i am soo happy you are home here with me it still doesnt take any of the pain away i have been crying all day. i cant deside were to keep you so i desided to keep you in the living room with me during the day and in the bed room with me at nite. I love you my baby my sweet guy.mary and i were talking about you today and we were remembering wen she had Angelo wen she game home from the hosp with him you stayed by his side and you would jump up and look at him every time he made a noise, every time he cryed you would lick his face and come running to let mary or me know he was awake and crying.. you were so good to him you always looked out for him and was always by his side he misses you alot even thow he is only 2 yrs old he looks for you
everyday so now you are his angel and i know your still taking care of him.. I love you my rufy dufy with all my heart, and i always will you go play now and have fun and know your mommy and family are never far away ok? i love you your mommy xoxox
Hi my guy, just a little note to let you know mommy is here and missing you and life without you is soo soo sad i try and think of all the wonderful times we had and what a joy it was to have you you always made me smile my rufy dufy you were so funny at times you had us all laughing you were the best my sweet Rufus. I love you and always will love you mommy,
Hi my rufy how are you today well lets see besides missing the hell out of you nothing else is new everyone sends there love we just finished dinner and its so wierd not having u under my chair while i eat lol but penny took that over. i went to give out those red dog treats and i took out 4 then i realized i only needed 3 that was really sad made me cry all over again. anyway you go play with your friends and ill be right here, im never to far away, we keep a candle lite right next to your urn so you always know were home is and for if u get scared just look for the lite and we will be there ok? i love you Rufus my guy i always will you filled my heart with such love and now there is nothing but emptiness i miss you so much.. i love you, mommy xoxo
Hi rufy will today we went to the monday night candle lighting, did you see it? wasnt it beautiful? I try and come here every day but some days are alot harder then others but just cuz mommy misses a day its just cuz im sad ok.. I love you baby you my angle and u always will be. God i miss you sooo much man im sorry baby i know you happy and playing with your friends but damn i miss you so much.. Love your mommy
started to write to u didnt you Rufus? i got it thank u so much, some times i start to dout that u might not beable to hear me or see me but then here u go sending me a sign, thank u u still can make me smile like always.. ilove u and miss u always in my heart and mind love ur mommy xoxoxox
My sweet Rufus and Beautiful Diana, I saved all the entries I have made everyday that you have been gone to a folder so I can have them but I had to erase 2 yrs. of writing so I can keep on writing u both here I ran out of room so don't worry I save them all. I love u both with all my heart and miss u everyday. I send u all my love always your mommy forever xoxoxo
I forgot to tell you im still writing you both in your diary's on pet loss matters ok? I love you both so very much xoxoxo
My sweet Rufus and beautiful Diana, just finish with the Monday nite candle ceremony it was great like always. Don't for get that Im still writing you both in your diarys on pet loss matters ok. I send you both my love your mommy for every xoxoxo
Dear Rufus, I'd so like to believe it was you that just took me hear, I really hope so cuz I don't even know how I got to your Rainbow page except by you, did you do that to get mommies attention? well my sweet boy you have mommies attention big guy xoxo I miss you so much My Rufy Dufy Goofy guy. Thank you for this, Thank you for not letting me miss it I send you all my love, your mommy for ever xoxo
Hi my babies how are you? I just want you to know that I miss and love you both so very much I think of you both every day I hope and pray you both are happy and having everything yous want. I guess I really don't have to worry cuz u both are in heaven and how bad can that be? I love you and I miss you both. I send you all my lov always your mommy for ever xoxoxox
Hi my sweet Rufus and beautiful Diana, hows mommys babies? I hope you are great. I miss you both so very much. Today is a sad day Mary and the kids moved out to there own place and now im here alone, well I have your brothers and sisters but its just a sad day. Anyway I send you both all my love always your mommy for ever xoxoxox
Hi my Beautiful babies Rufus and Diana, I miss you both so very much today I think of you and my wish is you both are together and playing and running and I hope you both wait for my at the bridge. For I will be looking for the both of you... I send you both all my love forever your mommy always xoxoxoxox
