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Memories of Rudolph (Rudy) Valentino

I wrote this for Rudy and his daddy Sam. It is used in the rhythm of a Dr. Seuss poem or story.

I Am Rudy

I am Rudy
I am, I am
And I belong to only Sam

I love his face
I love his nose
I love him all
From top to toes

I love him more and more each day
I love the way we always play
I love my room
I love my toys
I love when we watch big guy shows

I am Rudy
I am, I am
And I belong to only Sam

I love my house tree
I love the ropes
I love the little
Scratching post

I love my bean bag
It's mine all mine
I love when it is time to dine

I am Rudy
I am, I am
And I belong to only Sam

I love it when I find a bug
I tell my Sam
And get a hug

This life is purrfect
There's only one thing
If I had hands
I could be king

I am Rudy
I am, I am
And I belong to only Sam

September 2016
Rudy my baby
There are no words that could ever explain the love we have for you. Our hearts are broken, If love could have kept you alive you would have lived forever. I know you have met new friends where you are because their mama's and daddy's have e-mailed us.

Hi sweet boy
I know that you know this, but I want to let you know again. Your daddy and I loved you so much, just like the book I read to you that says I Love You To The Moon and Back. You gave us the most unconditional love we could have asked for. Our hearts are broken and even with your brothers here the house feels empty. I love you, Mama and Daddy

Hi Rudy Bug
I remember when we went to South Carolina to get you. Your mama had died during a c-section having you and your sister. Your sister had gone with her parents a couple days before and you looked sad and lost. You HATED the carrier we had to put you in for the ride back to Georgia. I love my little man, Mama and Daddy

Sweet one,
When your sister Tiger was alive (you never met her) she got sick with cancer. I did some force feedings and medicines and she got better. Five years later it came back and so again I went with the force feedings. She looked pitiful she had lost so much weight. She would always come to meet me when I came in from work. One day I came home and she was literally dragging herself to greet me. I knew that second I would send her to Rainbow Bridge. She left us in December 2001. I said then I would never force feed any baby to keep them alive for me. When you started getting sick and losing weight I did force some food and pills down you, but only for a few days. We even took you to Auburn, one of the biggest and best animal research hospitals. Remember the day before you went to Rainbow Bridge? You very softly mewed off and on all day. I don't think you were in pain. I really believe you were saying "it's OK mama and daddy, I'm ready". God I miss you. Love, Mama and Daddy

Hi little man,
I tripped in the kitchen this morning and I swear I looked down and saw you. I love you, Mama and Daddy

Hi sweet boy,
Your daddy and I decided to put our name on a list for a Singapura boy. He is not born yet, we have been thinking of names. He will have your middle name, Valentino. No one could ever replace you, we know that, but if he has half the personality and love that you did we will be blessed. I love you little man. Love, Mama and Daddy

Hi sweets,
Your daddy and I see you every where in the house. Your brother Duke tries to get on the coffee maker, but we just can't let him, because you loved that spot cause it was so warm. You loved to be warm that's why we sent your blanket with you and also a toy and letter from us. Your urn is beautiful and sits on the mantle. I love you, Mama and Daddy

Hi Rudy Bug,
I know your brother Leo staying in the bedroom before you left, but he never comes out now and he likes to sleep on your pillow. He loves and misses you so much. I love you.
Love, Mama and Daddy

Hi sweet one,
Is the song Danny Boy OK? I know Puff the Magic Dragon is our song, but it's not on their list to choose from. I will ask Ginny if it can be added. I love you, Mama and Daddy

Hi my sweet, sweet baby,
I'm so sorry I haven't talked with you in a few days. Certainly not because I wasn't thinking of you. Your daddy and I still cry s lot. Even with Leo and Duke here the house feels empty. Did I tell you we are having armadillo problems? They are chewing up the yard, but everyone seems to have them. I changed your blanky today. Well it is late and I am falling asleep. I'm going to change some of your things on your site. I love you my sweet, precious boy.

