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Memories of Ruby
There is so much I could say about Ruby (aka Ebuzz). She was our world. From sun up to sun down, we lived for her. She came to work with us everyday. She was never alone, always with us. When we had to go somewhere without her, she stayed with Grandma and Grandpa. She loved to ride in the car. She'd always have her head out of our Explorer (had to have a car that would fit her) and smile at people. She had such a warm smile. People would always smile back at her--even the grumpy people. She loved to squeak her squeakies, chew her chewies, and play in the parkie. (Everything ended in -ie with Ruby.) She brought so much happiness to us. People would ask what kind of dog she was, and I would say a husky, terrier mix -- so she's cute, but she's a brat. She was so spoiled. She was also so sweet. When I would talk to her, she would always look and cock her head back and forth like she was really listening. And, boy, could she hear! She could hear a milk jug open from a mile away. We'd tip toe into the kitchen and open it, and she would come running from the bedroom. She loved her milkie. In her last days, when she couldn't eat but was ever so hungry, she stayed strong for us. She did get one last drink of milkie and kept it down; she licked the bowl ever so carefully. I hope Ruby is at peace, running with the other dogs -- finally off her leash -- free to go wherever her heart takes her. Oh, I hope she is having so much fun. Hopefully she still remembers her Marmie and Parpie, but without any of the pain we feel right now remembering her. She was our world; she was our baby, and she always will be. We love you, Ruby.

Julie (Marmie) and Terry (Parpie)

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