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Memories of Lady Ruby Rose
3/4/16 Today is 3 months since mommy had to let you go to heaven; you got sick so fast it seemed and i could not let you stay and suffer when I knew you were not going to be able to get better. I hope you will send me a sign that you are running free and happy. I am so lonely for you

4/4/16 four months have passed since we had to say goodby.i still feel so lost without you every day. i miss you so much and would give anything to kiss that sweet face and give you hugs. I know you are happy and healthy now and will be waiting to see me again. I love you so

54/16 I can hardly believe you have been gone five months today.I think of you always an hold you close in mmy heart until I see you again.

7/22/16 Today you would be 13 years old.How I wish you were here with me celebrating your birthday but it was the most wonderful day when you were born and waited to choose me. Happy birthday sweet girl. I hope you are happy and healthy again. I love you so

8/8/16 Good morning my sweet girl. I visit you often but don't always write something, My heart has just not accepted that you are no longer here with me . I don't know where all the tears come from. My life is just not the same without being able to look into your beautiful brown eyes and see love and joy. I remember

11/2/16 I can hardly believe it is coming toward a year since I had to say goodbye to you. I am so dreading Thanksgiving because I remember when we went to Jenn's last year and you lay on the rug beside my chair, not roaming around the house like you usually did and one week later you were so sick we had to say goodbye. I just couldn't believe it, I guess I still can't. I am told that when my heart is dry of tears and my mind comes to acceptance , I will begin to heal ; I am not there yet. I love you so and I miss you The ross bush I planted in remembrance of you was so beautiful. It was filled with roses all the way through October. In fact I had to cut all the remaining blossoms and bring them inside before they froze and they are still blooming in their vase next to your picture.There is one beautifully full one, still so fresh, and is oddly comforting.

12/04/16 My dearest sweet girl. It is a very sad day A year ago today we had to say goodbye. I wanted to hold you in my arms forever but now I am holding you in my heart forever. I cannot put into words how lonely it is without you. As I look at all your pictures I see how you must have felt torn by wanting to stay with me, but you had fought so hard to function every day. and then become quickly too ill to go on. For that reason I could no longer ask more of you I would never have wanted you to suffer and now I can know you were immediately at peace. I loved you beyond all reason and always will I hope you are having fun with your friends at Rainbow Bridge Thank you for the love you gave me. You were the sweetest girl and the joy of my life..and I will see you again.

4/10/17 you are in my thoughts always even if I haven't wrritten here. There are picture of you everywhere, even in tho locket around my neck. A part of my heart is broken ; it is taking a long time and maybe never will because there iss only one ruby rose . I hope you are running in the spring flowers with your friends. I hope Bianca and Patches,, Lady. Sam, Winter and Grace are with you. I love you endlessly my sweet girl.

08/17 I hope you can still feel how much I love you and miss you always

12/04/17 Another year has passed without you , my world and my joy. There is just nothing to ever take your place and I can't believe two years have passed. I have to take comfort in your pictures that are all around and in my locket close to my heart. I love you always and thank you for sharing you precious life with me.

5/7/18 Happy spring and summer my sweet girl. I hope you are happy and running joyfully with many friends. I miss you so and love you forever.

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