My Sweet Beloved Rufus, I miss you so much my heart aches for you every day. I hope your happy and running and playing with your friends and eating every thing you want, are you keeping an eye out for your sister? I want to thank you for being there for all the new babies that go to the bridge mommy helps there parents here and you help the babies there Im so proud of you my rufy dufy goofy guy, I want you to know I will always be right here if you need me ok? mommy is always right here.. I send you all my love forever your mommy always xoxoxox
My Beautiful Diana, How's mommies girl? I hope you are having a great time playing and chasing balls on a string, I miss you so much, so much.... I would do anything for one of your head butts or to have you put your sweet little paw against my cheek.. I love you my beautiful Diana.. Please watch over Sophie and Katie keep and extra eye on Katie she is so skinny and never wants to eat so please please bless her and keep her safe thank you my angel... I send you all my love for ever your mommy always xoxoxoxo
My Sweet Rufus and my Beautiful Diana, The two loves of my life. God how I miss you both my babys. I think of you and miss you both so very much. I wish more then any thing I could feel your fur on my hands, to look in thoses beautiful eyes you both have. I long for the day we are together again, I just wish I know you both are really going to be there is there a rainbow bridge? will you both be there waiting for me? I have to believe that cuz if I dont then what is all this for? Ok enough of that, anyway how are my angels? are you happy and playing being the silly fur babies you were? I hope you both are taking care of each other that would make me happy. I send you both all my love always your mommy forever xoxoxox
Dear Rufus and Diana, today 9/6/2014 is a sad day marley died today just a few mins. ago. Please be there to greet him and so he is not scared and alone he is the little white dog thats cute as a button. please take care of him for me and his mom and please give mary comfort and bring her peace in her heart. i send you both all my love always your mommy forever xoxoxox
Sept. 27, 2014
Hello My furbabies, How are my angels? I wanted to stop by and say I Love and Miss you both so very much, Every day I send you both all my love always, your mommy forever xoxoxo
10/15/2014, Hi my two beautiful babys well today was like every other day, long, long, long... I just wanted to stop by and say I miss you both so very much. I send you both my love always, your mommy forever xoxoxoxo 11/4/2014 Hello my Darlings, How are my angels today? I am fine I miss you both so very bad my heart hurts. Anyway I dont wont you to worry your mommy is fine. Im sorry I havent been here alot lately but I promise Ill visit more often. Well my babies I want you to know I miss you with all my heart, everyday and my love for you both only grows stronger... I send you both all my love forever, your mommy always xoxoxxoxox
Hi My Beautiful Babies, How are my sweeties doing? Are you having fun? Do you miss me?I sure miss you guys. Well Xmas is upon
us once again, I sure wish you both were here it would be so much better I just hope that you guys are staying close and Rufus your looking out for Diana right? I know you are cuz your such a good boy.. I Love you Rufus and Diana with all my heart and I cant wait to see you both again.. Its going to be one of the best days of my life, I just hope I get to see you both right away. If you see a Saint Bernard named Daisy tell her mommy is sorry and that I love and miss her ok babies? Ok well I send you both all my love always, your mommy forever xoxoxoxoxo
Good morning my babies how are you to doing? I hope you both are having fun and playing and enjoying yourselfs.as for mommie Im doing ok missing you both like always. Have you seen Marley? Rufus please look out for him he is marys baby and he is all alone so find him and keep him close ok? Thank you baby. And Diana will u find hope and keep her close to you she is just a baby and she is scared ok? Thank u sweetie. well nothing else is new everything is the same over here Louie and Eddie drive me crazy with there growling and fighting all the time,Petie and Penny are good and sophie and katie are getting so big still have all those fish they are hugh we'll Ithink you know that already lol. Ok my loves I'll wright more in a few days, I send you both all my love always your mommie for ever xoxoxox 2/18/2015
Dear Rufus and Diana, Hi my babys how are you? I hope you both are happy and playing. I miss you guys so much its amazing how much love my heart holds for you both. Have you seen Marley yet? He is the cutest little white terrier please let him know I am sorry for what happen to him and tell him his mom Mary misses him so and that she has 2 of his sons they are so cute. Anyway just want you both to know I think of you both every day and miss you both always. I love you both to the moon and back, your mommy always xoxoxox
My Sweet Rufus, today its been 3 yrs. that you have been at the bridge, and I miss u more today then ever. They say it gets better with time well its been 3 long yrs and it isnt any better. I think of you all the time and i miss u so. I would give any thing to be able to hoold you again. God I miss you baby so bad. I hope you are waiting for me I hope u are happy and playing and i know u are being a good boy u always are. I love you my sweet Rufus more then u could ever know. I send you all my love baby sweet dream and ill write more soon I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER your mom xoxoxo
