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Memories of royal & molly
the day we bought our fur babies was the beginning of a wonderful life ! they both filled us with so much fun and happy feelings . love was all around us . molly with her shy personality cuddled and was not very playful with toys , but enjoyed the constant petting and just lounging around ,she got her joy from watching her brother royal run around and play ball . he exspecially gave a show with all the snow in colorado ! they both would enjoy those snow balls .as springers of course love the cold weather and snow ! we would all cuddle after a day in the snow by the fireplace and warm up together . !
when we moved to arizona they took a big change , so they had to adjust to the heat . but we kept them cool in the back yard in there baby pool . squeaky toys and all ! sir royal exspecially loved the water . molly of course would watch royal bark and play , molly would just sit there and watch !
they both gave us so many laughs , boy you should have seen them after they tore up a feather bed . ! we found them coming out of our box spring where they tore a hole in it and crawled up inside and slept there until we came home from work . when they came out , there ears had been covered with feathers . ! oh how cute it was . !never a bad word said about that . !
molly loved the garden and the flowers . she would smell my roses . she would find a compfortable spot to lay in . then would sniff around .
they both had such personailty ! royal and molly always loved to be next to us . never slept unless we were home . so loving .
we will keep the memories of our babies close at heart at all times ! we lost them at their young age of 9 years old , we exspected more time with them , but became ill unexspectly , our royal passed then 4 days later molly passed , i dont think molly had the will to live with out her brother , she passed at home laying next to us in bed , it was the most hurtful feeling in the world . royal had to be put down because he was so sick .
the loss of them is the hardest most hurtful feeling . our house is surrounded with all their memories , we keep them in our hearts forever . !
thank you royal and molly for the most wonderful times !
remember daddy and mommy will see you one day , we really believe it .
you both are together now and can play and no more sickness
God bless you our little fur babies ! we miss you deeply
daddy and mommy

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