I just wrote to you and I hit apply and it went away. Just know daddy and I love and miss you so much. You were a gift from God. We must have done something write to have been blessed with you. I love baby boy, Mama and Daddy

Hi my sweet boy,
I'm so sorry it has been a few days since I talked with you. I love and miss you so very much. We have your new baby brother here now. His name is Mickey Valentino. Yes he has your middle name. He's very tiny and cute...but he's not you. No one will ever be you my sweet boy. I think one reason it's been a few days is because I always cry when I come here. I'm going to change a couple of your toys so you don't get bored with any of them. Duke has turned out to be a pretty good big brother. Leo does not accept Mickey at all. I think he knows it's not you. You will always be the only one he loves. Til later my sweet Rudy bug, Mama and Daddy

Hi my sweet baby,
I miss you so much. I talk to you all the time on the mantle, where we placed your ashes. I know you little soul is at Rainbow Bridge having fun and staying warm. I talk to Mickey about you all the time. He loves the gray rattle mousey, just like you did. I love you precious one. Leo sure misses you. I will talk with you more later. Have fun with your new friends, eat well and stay warm. Love Mama and Daddy

Hi precious,
I am missing you so much today. I decorated for Christmas and put a red Christmas towel around you to keep you warm and a red Santa Claus hat. You look so sweet. Your little brother Mickey is so sweet, but he's not you. He doesn't have your calm, sweet personality. Remember when we brought the cat tree home? You immediately ran to the top of it. You loved it. This is the first Christmas without you. I love you sweet boy. Love Mama and Daddy

Hi Rudy my baby,

I haven't been here in a while and I'm sorry. It's not because I don't miss you or think about you all the time...it's because I do and can't be here without crying. We have Mickey who is identical to you in looks, but not personality. No one could ever have your personality. Words can't describe you. You were remarkable, humble, loyal, loving, trusting and we knew you loved us. I always knew you were daddys boy, but close to the end I think you knew and would try to show me a lot of affection. God I miss you...so does Leo. He mainly sleeps now. He's fairly healthy for 15. When it is his time part of me wil die like it did with you. I love you Rudy Toodie. Mama and Daddy

It's been too long since I wrote to you. Daddy was just here and he misses you so much, like I do. I love you little man. There will never be another Rudy, ever. You are in our hearts forever. Leo misses you so much. He stays in his room and mostly sleeps. One day, not too, he will join you and once again my heart will break. I love you, Mama and Daddy

Hey sweet baby,

It is so hard to believe that you're little body has been gone from this house for a year. I know only your body is gone because I feel your spirit here all the time. Did I tell you that in 31 years with your daddy it was the only time I ever saw him cry was when you went to Rainbow Bridge. Leo has not done well since you left and so he will be coming to join you soon. I can't remember if I told you he has pancreatitus and was diagnosed with cancer, just like you had. He takes pain medication every 12 hours and it does help him. I really think that part of him is dying because he misses you so much. He does not have a quality of life. He sleeps most of the time, eats and takes pain medication. I'm going to try to let him come join you by the end of this month. God knows how hard it will be. My heart has never healed from losing you and probably never will, but I wouldn't change one second of the time we had together. I renewed your site here for another year. I love you sweet baby, love Mama and Daddy

Hey sweet tudie man

Leo came to join you one year and one day after you left us. You two always belonged together. I miss you both so terribly. The pain is bad, but it is worth it if you guys are happy and pain free. We love you sweet one Mama and Daddy

Hey little love,

Leo came home yesterday and is on the mantle with you. You have matching kittie urns. Did I tell you I put your puppet that Play Puff the Magic dragon with you? That was our song. Leo has a necklace around his that says "You are my Sunshine" That was our song. Even after a year we still cry for you. Your daddy loved you more than words could explain and of course me too. I love you precious boy. God you had the biggest and sweetest personality. You wouldn't even hurt a bug. Til later my precious. Mama

Hey sweet, sweet Rudy,
I love you and miss you so very much. I just got through talking with your brother. We now have Duke and Mickey. Mickey looks just like you and yet he doesn't. I would be able to tell who was who even if you two were side by side. You just had a very special look. It's almost Halloween so I will get you a jack-o-lantern and maybe some hay or scarecrow. I also have to let Santa know what toys you want this year. I love you sweet baby. You and Leo take care of each other. I love you, Mama

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