Hi my babies how are you? I hope you both are happy and playing and eating all u can. I miss u both so very much u have no idea how much. everyday all day but good news that puppy someone tied up to my bedroom window well he got a great home with someone that will love him forever. i happy about that. ok
well i just wanted to stop by and tell u both that i love u and miss you both. I send you both all my love your mommy for ever xoxoxoxox6/16/2015 Hello my loves how are you? I miss u guys I just wanted to let u know that and I know u both know about Lilly, she is so so cute as u know we got her spayed last week i was so scared for her cuz she is so little but thank God she did great. I really dont have anything new besides Lilly. The kids are off for summer vacation and u know what that means I have them well it just started so well see, Anyway I just wanted to say I love u both more then anything and I miss you Rufus and Diana more and more everyday. I send you both my love always your mmmy for ever xoxoxo
9/8/2015, Hello my beautys how are yous? I hope you both are playing and happy. I just wanted to stop by and tell you both just how much i miss and love you both more then anything. I think of you both everyday and wish you both were still here. untill you both see me again just play and make friends and play some more. I love and mis you Rufus and Diana more every day. I send you both all my love your mommy forever xoxoxoxo
12/1/2015, Hi my beautiful babies how are you both? i just wanted to stop by and say hi and to let you both know i love yous very much and miss yous more then ever. I send yous all my love always your mommy for ever xoxoxoxoxoxo
12/24/2015 Dear Rufus and Diana, Hi my babies how are you? well tomorrow is Christmas and I just wanted you both to know how much you both will be missed. I love you both so very much the days are long and my heart aches for you both even though its been so long that you both have ben gone i miss you guys like it was yesterday.... Merry chrismas my babies I send you both all my love always and forever your mommy p.s please wait for me i will be there to get you both so we can cross the bridge together love mommy xoxoxo7/15/2016 hi my babies how are you both? I miss you so much. well lets see as you know mary and her family moved back in with there 3 fur babie everyone is doing good i miss the heck out of you to. ok baby i love you and miss you both.. I send you both my love always and foerever your mommy xoxoxoxo 10/11/16, Hi my angels how are you both? I miss you guys so much i thinkl of you both every day. there isnt really anything new to tell Mary and the kids moved back in we will see how long that last lol. I hope you guys see the candles every monday night i lite for you guys i bet it is beautiful to see all the candles from around the world being lite for all the fur babies. well i just wanted to stop by i know its been a while but that dosent mean i stopped thinking of you i do every single day but i know you know that. I love and miss you both so much and i love you with all my heart... I send you both all my love always and forever love mommy xoxoxox Nov272016 Hi my babies I know its been a long time and iam sorry but there isnt a day that goes by i dont think of the 2 of you, i miss you guys so much and i look forward to the day i get to be with you both my Rufy dufy how are you my handsome guy? I miss you so my heart breaks and the tears flow everytime i let my self think of you my sweet boy, know your mommy misses you alway, my beautiful Diana you are my sweet kitty i wish i could of had you longer then just 5 months you were such a good baby I send you both all my love always and forever your mommy xoxoxoxo3/13/17 Hi my angles how are you? i hope you both are doing well, i miss you both more then words could ever say i think of you both daily and that will never change I send you both my love, always mommy xoxoxox 3/22/17 My Beautiful Diana today is 4yrs you left for the bridge and my heart is breaking all over again. I miss you so much my beauty i would give anything to hold you again. I miss and love you always and forever my beauty your mommy xoxox 4/15/2017 today its been 5 yrs you left my sweet Rufus and my heart is broken all over again. i am having a real hard time today my mind is so sad my heart is ripping out of my chest, they say time heals all wounds, no it dont all time does is prolong the pain. i miss you so much Rufus and i love you more then words can say. I miss you baby boy always and forever, your mommy xoxox1/10/18 Hi baby how are you? I know you are with Pettie now It was hard that day losing Pettie but I knew he would be with you I mis the 3s the 4 of you so much please tell Diana, Marley and Pettie i miss them so much and I miss you to my Rufy Dufy I send you all my love always your mommie for ever xoxox

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