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Memories of Rudy
Rudy Boy. Even though Daddy got me Jack, I will never, ever forget you. Sometimes I feel guilty having Jack here and doing the same things we used to. You have grandma now and all the other residents at the Rainbows Bridge. I need a another doggy to love. But remember you were the first and the special one.

Rudy I almost lost your residency, so I lost all of the past Xmas's notes I wrote to you. But I got you back and you know I did not forget you all those years. This is our last Christmas In New YOrk. All the memories of you will just be in my heart. Merry Christmas Baby. You will be the 'perfect dog and the most special. Love Mommy

Hey Rudy, we live in FLorida now, but you are always with me sweetheart and I will never forget you. Happy Easter! Love alwasy Mommy

By Rudy you are probably with you cousing Petie who entered the Bridge August 22. Hope you too are happy with Grandma and Grandpa. We miss the both of you very much. HAPPY HALLOWEEN at Rainbows Bridge. I will never forget the wonderul halloweens we had together you and getting dressed up and the kids screaming with glee when they saw you. You will be Mama's boy and I will always miss you. Till we meet again! Take care of cousin Petie.

Hello my sweet boy! I just watched Rudolph last night and thought of you. You were named after him because I loved Rudolph so much. Another Christmas without you and Christmas in Florida (yuck). You will have a wonderful holiday with beautiful snow and chilly temperatures. I know you are with Grandma and Granpa and now cousin Petie. Love always and will never forget you. Mommy

HAPPY EASTER Baby! I will never forget you.

Hope you were there to greet Jack. He really needs you to introduce to him to all those dogs and humans gone before him that he never knew. You keep an eye on him and stay together. Watch out for each other til Mommy comes and we will all be together again. Mommy has enough love for all. We got a pup that is more like you. Black and has a personality like you. Please keep watch over him and try to make him as good as you were. You were my first and special baby, always remember that. Love you

RUDY, ANOTHER YEAR GONE BY SINCE YOU PASSED. Mama will never forget you. At least now you have cousin Petie up there with you. I love you. You will always be the most special dog to me and will never be replaced.

Happy Halloween 2007! I am sure you are enjoying beautiful leaves adn crisp cool air my sweet boy. I will never the great Halloween we had together. Enjoy them now with Grandpa and Grandma. Love you always
Merry Christmas Sweetheart! I will always remember out Christmases together. Forever in my heart

Happy Easter 2008 Forever Mom, Dad and brother Jack

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2008! We never forget you and think of you all the time. I know you are with Grandma, Grandpa and cousine Petie enjoying your own Christmas and we will meet again. Forever Mom, Dad, and brother Jack.

HAPPY Easter 2009 Mommy was showing her co-workers the shower and baptism you had. They thought you were adorable. So nice to talk about you. It made me smile, but then made me sad. Until we meet again, my baby boy!

I am at the end of writing to you baby boy. Eight years and will never forget you! C

Merry Christmas 2009! Will never forget you. Forever Mom, Dad, and brother Jack

Another year gone by. Pray for Jack. I fear he may be joining you soon my love.

Merry Christmas 2010! All of your Christmas pictures and ornaments are displayed. Love and miss you! Will never forget you.

Happy Easter 2011! NEver forget our first Easter, you as a pup at Cold Spring. Love you.

Love you forever!

Merry Christmas 2011! I will never forget you. Your Christmas pictures are all around the office and the house. Keep Jack in your thoughts! Love you always!

Merry Christmas 2012! I will always love you. I know you are with brother Jack now. Love you always!

Still here for you Rudy. ALways love and never forget you. Merry Christmas at Rainbows Bridge.

2014 and still crying for you. You were the best boy. I have another black lab mix dog named Ralphy. Cannot wait for you to meet him. Will love you always. Mama's first baby

Merry Christmas 2014 to mama's first baby. Love you always

Merry Christmas 2015. We are back in NY where you grew up. Mama put a cute little Christmas penguin on your stone last week. I will always miss you. And please help me find all the great pics of you with Santa. So sad I am missing them as I feel I am missing a part of you. Merry Christmas with Jack, Grnadma and Grandpa, love you forever.
Never forget you my first baby. Mommy will always love you. Daddy and I still talk about you. Love forever Mommy

Merry Christmas my boy! Love you always

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