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Memories of Ruby Jewel
Ruby you were are very special girl and you brought so much life in our home.
You will not be forgotten and always in our hearts. I sometimes think I can hear you. I loved watching you play in your yard, looking after our chickens.
You loved chasing the leaves as they fell off the trees in the fall and would sometimes bring a mouthful of them in the house. I often thought you were part squirrel.
You had our guests trained to give you a treat after you approved of them being in your home.
Everyone loved you and thought you were very special. Grandma loved you very much and always felt safe knowing you were here when we would go on vacations with our girls.
I always felt better knowing you were with grandma and that you took care of her more than she did for you.
The memories we have of you are too many to write about. I am so thankful that we had you with us for almost ten very happy years. I am grateful that you did not suffer and that you are in a better place. I know in my heart that you had a happy life with us. We love you and miss you.

Dear Sweet Ruby,

Seven months have passed since you crossed over the rainbow bridge. In that time you were my angel and guided me to a little puppy. Marla is a corgi and she is so much joy. Not a replacement for you... a testament of your life with us. I was so lonely without you. I know in my heart you are happy that there is a puppy with us to cheer us up. As I write this she is sleeping beside me as you did. I feel at times your spirit is here and that you actually are playing with Marla in the yard.
I am so thankful for the nine years and nine months you were part of our family. You will always be in our hearts.

Dear Ruby,
I find it hard to even believe that 9 month have gone by since you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.
Christmas is almost here and I made my spritz cookies the other day. You always knew when I was making them and now little Marla is carrying on our tradition (she loves them).
No snow yet. Laura would build a snowman and you would dig it down. We called you the Snowman Killer. I wonder what Marla will think of a snowman? I got Marla a snowman toy for Christmas.
We would always put your gift somewhere on the tree and you would find it.

I hope you have lots of toys and friends where you are. You deserve nothing but the best. You were such a special part of our family and always will be. We miss you.

Dear Ruby,
Where did the year go? the snow is finally melting. You would not have liked winter here at all. You love to play in the snow but the snow stayed on you in little snowballs.
Today is beautiful compared to the yucky day yesterday of rain and fog.
Maybe that is God giving me a glimpse of how happy you are.
Daddy is collecting round two of sap to boil today. Laura and Marla went with him. Marla helped daddy last weekend with the sap boiling. Not really....she played just like you would have.
Have a wonderful day today. This is your new Birthday!
We love you lots

March 13,2012

Dear Ruby,
Two years ago you crossed over the rainbow bridge. I thought of you all day yesterday (I think of you every day). Izzy turned 3 yesterday. You loved her when we brought her home as a little fur ball of a kitten. She is so big now and plays with Pumpkin and Snickers. Marla and Izzy are best buddies too... and have been from day one.
Marla has been a good girl and taking over for you at the gate. She does not like to hear the ducks or geese and she chases the squirrels just like you did. One day I think she might catch one.
Daddy made three batches of maple syrup so far. You loved pancakes and waffles. You could be a little picky some days...but I never minded spoiling you.
Marla will be 2 in a couple of weeks and I will always believe you were my puppy angel in finding her.
The pizza man just came and sometimes he would give you a dog cookie. Marla just loves every one and you were very shy of people you didn't know. I hope you have been making lots of friends and found my daddy and Grampy. As well as our kitties.
You keep playing and having fun. I find so much comfort knowing you are happy and not in pain. I am very thankful that we had you for almost ten years. You were a wonderful part of our family and always will be in our hearts.

Love,Mommy and Daddy
Lindsey and Laura

November 9,2012

Dear Sweet Ruby,
So many sweet dogs have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge since you have crossed. I hope you have made friends with these sweet dogs that were so dear to my family and friends. I hope I don't forget anyone here goes....Lucky,Denver,Peekaboo,Frankie,Precious,Patsy,Jake and the newest resident today Tipher.
Time marches on but memories of you are always with me.
We had the first snow storm the other day and although the snow didn't last I had visions of you running in the yard. Marla isn't very crazy about the snow. She barks at daddy when he is trying to shovel. She chases after the snow he throws off the shovel and even bites at the shovel.
Grandma and I were decorating the dining room today for Thanksgiving. It looks so pretty and you loved laying by the fireplace in there.
I hope you are having lots of fun with all your new friends.
We love you,
Lindsey and Laura

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